How not to raise a question from the floor


Unfortunately, the most abiding memory of the Great Debate was this scene during questions from the floor.

Unfortunate because of the many other bigger issues she could have raised and because of the way it was raised. And unfortunately for her and the MCA, she probably did more damage to her party’s cause than whatever Guan Eng said.

Clearly, the lack of a culture of ‘live’ political debates has resulted in some people being unfamiliar with the basic etiquette involved in raising questions from the floor.

In this case too, the organisers – and future organisers – should evaluate how questions from the public should be raised. This is not to say that questions should be screened nor should those asking questions be devoid of passion or conviction.

But haranguing speakers should not be allowed, and questions raised should be relevant to the topic.

In this case, the topic was vague and weird (purposely to keep Malaysians divided or to suit the race-based agenda?), to begin with. And that made it all the more difficult to decide what was relevant and what wasn’t.

And how is it those asking questions were mainly from one side?

Let’s hope the next debate would be more about the respective politician’s vision for all Malaysians and the concrete policies to realise that vision. And let’s hope it is in a language that all Malaysians understand with more accurate and clear translations, televised live on free-to-air networks.

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I thought the audience from the mca side were watching a boxing match between the cm and csl and were cheering and jeering away.

Penang Voter

The moderator is a pure bred ‘*********’. Calling himself a moderator may just be the biggest joke in town. At par with Jessie ‘Tow Truck’ Ooi. I salute LGE going to the lion’s den. Will CSL go to DAP suggested venue ?? If not, you all will know that his … are kept by A. Yam


On Malaysiakini today…. “Jessie Ooi decries harassment, vows legal action”

Well, Ms. Tow Truck, would you want to exchange one legal action with MCA/BN losing >1,000 votes?


The first question that came to my mind when I saw the whole pathetic episode was : “WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING , WOMAN!”

Andrew I

CSL’s cigar, probably.

ong eu soon

If you can read Mandarin newspapers, you should now realised that the whole debate is design to create topics for Chua CD to talk after the debate. Totally one sided reporting form majority of the newspapers, seem like the general election is getting very near. All the sycophant supporters of LGe can do what to all those newspapers? This is the stupidity of LGe!

Sze Tho

The point is to rebut those allegations at the debate and present a counter argument. Biased mainstream media is a fact of life in Malaysia. It takes courage NOT To back down in the face of such adversity. Only a shallow and small minded fella like you would fail to see that. But then…..not a surprise, isn’t it?

ong eu soon

Why not single out the second person during the second round of questioning as haranguing the speaker? Is it because he attack Chua CD not LGe? Or is it because you don’t understand Mandarin?

ong eu soon

Anil now want to learn to be super police, reading into the mind of people who want to ask questions. Anil should show us how he can do that when he organise a debate in order to prevent those who are extreme critical from haranguing the speakers.

Super Senior

With so many thumbs-down, are you competing with Gerak K?

You should take a break as your views are not welcome.

Maybe you should contribute more to nkkhoo blog, but not here.


For a moment there, I thought a North Korean had infiltrated the hall.

Looks like one of those North Korean women crying hysterically & all emotional at the funeral of Kim Jong Ill.

NK Khoo

The debate is far out of topic and irrelevant questions from MCA audience brought the debate to “longkong”.


Money to buy and drive car and pay expenses but cannot afford houses? What is there after 10.30pm. What is she doing? … – disco kid or singing in KaraOKe – I always love Money (you)?

Pretty Obvious

The way she spoke is what Penangites called Bo Ka Si.

Gerakan K

Ms Jessie and her question IS relevant to the debate as LGE had mentioned ‘money money money money’ principles as the pillars of DAP administration in Penang. Ms Jessie as the witness for VICTIMs of DAP’s ‘money money money money’ principles has the right to be EMOTIONAL (same situation even in Parliament/State assembly) when questioning but we must not only look at the WAY she asking but focus on the important POINT raised by her, i.e. the state government is hungry of money and will grab any chances of penalizing people money even at 10.30 P.M. empty lane. That is… Read more »


Like I said earlier, she can shout as much as she want to whoever she wants as long as what she is saying is the truth. Otherwise it only makes her look stupid. U, me and every other penangite knows that assessment rates have not increased. She does not live in Penang and she thinks she knows better. Another thing, I don’t know whether u live in pg or not but do u think the roads are devoid of cars at 10.30pm? Even a blind person will know the answer. And even if there are no cars, can someone park… Read more »


GK, Moron she is talking about towing services run by MCA Sdn Bhd (Malaysian Carpark Association). She yell and thought she is so smart when almost Chinese media and coffee shop talk label her as stupid. Stupid woman

Andrew I

Our very own dumb blonde. Here she is with Gherkin giving some advice: A blonde was driving home after a game and got caught in a really bad hailstorm. Her car was covered with dents, so the next day she took it to a repair shop. The shop owner saw that she was a blonde, so he decided to have some fun. He told her just to go home and blow into the tail pipe really hard, and all the dents would pop out. So, the blonde went home, got down on her hands and knees and started blowing into… Read more »


I don’t understand mandarin but from the comments, I presume that she is saying something about towing of cars after 10.30 pm. Maybe she should see the traffic jam at Jalan Burma, after the Union Primary School casued by patrons to one of the hokkien mee stall and at Jalan Air Itam, just after Jalan York where there are many hawkers stalls. Whenever I pass by, I wonder why the authorities have not done anything

Anyway, her question is irrelevant to the debate. Yes, she should have contacted MPPP.


