Dayaks “lack element of smartness”?


What does James Masing mean when he condescendingly says the Dayaks “lack the element of smartness” and are thus easily politically manipulated?

Does he mean that the rural Ibans who voted for the BN are lacking the element of smartness? Or were the Dayaks in Batang Ai who voted for the BN lacking the element of smartness?

Who are these leaders who are manipulating the rural Dayaks with projects and promises of development especially during an election campaign? Who are these individuals who have promised the Dayaks fantastic returns under the Salcra plantation development scheme.

I suppose the Dayak leaders from the BN like Masing consider themselves smart and clever. But the question is smart in what?

Dayaks lack element of smartness: Masing

20 April 2009

SRI AMAN: Dayaks are easily politically manipulated because they lack the element of smartness, said Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Dato Sri Dr James Masing.

Speaking at an Easter dinner organised by PRS Bukit Begunan division here on Friday, Masing said this lack of smartness was particularly clearly evident among rural Dayaks whose political stand was seldom firm.

“Politics within the community (Dayak), particularly in rural areas, is fluid until now because there is lack of the smart factor. And because of that they will listen to instigation and get manipulated by certain individuals,” Masing pointed out on Friday night.

Masing, who is Land Development Minister, urged educated and intellectual Dayaks to help educate the members of the community to imbibe them with that element of ‘smartness’.

He added that it was pity that some Dayak intellectuals were going to longhouses to incite the people to hate and reject government policies.

“It is sad to see that many educated and intellectuals from the community (Dayak) are inciting the people and this has caused the Dayak to be further fragmented in politics,” he said.

Such action by the irresponsible people would result in the community lagging behind other races, he stressed.

He called upon the Dayaks in the state to struggle and unite with a common political direction to enable the community to benefit from development process like the other races.

Among those present at the function were Bukit Begunan assemblyman Mong Dagang, Batang Ai assemblyman Malcom Mussen Lamoh and SAO Bujang Ladi and organising chairman Jiram Gendang.

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No one would like to be call stupid ( lake element of smartness) the moral of story is don’t say things that surely shot you back by many, that is for James masing and for the iban when you drink have a sense of control so others will porotray us that way. People remember bad thing more than good things. just like what James massing said. Everyone play a role to ensure that we are not as what James massing said. Start from sense of control

James Kuek

Dr Masing has hit the nail on the head. As a Sarawakian, I am extremely frustrated at the way my Dayak brethren have continued to give their unflinching support to the BN election after election, despite their stagnant economic development since “merdeka”. What will it take, I wonder, for educated Dayak leaders to step forward and shoulder the responsibility of pointing out to their community the constant short-changing they have been getting from the BN government? No electricity, no piped water, no roads, no clinics, no schools, no hope for breaking out of their current cycle of poverty…no more support… Read more »


What James Masing said is an insult to the community he represents and what his party stand for.

At SPDP, we take exception to his statement and urge him to retract it unconditionally.


James Masing has to be an idiot not to realise BN is poorer now by RM70 million, their hefty expenditure just to stay afloat and keep back Batang Ai. Thanks to Pakatan Rakyat for contesting!

BN may have won the battle with a bruised batang but not the war of public opinion. They’ll be finished next round so James Masing better wipe that silly smile from his face, it’s not that funny!


Masing’s statement is damn right, and that describes himself too. A dayak himself, he knows best. Having duped, outsmarted, manipulated for over a quarter of a century by the white hair gang, the dayaks including masing still supported the bn.


So, only Masing has the smart element? tak sedar diri langsung.. malu nya nak mengaku Masing sebagai Dayak Iban; a hypocrite!


masing, u are so wrong!..Dayaks all over Sarawak including you are very very smart and cleverest people in malaysia…because Dayaks always voted for BN…

idup taib..idup jabu…idup masing..idup dawos..idup bn/umno


Dayaks is the smarters malaysian…every election they voted BN..will with BN selama lamanya.. as long they got rice to eat, they will vote bn. dayaks motto is Dont againts the goverment..goverment to Dayaks is BN and BN is goverment…


Well just a wry comment…lacking the political acumen (for now) that issues and actions should be priority over choosing their own kind that rob them blind. Time will tell?


To Masing the only smart Dayak are those that follow BN and those that are not are not smart. Masing is just like that story of a naked king who believes he is wearing the best cloth in town. His subject believed him blindly and it only need a little kid that see and shouted the king is naked. Does the Dayak need another smart kid in the longhouse to tell the smart Masing and his BN to tell them their master is … their community of their right on NCR land. Wake up Masing…


The smartest and most truthful statement made by a Barisan Minister.

Is he talking about your experience at Batang Ai By Elections?


I would say just ignore the dayaks. They can decide for themselves.