Feeling the heat: Not just PKR but Ong, Koh too


While the front pages of the newspapers today are all about Badrul Hisham quitting PKR and how PKR is supposedly on the verge of a meltdown, BN component parties too are feeling the heat.

In particular, MCA president Ong Tee Keat and Gerakan chief Koh Tsu Koon have been under pressure to call it a day. The latest broadside came not from opposition ranks but from a BN back-bencher in Parliament yesterday. (Did he receive the green light from the top?)

The calls to quit are getting closer to home. Can Tee Keat and Tsu Koon see the writing on the wall?

Are those making the calls for Ong to quit also hoping to bury the PKFZ scandal?

(Of course, Samy Vellu and Taib Mahmud will never quit until…)

Check out reports here and here

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KTK – causing problems to Umno cronies ???????

We, Penangites, are not idiots. Please treat us with more respect.

We can all see the damage that that political eunuch KTK did to our state in his 18 years as CM.

Don’t give us all the bull on stringent conditions.

The fact remains that KTK is still pretending as if nothing has happened in the likes of Buah Pala, quarry scandals etc etc etc.


Dear Penangnites Why is it UMNO Leader is asking a Ong Tee Keat n Koh Tsu Koon to resign?? Does that UMNO Leader have noble reasons?? Answers: Ong Tee Keat n Koh Tsu Koon is pain … for UMNO!!!!!! Why Ong Tee Keat n Koh Tsu Koon is pain … for UMNO since MCA n Gerakan is seen being obedient and servient to UMNO?? BN is coalition ie a Family.. likewise a lot of internal bickering is not known to public.. Ong Tee Keat n Koh Tsu Koon caused a lot of problems to UMNO Cronies.. Ong Tee Keat has… Read more »

Andrew I

90% of those who took part in NTV7’s English news poll don’t believe Gerakan will make a strong comeback.

Come now, I’m sure they will. There’s still 10% who do, though it’s not quite as high as the 20% benchmark I keep reading about.


Their President spent some 18 years(?) as umno’s proxy in Penang. His tenure as Chief Minister Penang was a total failure considering the amount of tax-payers’ money spent on the state. That was why Penangites rejected him and his whole team but the irony was none of them could have expected it…


Dear Anil,

I’m quite sure the Sri Gading guy have the blessings of the top, i.e. the top of UMNO (that’s obviuously the real “top” in BN). So knowing that, if I’m a Gerakan or MCA member, I would be outraged ! How can they take this insult ? I can’t understand this. What would the rakyat think of people who sit there taking insults like this ?

Dalbinder Singh Gill

The video is cool. Parliament should move a vote of no-confidence against this KTK. We should look beyond party. If the representative can work, there is no harm electing him. We cannot afford to have elected reps that only appear during elections. Malaysians should not really worry about the number of seats hold by a certain party in parliament but should focus on work in their constituency. Everything starts small. A succefull constituency will lead to a successfull state. This is something that must be promoted. And more local people should contest in their local areas to encourage local representation.… Read more »


I don’t understand Gerakan at all. It seems to have the prettiest website of any political party party in Malaysia. If you read their ideology section, it starts off with a real ‘BANG!’, and then explains that it’s not going to do anything that will upset anybody’s apple cart.

So is it just a BN sockpuppet to catch middle-of-the-road voters who don’t fancy the fascism/racism/fundamentalism of most of the other Malaysian political parties?

Pardon my ignorance, I’m new to all this, just looking for answers. Hope would be nice, but I’m not that new.


KTK made a pledge that he will not want to be appointed a minister if he lost the election in Batu Kawan. Why he did not kept that pledge? Does he know that by not keeping to that pledge, he has insulted the people of Penang further? OTK made a pledge that he will respect the outcome of the EGM and resign even if he loses by 1 vote. Did he keep that pledge? Therefore at least in this case the MP Sri Gading has some conscience and integrity for asking for both their resignations. He is just telling the… Read more »

Andrew I

I rolled off the sofa laughing when I saw this on NTV7’s English news. I don’t think I’ve had such a good laugh in a long time. It’s good some MPs surf the net and give apt descriptions such as backdoor minister and brown noser minister the national attention they deserve.

Well done, Sri Gading. If you keep this up, you might just get my vote.:-P

Happy Man

I wonder how gerakan is going to make a comeback when their president who is an unelected representative who use the ‘BACKDOOR’ entrance to be a backdoor minister…malu la…lebih baik tukar nama parti kepada BELAKANG…wa.ka.ka.ka.

