Caped campaigner Mahathir addresses Tian Chua vigil, calls for ‘change of government’


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Mahathir speaking at a solidarity vigil for Tian Chua outside the latter’s office along Jalan Sentul in KL on 7 October 2017.

“We have to change this government; without change, we cannot have reformasi, because they are in power,” said Mahathir. “To implement all the reforms that we propose, we must become the government.”

“We do not ask the people for much” – unlike other countries where there were prolonged mass rallies and persecution and danger, said Mahathir. “When we have the next general election, we should all vote for the opposition. When we become the government, all our problems can be resolved: Anwar can be freed, reformasi can be implemented…”

Now, this may sounds simplistic – there is the neoliberal ideology to deal with – but he is right, in a key sense. Without change at the federal level, we will remain trapped in the Old Politics of race and religion while corruption runs rampant and saps our collective desire to progress. How long more can we continue like this?

One Youtuber, seeing Mahathir’s attire, dubbed the caped campaigner “Superman Dr M”.

Mahathir’s superhuman work ethic may be fading but he more than makes up for it with sheer grit.

The photo below best sums up his determination at 92 – seen here probably clambering onto a pick-up truck to address the gathering at Tian Chua’s vigil.

Full marks for effort.

Of course, we have to be careful about pinning all our hopes on certain individuals. Look how the hopes of many were dashed by Aung San Suu Kyi.

For all Mahathir’s valiant efforts, we cannot ‘outsource’ the work for change to him. What the country needs is not a Superman but all of us doing our part to work for change for the better, to promote justice and freedom and solidarity – no matter where ts with a dream – a dream for change, a dream for freedom and equality and justice in our land:

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, its [email protected] am not interested.
If He or She doesn’t respect other people religion who doesn’t provoke others believe leave them alone.

rajraman. Or He or She can ask his Deity to declare Thaipusam Public Holidays in Selangor through his connection as component Party who rules Selangor or since he or She who worships Deity he can migrate from Selangor to Penang.Can be a good assistant to destroy Deity Public Image through his or her Public Relation Skills.


Correction, Kuala Lumpur and ask Deity to tell Azmin not to declare Thaipusam as Public Holidays in Selangor so Kuala Lumpur won’t suffer massive traffic.


Thaipusam as public holiday could be in Najib’s blueprint for MIC, as he is the father of Indian development in Malaysia. Possibly 2-day Deepavali holiday too after GE14 as reward if the Indian votes could swing towards BN, otherwise Najib may ask ‘APA India Mahu’ deja vu!


The he or She known as Zoro before and currently masking as Shriek.

rajraman.Cased close without appeal.I will skip all question and next few topics.I going to enjoy my semi retirement before i relaunch how to make more $$$ or retire for good in another country.Next year i am elligible for 2nd homes.The only thing delaying me the ringgit currently like japanese banana notes.I have choosen a place who practice nyepi festival.Total blackout even flights can’t land.


What blackout you are talking about when Deepavali is Festival of Light?

Retire to another country by ‘Jump Plane’ (meaning by illegal stay after visa expire)?
Not in USA now Trump chasing out illegals.


Which Sammy are you? Ramasamy or Sammy Vellu? Who talking about Deepavali of lights? I am talking about migrating. Most country allows you 2nd homes when you have $$$ when you are 55 years old. I chose Bali, not Trump. If I spend RM10,000 a month it’s will last me another 30 years. ( I can’t finish it that much $$$ ) and I hope my life end at age 75 is good enough.No need to trouble people when too old. You want to know about nyepi more here the link. Well, Indians call maunam and you break my… Read more »


Hope Bali is right for you, rajraman666.
Very Hindu, very spiritual you can hear the whispering spirits!
Many artists love to live there as Nature + Culture is very inspiring.
No more nonsensical shrieking like Kuntilanak here in!
Wish you a joyful lifestyle in Bali!


rajraman666, you are fast to discern its Shriek = zoro!
Go to article:
What is stopping more Penangites from taking the bus and cycling?
And read my replies to unmask Shriek aka zoro.
Habitual writing style often gives away one’s hidden identity.


Bali my final choice after traveling many years around Asia. People who have culture and maintain it for hundreds of years. I have many artist/sculptors friends there with common interest.Language no issue. See hows it goes. Family Ties still strong here. I read your response towards shriek before you mention about her/he.There is much meaning for Shriek. I have chosen this for you the meaning – mental or emotional suffering or torment and I don’t know why she or He choose this name from previous name Zoro. rajraman. Just ignore her or him.Not worth to reply with your precious time.I… Read more »


Enjoy Bali Hai (Beer) with Babi Guling while in Bali. But beware of volcanic eruption if Mount Agung, and the wild monkeys in Ubud!


Cheers to rajraman666! Bali-Bali-666! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Is it a beer, a wine or just plain fruit juice?
Let the religious bigots guess till full moon!

Eric Kuek

The ‘4 Musketeers’ to help Umno recapture Selangor?


One Musketeer doesn’t know to speak English or read English and got caught carrying a large sum of $$$ in Australia.
The second Musketeer has criminals records and went to jail.
The third Musketeer can’t stand the pressure and resign as MB.

rajraman. The Fourth Musketeer keep $$$ under his pillows without developing Selangor roads and collecting rubbish but can give an extra bonus to his own cronies before he forced to resign.
UMNO using this ‘4 Musketeers’ who have expired their Politicals career?
Dream ON. I off out from their dream.

