Endless possibilities


Come again … where? Look who shares a similar tagline. Facepalm!

The Malay Mail Online reports:

A short clip titled “Mongolia Endless Possibilities by CNN” has been available on the popular video-sharing website since it was uploaded on February 19, 2012, by a YouTube account user named BDSecJSC.

A check on the Internet revealed “BDSecJSC” to be the initials of a stock brokerage and investment bank which claims to be the largest in Mongolia.

A check on Coloribus, an online archive of advertisements worldwide, lists international news broadcaster CNN, and its owner, Turner Broadcasting System, as creating an “Eye on Mongolia” promotional campaign in August 2011.

The campaign was said to promote Mongolia as a tourism and investment destination.

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Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
28 Aug 2013 11.39am

Robber Cop (not Robo Cop) in Bolehland as reported on The Sun:

Off duty cops turned snatch thieves?

Endless possibilities indeed!

Smurf Smurf
Smurf Smurf
29 Aug 2013 3.25pm
Reply to  Don Anamalai

Truly Endless Possibilities ? The police statistics released by the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) : Index crime was 74,127 from January to June 2013, down 2,120 cases from 76,247 reported for the same period last year. However, cases of violent crime increased from 14,811 to 15,098 over the same period. Of this figure, robbery (including gang robbery) with firearms also increased, from 69 cases to 74. Murders rose from 291 cases in the first six months of 2012 to 322 cases in 2013. The worst month of 2013 so far was June, with 14 gang robberies with firearms… Read more »

30 Aug 2013 12.18pm
Reply to  Don Anamalai

Haslam’s father & son can make a new movie franchise on ‘Gerak Khas – Robber Cop’ series as the ‘KL Gangster’ series could be banned soon by Finas because of the anti-gangster drive by police now?

Aidil Yunus
Aidil Yunus
2 Sep 2013 12.23pm
Reply to  McMinion

I cannot understand why the Home Ministry continues to harp on communist threat when the crime today are committed by the gangsters.

Therefore, the movie ‘KL Gangster 2’ ought to be banned (or at least reviewed one more time by the censorship board) using the same principle as applied to the movie ‘New Village’.

28 Aug 2013 10.12am

The tagline doesn’t matter. What matters is the strategy. I think we should wait till that comes out before condemning the tagline

27 Aug 2013 1.42pm

Our Ringgit is heading for endless possibilities despite the assurance from Bank Negara.

Today the ringgit lost as much as 0.6 percent to 3.3300 per dollar, its weakest since June 2010, on selling from foreigners.The Malaysian currency managed to stay firmer than the intraday low as the central bank was spotted buying the currency, traders said. Still, the ringgit is seen heading to 3.3345, the 50.0 percent Fibonacci retracement of its appreciation between 2009 and 2011, traders and analysts said, adding that the ringgit was expected to weaken further.


26 Aug 2013 12.34pm

What professional PR consultant that the govt engaged? Didn’t he did a thorough study? Now you see involved in a lot of controversies and the public money is spent. An alternative may be ‘Malaysia,a land of Plentiful Opportunities’.

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
26 Aug 2013 12.29pm

”Malaysia, endless possibilities” bears an uncanny resemblance to an Israeli drive promoting conferencing in Israel that runs under the banner “Israel, endless possibilities.”


APCO is recycling slogan but sell to Bolehland as a premium?

Batu Ferringhian
Batu Ferringhian
26 Aug 2013 11.43am

I want to know who is responsible for advising and consulting the government?
Yes, Malaysia is a “ciplak” haven..but this warrants quadruple facepalms lah

eng hock
eng hock
26 Aug 2013 11.01am

Karma says what goes around comes around … do bad and evil will haunt …… see the link ?

Greg Lopez
25 Aug 2013 8.17pm

There must be something about Mongolia that makes her irresistible to the Prime Minister.