Emotions overflowed as a multitude flooded the streets at Karpal Singh’s old haunts (More photos)


Some lovely photos by blog contributor Tunglang. They capture the outpouring of emotions – deep sorrow, a sense of loss, a celebration of Karpal Singh’s life – that engulfed the common people who gathered in their thousands near the legend’s old haunts: the Penang State Assembly, the Penang High Court, his office opposite the High Court at Green Hall, and St Xavier’s Institution, where he grew from a cub to a majestic tiger, prowling the corridors of power and the halls of law in pursuit of justice.

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Kee Well said


Bowen Sure or not. Better not. Yang will cause the irrelevant party to lose votes adding to the misery. If you don’t believe me, let”s start with the coming Jelutong election .Yang wanna take up the challenge to jump from Penang bridge. Your irrelevant party vs DAP., I don’t think you will dare. Cowards!


Ah Nar A doctor saves a person who is a murderer. Is he wrong? That is his profession to save life. Ah Nar I am a hawker. In order to earn a living , I sell to anyone who wants to buy from me regardless of his status. This has nothing to do with principle. You don’t seems to be well educated on matters of principle.
With people like you, the future doesn’t look bright for the party you are in. Again your name Ah Nar. You are just a joke. Make my day.


Yang is likely to campaign for MCA in the by election?


i am very sad with the passing of Mr Karpal, and still cant believe it. However, in a way, am comforted that the loving God has taken him away so that the evil regime cant touch him and make him suffer in jail… The Almighty has a better plan for him… Shame to those who persecuted him !!! And, also, he no longer need to put up with all those bodoh bodoh in the parliament who are not even fit to carry his suit case. And, also, with Umno controlling the courts, the judges always come up with … judgments… Read more »


I was walking just beside the hearse when I saw this frail elderly Indian lady with great effort pulling herself from the roadside crowd & trying to touch the hearse. With sobs & prayers in Tamil, she blessed Mr Karpal like her own son & bid good bye with one last touch of the hearse window. She was alone.
I wonder how she made it to the venue by herself & how she would take it after that.

Andrew I

DAP made her do it, according to nar-nar.


kee, I agree with you God with His Abundant Love felt that enough is enough for this great man on wheelchair to suffer anymore injustice & prosecution.
And His Love for Karpal was expressed in the great multitude that came forth to bid farewell that Easter Sunday, a meaningful day of Christ’s resurrection from the clutches of death & evil.


Only a fool can think of such a stupid accusation. With so many people lining the streets in broad daylight. My friends and myself parked our car at Market Street and walked all the way to Dewan Seri and St.Xavier We came because Karpal Singh is a great men. In life he has given his level best to his fellow Malaysian who believes in his vision and in death we came in droves to honour a great men. Talking about orchestrating a show, then I will need to mention Psy. So popular and with so many buses ferrying people and… Read more »


Just forget about the fools. No point engaging with the fools, small people… yang must learn from Karpal what is called principle….


You mean principle in defending criminals and drugs trafikkers


Some one said he go out of curiosity and some one said it happen to be a holiday so he joined in the holiday mood

Andrew I



I was so touched by all the emotions, outpouring of grief, silent prayers & the multitude of believers in the fighter who gave much of his lifetime for a higher purpose, I humbly said to Gobind Singh: “Thank you to your father, thank you to you.” As photographic tribute to our fighter, I sum it: The Last Walk with Tiger of Jelutong The Tiger of Jelutong roars fearlessness in our minds, wells hope in our tears, inspires compassion in our hearts, upholds truth & justice in our souls, & blossoms freedom in our spirits. Farewell, Mr. Karpal Singh (Tiger of… Read more »


Losing its mojo: Penang’s fading fortunes

With the demised of Karpal and Anwar going to jail, LGE is in a quandry. For a long time LGE & DAP need Karpal and Anwar to survive or he will have to kowtow to PAS for support. Penang is now on the decline and will fall behind almost all the other state. We have one incompetent CAT. Kapal and Anwar jailing will signal the end of LGE and DAP.



Karpal’s funeral has touched more people than that of Lim Chong Eu’s.


Or was it orchestrated by DAP to the maximum with big banners and banners in every of DAP service centers and public areas and now with DAP holding memorial services throughout the country for maximum publicity. I wonder what is the purpose of it ???? Using grief for ???? I believe Karpal Singh would not want that.


Karpal Singh has ended his journey of life in a sad way. Those who are familiar with him knew he would like people to call him the “Tiger of Jelutong’ but the Tiger of Jelutong died the way he died in 1999 when he was vanquished in Jelutong and was never able to get up and defend that seat again just like the sedition charges that he lost recently. As a lawyer I had great respect for him for successfully defending criminals and drugs pedlars with his eloquent skill that even 1+1 equals 3. But that was in the 70s… Read more »


You should have known as a penangite that Bukit Gelugor was used to be a state constituency unde Jelutong. So technically he did not vanish or vanquished. The reasons why Karpal or DAP fail to get elected from 1995 to 2008 is because of you guys……Penangite practises state for BN & parliment for DAP


Condo speculator has issue with son Jagjeet should not hold grudges against the honorable father who is beloved by most Penangites judging by the turnouts and tributes !