Guan Eng: “I feel threatened”


In a police report, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng describes the ugly scenes on Sunday, when thugs disrupted the Stop Lynas event at Speakers’ Square.

Police Report By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 28.2.2012.

Following Violent Threats By Their Members, UMNO and Perkasa Personally Responsible If Anything Happens To Me.

Nearly two years ago, the Penang PR state government had set up a Speakers’ Square in Padang Kota Lama to permit not only freedom of speech but also freedom after speech. The Speakers’ Square upholds the spirit of, “I may disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. The Speakers’ Square is for the public to use to allow them to express themselves freely without threats or fear. For this reason the state government has rarely organised any events in Speakers’ corner.

On 26 February 2012, I arrived at 6.30pm in Padang Kota Lama to attend a Himpunan Hijau 2.0 event organised by a Penang NGO Suaram to object to the Lynas rare earth processing plant in Kuantan. Before my arrival, Penang Senior EXCO member YB Chow Kon Yeow who was there at 6 pm, had informed me by phone of disruption of the peaceful rally by UMNO and Perkasa members.

YB Chow said that there were 1,000 people against Lynas as compared to 100 UMNO and Perkasa members supporting Lynas. He told me the UMNO and Perkasa members were behaving violently. The UMNO and Perkasa members were violently pushing the anti-Lynas people, forcibly trying to disperse them and force them to leave the field. Fortunately the anti-Lynas people did not retaliate to the UMNO and Perkasa members’ violent behaviour. They just sat down on the field, refusing to leave as ordered by UMNO and Perkasa.

I decided to proceed to the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 event and arrived at 6.30pm in my official car PG1. On arrival I became the target of the UMNO and Perkasa members’ violent behaviour. They used foul language, curse words and racial epithets such as “Cina B***, Penang Cina b****, b*** sokong Lim Guan Eng Ketua Menteri”.

The UMNO and Perkasa members surged forward, pointing their fists at me, again using racist language and threatening words like “you jaga”. If not for the members of public ringing me in protection, I believe they would have attacked me.

This violent conduct does not represent Malay culture or Malaysian spirit. I do not understand why they are so worked up in supporting Lynas which is an Australian company. They have a right to support Lynas but these UMNO and Perkasa members cannot prevent others from opposing Lynas.

I then went up to the stage to deliver my speech with YB Chow by my side. My speech against Lynas was repeatedly disrupted by the UMNO and Perkasa members who stood less than a meter from me.

In my speech I had stressed that the opposition to the Lynas plant is not a racial but an environmental issue affecting all regardless of race or religion. The processing of rare earth has radioactive negative effects. How serious these effects are can be seen by the fact that Lynas cannot even get approval from its own Australian government to build the plant in Australia. If Lynas plant explodes, then everyone will suffer – the Chinese will suffer, the Malays will suffer, the Indians will suffer, the Kadazans will suffer, the Ibans will suffer. We must not choose money over our health.

After my speech I went down the stage to greet the anti-Lynas people. There was a lot of pushing and shoving, the same abusive language and racial slurs as well as violent threats against me with fists pointed at me by the Perkasa and UMNO members. I did not witness the violent attacks by UMNO and Perkasa members on the two Kwong Wah Jit Poh journalists, Chew Seng Tung and Lee Hong Chun.

However I am grateful to Chew who was violently attacked by the UMNO and Perkasa members for preventing the UMNO members from attacking me. Chew had 8 stitches on his injured finger whilst Lee had a bruise on his head. I believe that there are more who were hit by the UMNO and Perkasa members.

This is not the first time that reporters have been injured by violent UMNO and Perkasa members. In an illegal demonstration in July last year, two reporters were injured in a demonstration attended by UMNO Senator Ezam Mohd Nor. To date no action has been taken by the police against those who assaulted the two reporters.

The UMNO and Perkasa members continued their violent behaviour towards me coming as close as 1 meter when I went to my car. Even after getting into my official car, they continued to hit my car, spit on it and refused to let my car leave. The anti-Lynas crowd showed restraint and did not retaliate against the UMNO and Perkasa violent behaviour.