Did anyone take notice that Guan Eng was rudely interrupted by Chua when the former had the floor?
Chua should learn the proper etiquette and rules of debating.

When it is not your turn to speak, it is your turn not to speak.


There is an umpirer who is the moderator. He is NOT doing his job. What kind of refrees and judges Malaysia is producing?


Is MCA or UMNO desperate and playing dirty just like the debate ?? . Well they disrupt ceramah, they block roads and bridges and now they throw stones at Anwar car.


I don`t know whether LGE did answer that question or not but frankly speaking LGE should not. LGE should have told her that her question is not relevant to the debate and moreover it is a complain which she should have direct it to MPPP.. This is not a complaint forum. What if everybody started questioning hey why is the road so dirty, why the rubbish truck did not come to clear the rubbish, why my housing application was rejected and so on and on. This is a debate and there should not be any question from the floor in… Read more »


In my opinion, that mental case … Must be rotten to the core.


MCA Selayang coordinator Ms Jessie Ooi (see link to photo of her in full foaming-at-the-mouth glory below) epitomises that absolute desparate bankruptcy of MCA theses days. It was supposed to be a debate on “Chinese at the Crossroads: Is the Two-Party System Becoming a Two-Race System?”, and she felt it right and proper to hijack the questions from the floor to attempt to score what she must have felt were brownie points for MCA with her way off subject ranting about towing of cars? I do not think she was genuine about the “concern” she expressed about the “:problem”.… Read more »


This desperate ‘tow-truck woman’ is a disgrace, too bad a failed mca strategy!


No wo0nder this is what happen in Jln Bukit Bintang where those parking at the roadside for 15 min or more think it belongs to their grannies. The road is always full of cars but just one car waiting for someone to do her shopping can choke up the road. Those mata2 and enforcement officer never take action despite telling them the parked cars should deserve summons. The end result is many towns and cities are for cars. The road tax are paid to the AMO Federal government but assessment are to local council and they do not provide any… Read more »


You have to hand it to CSL – he has a way to attract these look-like-his-co-star-in-video type to MCA – the Ipoh girl, this one and a bunch of other ones..

Andrew I

Haha. The new Duracell bunny.

Keith Rozario

in a debate about a a two-party two-race system, how does tow-trucks come into play?

It’s unfortunate that this was the talking point of the day, and while I didn’t watch the debates primarily due to language. I think Malaysia is slowly taking strides in the right directions, strides that even our more affluent neighbors down south have yet to take.


I feel the same way. The moderator should have actually ensured that speakers and the audience kept within the theme of the debate.


That Tan Ah Chai, the moderator is real useless !!! He must learn how to be one !!! The job of the moderator is very important in debate like this. Tan Ah Chai failed miserably as a moderator.

That woman is a real disgrace to her family !!!

Remember that Gerakan woman, Ceyline Tay, tak buka mulut orang tak tau bodoh, once mulut buka,
the whole world know they are stupid.

These 2 women, one from MCA and one from Gerakan, making the biggest fools of themselves in the public !!!


You delusional? Even in the US where there is more substance in the debates, its still largely fluff. The debates are useful for exposing big flaws and highlight obvious strenght – there is actually only limited substance in these debates.

As far as exposing flaws and showing key strengths, the debate was hugely successful. Of course it can be improved but critics of the debate are wrong.


After watching the debate we are more committed to vote opposition because we saw the way opposition are bullied by MCA at the debate.

ong eu soon

Why is the questioning seem to be one sided? Ask LGe to think about it? Isn’t he the darling of the Chinese? Don’t just assume that it is from MCA! Look at the question being asked whether it is out of topic or not!

ong eu soon

Haranguing speakers is exactly we should do in a democracy. You have the gut to talk and talk non-sense, then face the risk of being haranguing and ridiculous.


Eu Soon, we should give constructive criticism when it is due but let us be fair and not just shoot at LGE. When LGE needs criticism I will be the first to join you in criticising. But in this case what that woman raised was highly untrue. She said that assessment and quit rent rates have been increased. You, me and anil live in Penang and we know that the rates have not been increased since 308. Either she planned on lying, or that she did not know. Secondly, parking rules everywhere in the world operate round the clock. U… Read more »

ong eu soon

Any question that is critical towards LGe should be from MCA? Why you make such assumption? I always critical of LGe, are you assuming that I am from MCA or BN? Too bad! It is you guy the sycophant supporters of PR that find it unable to swallow the questioning. Look at the dumb comments from all those sycophant supporters of PR in your blog, do they need to have some basic etiquette as well? Don’t become so Bodoh when the party you love is being critised. This is part and parcel of life. Anil. What is wrong with you?

ong eu soon

So does that matter?


Ong Eu Soon,
You are are just delusion. You are becoming another Hassan


Alright to be critical. But critical of everything when trying to uplift and implement improvements in Penang? The sort of critical comments show nothing but a deep resent and hatre. At the end who is the loser? One’s heart under stress.