Dumping of cow head and crazy jig a sign of political lunacy


The rabid gutter politics that we have witnessed in recent years must have inspired the culprit who dumped a bloodied and skinned head of a cow outside DAP Penang state assembly member R N Rayer’s residence.

In the minds of many Malaysians, this despicable act would amount to a hate crime as the cow is considered sacred in Hinduism.

Instead of mature discourse about the issues that are of public importance to the rakyat, this seems to be the level we are sinking to.

The ambivalent response of certain top leaders and the lack of a firm response towards fascist tendencies do not help in discouraging and deterring such acts.

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I am deeply disturbed by the report on The Sun today that a survey recently show that 18% of Malays here feel that suicide bombing involving killing of civilians could be justified. Now we can realise the impact of Najib’s irresponsible remark that Umno folks must emulate ISIL militants to be brave.


Umno folks should be brave to resist the temptation of corruption.


Malay Muslims must find peace in their religion, do not resort to violence but follow the example of Felixia Yeap:


Hope Felicia Yeap is sincere in her conversion. Don`t after sometime and when she wants to return to her faith and is not allowed to do so, then create a hue and cry by going to the opposition saying that she has been misled and has never lived a Muslim life at all. We have seen one too many hypocrites

seng tak

PM Najib had urged Umno to emulate the bravery of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants who are now threatening to destroy the Kaaba in Mecca. Is he now regretting using religious militant extremists as an example to glorify braver?

Again we have seen him talking without using his brain in the first place. Wonder why Isma is quiet on this matter?


this is sickening


Initially i thought that it was a yes, that umno is really …
I won’t take back my words , as umno proven to be just that.
Expected Pakatan’s MPs and ADUNs to be of a different breed and of manners.
Until i saw Mr. Rayer’s action/video on youtube.
He disregarded the house and he was downright rude.
Can’t he show some manners even when bashing the umno’s …?
Is he that sick?
Luckily this Mr.Rayer is not the MP for my area.
As Rayer is not kool at all.


You have yet to see one of many guys like from Raiya from DAP looking like the angel but the devil in disguise.il


One might argue that Rayer’s remark was just a ‘natural reaction’ from anyone who are forced into a corner. If the threat of slapping someone is deemed OK by the Home Minister, then he should not have double standard. Home Ministry should focus on curbing the emergence of militants, some have already been coming from RELA and TLDM !


Mindef must take strong action against its personnel who allegedly commited sexual offence in New Zealand. No cover up please.


Already the militants have infiltrated Universiti Malaya, a centre to recruit militants to wage the so called Holy War!


How come some people who would go round shooting and killing wouldn’t dare show their faces to the world and have their faces covered up ? In the case of Malaysia they would go round throwing cow’s head or throw (fire-)bombs at places they don’t like and yet very little actions (is seen to be) taken by the police? These inactions are not only encouraging these cowards to graduate into something more unforgiving. These actions are surely not the teaching of a particular religion but they are only discouraging many to embrace the religion these samsengs are supposed to be… Read more »

Dato Sharom Ahmat

All right thinking Malaysians especially those in positions of power and influence,must come out to condemn any act of extremism and hate.
However May I ask that PR politicians not to do or say things which give bigots the excuse to do what they do.


If there is no big mouth in the first instance, there would be no big mouth now.
For every action there is always a reaction.
Don`t simply shoot your mouth against Zahid. Think of what Rayer has done

Don Anamalai

Home Minister Zahid Hamidi instead of condemning the act, told Rayer that he got what he deserved.
Sigh! Perhaps we could have a more peaceful month in the month of Ramadan.

Ed G

Is the Home Minister implying that anyone has the right to response in kinds on he ground that he is unhappy with the words of another. Is he trying to encourage the people to ignore the laws of the land that are meant to maintain order in a civilized society? And by the way, since when has UMNO, which is a seasoned political party within a democratic system, become so thinned faced to the extent of hitting the ceiling just because they are chided by someone? Do you remember them behaving the same way when accused of being corrupted, incompetent… Read more »

Burn OleBola

there is now no blurred line between mainstream & social media extreminisms ?


If one does not utter like a lunacy would this lunacy have happen