Seeing their violent behaviour, I feel threatened by UMNO and Perkasa members nearly 2 days after the event. I am shocked that BN, especially Penang UMNO and Gerakan (Dato Musa Sheikh Fadzir and Dato Seri Teng Hock Nan) continues to support the violent behaviour of UMNO and Perkasa members towards the Kwong Jit Poh reporters and the anti-Lynas public. Instead of a public apology by BN for their UMNO and Perkasa’s violent behaviour, both of them try to blame me.

Clearly the injuries suffered by the reporters are not enough for UMNO and Gerakan to differentiate who are the criminals and who are the victims. I believe that these irresponsible comments by UMNO and Gerakan leaders are intended to justify the inexcusable violent behaviour of UMNO and Perkasa members.

When UMNO and Gerakan do not even condemn violent attacks by UMNO and Perkasa members on reporters covering the event, my personal safety is not guaranteed. Just like the two reporters, if I am violently attacked by UMNO and Perkasa members, I will always be wrong and instead the UMNO and Perkasa attackers will be the victims.

For my personal safety, I hereby lodge a police report against violent threats by UMNO and Perkasa members. Should anything happen to me, UMNO and Perkasa have to bear full responsibility. It is up to the police to show that they can perform their duties without fear of favour by acting not only against the UMNO and Perkasa members who assaulted the two reporters but also those who threatened me.

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So LGE inflames the crowd with pure BS like “If Lynas plant explodes” (Where does he say this? your source? – Anil) when the CHEMICAL PLANT in question operates at NORMAL ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE and there is NO PROCESS THAT CAN EXPLODE!! So in spite of his position and education he is just another moron who thinks the LAMP is a pressurised atomic reactor due to the ravings of a certain overfed female PKR politician. Malaysia! do you know how stupid that looks to the world? And ask yourself this:..Is a leading PKR politician who shouldn’t mislead the rakyat, not provoking… Read more »


Dear Anil, my source is LGE’s statement above describing the content of his speech.. … “In my speech I had stressed that the opposition to the Lynas plant is not a racial but an environmental issue affecting all regardless of race or religion. The processing of rare earth has radioactive negative effects. How serious these effects are can be seen by the fact that Lynas cannot even get approval from its own Australian government to build the plant in Australia. IF LYNAS PLANT EXPLODES, then everyone will suffer – the Chinese will suffer, the Malays will suffer, the Indians will… Read more »

Super Senior

High time for Guan Eng to have his own security team. PDRM has lost its bearings and need a major realingnment when PR moves to Putrajaya come GE13.


Let us wipe out BN in the coming election. One can imagine what will happen to Malaysia’s future if the country manage by “samseng” head. Those UMNO and Perkasa samseng that created havoc have brain but useless people. They do not use it to think for all Malaysian but only manipulated by those who asked them come here to create havoc.

They think that they are very smart by doing this….. they are actually a bunch of brainless …


This is the reality of Ketuanan Samseng.


Anti-Lynas in Kuantan attracted more than 15000 supporters and the PDRM ensured the safety and smooth running of the peaceful demonstration even though MB Adnan of Pahang failed to attend but nevertheless the Pahang PDRM still extend protection and security to these majority PAKATAN Supporters ! Kudos to the CPO of Pahang !

Andrew I

Thought you didn’t believe in experts.


He will believe when AMMO give him titbits. You did not give him any

Gerakan K

LGE feel threatened ??? But Gerakan K feel boring. Pakatan need a better script writer.

Experts already confirm the safety of Lynas but the pakatan still provoking people by organizing mass gathering for what if not for provocation.


I believe Gerakan K is moving to stay next to Lynas plant soon to show his full confidence in the safety of the plant as assured by his beloved PM.


If it is safe why do the Australian government and people reject them, Lynas an Australian company. Moron.

Gerakan K

Lynas enjoys massive tax break in Malaysia. That is why they pick Malaysia.


