Drama at Lembah Pantai PKR ceramah


This was the PKR ceramah at Lembah Pantai on Thursday night which came under attack by a group of individuals who hurled stones and eggs into the crowd.

In his speech, Anwar promised to lower oil prices, provide free or minimal higher education higher education at state-run universities, and revoke taxi permits from rent-seeking Umno officials.

Stones were also hurled when Nurul Izzah was speaking.

Essential supplies for future ceramah: crash helmets, first-aid kits, medical personnel, back-up power generators…

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Normally, we attend ‘ceramahs’ as if we are taking a casual evening stroll at the park, or field. So we may bring only a plastic bottle of water. Why eggs?
This confirms the fact that, these people came, prepared for trouble.


Its amazing UMNO Lembah Pantai claim they were provoked. Can’t help seeing those fat old men and the youth who did the dirty work are just just little spoilt brats. Well taught kids these days learned very early these days not be afraid if they are innocent and not to blame others if they did things right all the time.


Its all signs that UMNO is losing confidence in Najib and Mahathir himself is not far from blowing his own top..All it takes is say something like mind-blowing news on Scorpene case and that is it – not only will Najib not survive which is almost guaranteed one way or other, UMNO-BN also won’t survive as they have staked TOO much on a lame horse for too long..

Gerakan K

Why doing political ceramah when there is no election ??? Can PKR stop instigating / provoking other people ???


I do not want to bad mouth you but then you are too much of a liar and an idiot. Just a few step away is the AMMO … ceramah.

Andrew I

Actually, that isn’t a ceremah. It’s trolling ‘live’.


DUMNO and Gerakan – Bozo. If not election, whay mata2 give permit? Also why UMNO is having another ceramah nearby? Oop- Disco party?
Trying to install fear factor and another cow gate – to cow the rakyat by acting Samseng … to the rakayt?

Ahmad Sobri

Surely, the entire UMNO/BN machinery cannot match, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim! Anwar is such a huge threat, such a menace to UMNO/BN! This man certainly is more than what UMNO/BN had bargained for! This man is hardworking, beyond the dreams of UMNO/BN! Now, besides him, we have Nurul Izzah Anwar Ibrahim, and surely, this lady has come of age. From her days when I witnessed her first ceramah way back in 1998, she had grown in confidence beyond her age. Her ability to communicate effectively to the Rakyat is something none of those in UMNO/BN can do. Just look at… Read more »