FT Gerakan chief joins PKR


Gerakan FT chief Dr Tan Kee Kwong (photo credit: The Star) has joined PKR. He said he had lost faith in the leadership of Gerakan, Umno and the BN.

He is a former Segambut MP and son of the late ‘Mr Opposition’, Dr Tan Chee Khoon.

Has the exodus begun ahead of the lawatan sambil belajar? We wait and watch…

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Gerakan is history! It has betrayed the trust of Penangites for two decades, no leader within that … party is worth mentioning.


9 days to go .. welcome Dr Tan Kee Kwong..


Soon, there will only be the geyser and conehead left in the party, dancing and singing to “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to…..”

malaysian niah ...

your experience in the land ministry will come in handy. you should be made the minister later come 916. syabas…


True to “without fear or favor” surely you know that doctor. I miss that column so much but it makes my day of the decision you made. Well done DR. dh9753@yahoo


dear anil,

pls list a new title called ‘countdown’ and start listing all the scandals and abuses of BN from now on. so people are reminded of current history n chronology. cheers


A wise and courageous move Dr.Tan.
May the LORD above bless you.

A true Malaysian

Bravo Dr. Tan, congratulation.


at least he voted with his feet…no talk, talk…


Yeap brother good move. Hope more of your dummies brothers come to their scences and join the exodus!

Adam & The Ants

10 more days to go…………………


A bit late, Dr Tan, but absolutely the right move. Well done, sir.


You’ve made the right decision to join PKR. The rest should also follow suit.


He must have ‘heard’ his father’s voice of wisdom! Congrats Dr Tan!

james dean

A man trained from birth to be guided by his conscience,he cannot be wrong .For those who still need leadership,you can’t find one that’s better.