Lynas enjoy massive tax break …


Its not the tax break, dummy. Its the Australia government and people that does not want them.Stupid. Read the below link. Even West Australia Will Not Allow Entry of Lynas Waste from Malaysia and China has already slashed output.

Andrew I

And you’ll also be opening a mini market next door to service them as well?

Ahmad Sobri

You rascal of the first degree, GELAKAN K, we may differ in political thinkings but we do not compromise on the safety of humans. You idiot, do not take safety issue as a joke. As it is, you cowards are hiding behind the sarungs of UMNO! And UMNO only bullies the weak minorites. Try to ask them to disrupt PAS events! They will be thrashed! How many times they had threatened to disrupt PAS led events like Bersih 2.0, like 901, they were cowards in the face of competition. The UMNO hooligans behaviour is the legacy of the leadership of… Read more »


Ahmad, Gelak K jokes at everything… never take him serious.

Sometimes he makes me laugh, i am used to his antics…

Penang voter

Gerakan, MCA…..why are you both so quiet? UMNO holding your …

Andrew I

They haven’t got any.

Andrew I

…sorry, forgot there’s an exception to the rule, and a woman is holding those.


I was driving on the North-South highway last year a few days before Bersih 2.0. I passed a police convoy heading towards KL, about 30 vehicles long, and it stretched more than 1 mile….they looked like they were preparing to go to war…against Who ?

The same PDRM couldn’t be bothered to protect a small, peaceful assembly on the Esplanade padang ?

Long Long Long

Come on, surely LGE does not expect these rent seekers to kiss him. His open tender and CAT policies have destroyed their rice bowls.

The bitterness and spins by the likes of Kometenmelodie and the self declared rent seeker Gerakan K on this blog are there for all to see.

Oh! How they long for the return of the political eunuch KTK and long may they continue to long for him !!!


Disgraceful indeed, umno has gone to that … low, sending out their thugs create havoc?

What is its President Mohd Najib Tun Razak going to say about this? Anil please send him this video. How can they expect the people continue to allow them to govern this country? It will be interesting to know what other BN component partners – MCA, Gerakan, MIC and PPP has to say about this eh?

I will vote ABU !!!


We all had enough !!!!

Lets us all spread the message throughout the country that this UMNO and Barang Naik must go together with all their weaklings such as MCA, Gerakan, PPP, MIC.


Here’s the list all should help to disseminate to create awareness and attention to vote right :-

65 reasons why BN will be wiped out soon


I cant believe it !!!

During the Bersih rally, the police were super efficient !!!

Why there is “no sound” from Gerakan and MCA over Lynas issue???

Our PM said rare earth is safe so Dr Chua and Dr Koh also ya ya and betul echoing the PM, rare earth is safe ???

To all the Rakyat who still believe in MCA/BN, please do not sleep anymore, time to wake up and vote for change, do the future generation a favour.


Kee, I have also said that many times. Where are all the chicken (boh lang hood) from MCA, PPP, MIC & Gerakan. Its not just the Lynas issue. Its the issue of thuggery and violence


I thought the police are responsible for the CM’s protection and safety? Just asking, since the CM needs to submit a police report in order to get protection


CM LGE need not ask for valid polis protection, on or off duty. He is already entitled to polis protection 24/7/365. Otherwise, how can he do his job safely? Always have to watch out for Berang Naiki cum bullfrogs or even Black Cake vendors? Since a CM did have to ask for civilian protection against ‘samseng’, how about us common Rakyat? It makes me cringe! Can the Penang CPO explain in clear details about his men in blue (on gaji paid by bleedind, sweating & tearing tax payers) for civilian protection against hooliganism, gangsterism, mad men violence, foul language and… Read more »


The ‘fear factor’ from BN!

No wonder we are fearful of the police for the wrong reason, only in Bolehland.

BN is desperate to resort to such dirty tactics.
Another ‘blue ocean’ strategy of Najib and his cousin Hisham?
Sad for the nation.

Ubah is the only way to go.