Eric Kuek

Thirty years later, more than 30 of the Operation Lallang detainees will come face to face with Dr Mahathir to discuss their arrest in a country still fraught with race and religious fissures.

Dr Mahathir, who was alleged to have masterminded the crackdown on October 27, 1987 is expected to face his critics in a forum organised by the Penang Institute, in George Town, Penang, on October 28.


Time to move on to remove MO1.


Meritocracy in Malaysia??? My Foot.
Meritocracy: You got it wrong about the Indians, Najib

Since the early days of MadHatterism with the political mantras of Malay Dilemma, not only the Indians but Chinese & other races were subjected to the color skin treatment. MadHatter himself had brought in the demons of socio-economic-political discrimination, which to this day has never been exorcised.
Karma has put a daily conscience on MadHatter to destroy his own demonic creation or to live with this bad legacy until his last hour in Helang Island.


Exodus of talents in search of true meritocracy elsewhere actually benefited the local mediocre ones seeking employment in Bolehland, but at suppressed wages.

Arguably the best Malaysian born doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc are earning livings outside the country?


no meritocracy even in UMNO, its not what you know BUT who you know in kleptocracy.


World Bank report on Malaysia economy prospect not openly discussed in mainstream media?

The authority like Bank Negara should clarify otherwise more exodus of funds and ringgit to further cripple the vulnerable economy due to bad domestic debts.


While most Asian economies are rising, Malaysia’s is in decline, because it has not adapted to both global and domestic economic conditions.

The report also singles out Malaysia as one of only two Asian economies where household debt “exceeds 70% of GDP”. Many economists have concluded that Malaysia’s debt bubble is about to explode.


For struggling families, it will be a gloomy Festival of Lights.

Despite the World Bank forecasting a positive GDP growth of 5.2% for the 3rd quarter, the average Malaysian continues to struggle with inflation, which hit 3.7% in August, compared with 3.2% in July.

Awang Selamat Ori

But tokong and DAP has been a real letdown in Penang! They are messing up Penang big time. Anil should find out what is going on along the Sg. Dua main road, it had been two years and all those blockages are still there. Just why are they inconveniencing the people so much. Why must they inconvenienced the people for so long and how much longer are they are they blocking the main road? Is is true that monies due to contractors are not paid on time? Anyway, will tokong keep his words that a CM should sit not more… Read more »

Awang Selamat Ori

Thank you very much Mr. Anil.


In every state, as elections approach, the no. and variety of contracts for public works increase, no matter how useless. Payments are probably prompt because the commission and political donation must be prompt. The actual work has low priority. Investigating such contracts alone would require a whole, new MACC.


Most MPs are known as YB Longkang as the least they could do to make up for years of no contribution is to repair or replace the drains around your housing estate.


Diversion of utilities can be costly and take time. Imagine electricity and water are cut off and can be for days. Furthermore pg forum will din when trees are chopped down for diversion


I admire few people’s in my life but despised them.

1. Kutty – at this age still a fighter – The Father divided Malaysian along racial line.
2. Anuar Ibrahim – in jail but still fighting – The Father of Islamisation of Malaysia.
3. Najib – a manipulator without shame but still in Power – now he claims as The Father of Indians community.

rajraman. Samy the Father of making the Indians more poorer with his Scheme and Ramasamy The Father of writing opinion letter almost weekly in free – on behalf of Deity(?)


I heard Ramasamy launched alternate Thaipusam chariot procession in Penang so that the donation collected stay put in Penang, as the other one most collection repatriated to India not benefiting Penang economy. Hope someone can clarify this?


Temple money allegedly used for personal gain(?)

Temple always a cash cow.The money donated can be used for poor Indians student for education. Where all the $$$ goes?

Can anyone care to explain what (they) did with donation collected with his golden Chariots? How much $$$ was collected and how much was invested to Indians community.

rajraman. I also understand LGE have alternate Clan Jetties procession since the clan and him not getting along.( This part I read somewhere and not sure )


How about organising third chariot or ask the admired person to do it? Worst in KL it jams the traffic in the morning on the way up to Batu caves and yet Selangor people are having public holiday but KL people has to bear the the procession.


“too much hope dashed by Aung San Su Kyi”?

The image of “The Lady” started to fade the moment MCA’s Michelle Yeoh portrayed her in the movie?


Meanwhile Najib is mastering more Tamil words as he reaches out to the Indian community, saying his pledges to them are not mere “vetti pechu” (empty talk) but “nijam” (true).

Closing the Indian Progressive Front’s (IPF) 25th annual general assembly here yesterday, the Prime Minister said BN would do all in its power to lend a helping hand.

“This is my commitment to uplift the Indian community. We want to develop the spirit of nambikei (trust) between the community and the Government,” he said in his address.

Raj666, are you impressed?


Mahathir should confess to every Malaysian (whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, Orang Asli, Kadazan, etc) that he had make a big mistake of creating a Malaysian Dilemma Sickness. A race-based dilemma of 4 decades that to this day gave birth to this Monster Leech of Kleptocracy, a very bad legacy for Mahathir to live with. If he has the courage just to confess & sincerely ask every Rakyat to back him to destroy this Monster, I believe majority of Rakyat will give their unwavering support + blessing at the polls. Long Live Dr Mahathir, the father + doctor of Malaysian… Read more »