Kam Cheng

I pity the Hansard, it has to record the rubbish that the Sri Gading clown spews each Parliament session. Sri Gading and Kinabatangan are the UMNO appointed time wasters and court jesters in Parliament. Just look at what they bring up in Parliament. No policy matters, just kampung politics. To make matters worse, the venerable Lim Kit Siang also lost the opportunity to rein in the 2 so that 1st world Parliament session can be have. Maybe because Uncle Lim couldn’t resist the dig at other political parties, even though Parliament session is not for that. I suggest Sri Gading… Read more »


When Gerakan has an idiot like KTK and a moron of Sec Gen, who need opposition? Just read this: – Gerakan secretary-general Teng Chang Yeow said the party had been working for the past 18 months for a viable approach to put “our house in a certain degree of cohesiveness”. -“We actually know what we want to do and where to go. The only thing is that we did not communicate this openly,” -Teng said the party might have to re-look this “silent approach” It just reflect their incompetence as politicians. With such people running Gerakan, we can excuse the… Read more »


Pakatan will not fail. UMNO should take in Badrul. He will serve UMNO better than PKR. If Badrul is such a great politician he can even be made the candidate comes the next GE. Let’s see if UMNO does this. Even those famous “three” in Perak should stand as candidates then to test their popularity. See if the people will still support him. Many who left PKR to join UMNO are now in the doldrums trying hard to please the new master. The new master, unfortunately, is smart enough not to be give them anything other than make use of… Read more »

Gerakan K

In Kedah, the MB introduces 50% bumiputera housing quota–greater than the abolished BN NEP’s 30%. In Selangor, the MB facing legal battle regarding to loan issue (more than RM60 millions!, mind you). In Kelantan, the MB demanded EGM, but the party refuses to do so. This means the MB already loses influence even to its own party. In Perak, no comment as that is BN government. In Penang, the CM has its non-stop 5th gear speed to develop, develop, and develop until turning Penang into concrete city. Maybe this is good for PR supporters.


Who is talking here !!!!. Gerakan K or KTK make no difference. Even their OWN admitted they have no KPI. Without KPI or Zero KPI, what rights have you to comment on others performamnce . hahah dude….


Based on Gerakan K logic… Only 3 Backbenchers want Ong & KTK to resign. So that is less that 2% of the BN MPs want them to go. 98% just laughed. Laughing does not mean they are supporting the 3 backbenchers.


By the same token, Najib should quit as well!! He was put in charge by UMNO, not by the rakyat. More over, his popularity is well below the 50% mark.

Just offer himself to Malaysian by the ballot box if he dares. Otherwise, stop shouting until foaming´at the mouth on 1Malaysia … it sounds so empty and hollow.


Who let out the two rottweillers?

It’s obvious Ong Tee Keat is a great threat and has been stepping on too many toes(umno?) in PKFZ scandal and the quicker he’s rid of, the better.

Didn’t Najib’s accidentally reveal his true self when he responded to reporters’ Q: “what makes you think he won’t resign?”


Look at the big picture. Who has the sincerity to improve rakyat’s well being? BN? PR? Until today I see PR is heartedly to go on that direction well BN is just doing it to pacify. BN just want to capture back the majority in next GE.

Even PR today has in-fighting, but it is always good to have them around for check and balance.

OTK playing with fire …. He accepted EGM’s resolutions but doesn’t “walk the talk”. KTK, seems not relevant anymore. He will from behind hypocritely against ISA, support Teoh BH, bla bla …

Gerakan K

There is no problem in Gerakan. KTK still is the KPI minister. Unlike PKR, its supremo Anwar under threat of being jail again for sodomy charge. PAS is going to split. DAP already regarded as dead meat because of KBP.


Of course there is no problem in Gerakan. When UMNO back benchers call for KTK and OTK resignation, Gerakan and MCA just meekly kept quiet like a mouse. Well Gerakan K, do that to Najib or any UMNO Minister and see what happen. Their roar will scare the … out of Gerakan & KTK.


Gerakan K, – You just forgot…. Yes,..KTK is still the KPI minister but without any KPI, isn`t it….. Don`t be in denial my friend, your good UMNO friend said so……


Hahahaha! Chiang Kai Shek said that during the China civil war. Everbody knows what happen at the end


OTK may well has the resolution of PKFZ scandal as a reason to stay on but KTK has got to be history.

KTK, the political eunuch, has no shame. 96% of the respondents in Anil’s earlier poll want KTK to explain how the Buah Pala prime land can be sold for a scandalous RM 10 psf and to date, we, Penangites, are still waiting.

……….not on bated breath though.


Is it correct,correct,correct to describe (someone) linked to a gruesome murder as dignified?


Pakatan may be on the verge of a meltdown but definitely not the RAKYAT. The fire within even burning stronger. They will continue to support whoever the righteous opposition against the Ravenous Wolf that is in the sheep’s clothing. This is the beginning and not the end. The Rakyat will strike at the crucial time- GE final countdown. You only feel the pain if you are the actual one bitten by the Snake so dont let it happen to you before it’s too late. As for the Apek , they could not careless as long as they get their timely… Read more »


Rakyat are too smart and are aware, better than BN clowns,the misleading and exaggerated news on the Media. Stop buying all the BN controlled papers.


It’s umno agenda to silence whistle-blowers! Will this open the eyes of all BN component parties?

Get curious Malaysians! Seriously, it warrants change and let’s get moving fast!


Dear Anil, I don’t think the resignation of Badrul from PKR has the same magnitude as MCA’s and Gerakan’s problems. Afterall, Badrul is just a PKR rep and does not hold any high position within the party such as Secretary, Vice/Deputy President and so on. However, Ong and Koh are the leaders of their respective parties. Nevertheless, Badrul’s resignation does give the impression that PKR is not a well oiled machine yet. I believe that given their experience in Kedah, Perak and now Selangor PKR will be extra careful in placing totally reliable and capable candidates. We shouldn’t be too… Read more »