Perak DAP: Peace formula?


On the surface, the DAP appears to have stitched a peace formula to unite rival factions in Perak after a recent flare-up.

The faces say it all - Photo by Kinta Kid

Kinta Kid provides an eyewitness perspective during a recent ‘unity’ dinner and wonders if the peace deal is for real or just a sandiwara. Read his report here.

Pardon me for being naive, but I can’t help wondering: if everyone is working in the rakyat’s interest, what is there to quarrel about?

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I suggest you read Malaysian political histories especially in the 60s. We have all kinda forces then but end up, the big boss, the Alliance & later on BN do the ruling….Get my drift

I respected Anil Netto as a respectable bloggers but I don’t have to agree wholesale written by Anil Netto.

Unlike you, I don’t really have this herd mentality. Nepotism….Don’t let me catch you having nepotism of your own

Again, if you really feel passionate about your ideals….Stand for parliament or dun…..& tell me about it once you do


Or was looes74 a disinfo propagandist for nepotists and patronage clique creeps of DAP? Don’t use Anil Netto’s name in vain to hide your ill intent, you’re the worst kind of trouble maker any Rakyat could have in government, as bad as any BN…


1) “Whatever happens within DAP Perak is off limits to us simply because we are not DAP members.” No, it affects us citizens so we will take offence at oligarch nepotism or patronage cliques. 2) I say….To hell with third force……We, the people are the third force…(Self contradictory, as some ‘we the people’ identify as 3rd Force, well whatever, the labels will not affect whoever is prepared to run against the worst in DAP.) “by the way, PAP set up “Third Force” by having nominated MPs diluting Opposition MPs” 3) The 3rd Force will be anti (discrimination), which means anti-BN.… Read more »


Kula looks … sick … doesn’t he? This has worked out terribly for him. He was obviously very upset about something, claimed he was going to do something about it, completely back-tracked and now here he is being paraded on stage. If this isn’t effectively the end of his political career, it’s the start of a long journey through the wilderness. His personal credibility has been shot to pieces, meanwhile Ngeh has cemented his political power by doing nothing more than acting like a stone.

Did Kinta Kid say if the food was any good?


Am I not allowed to write ‘organ grinder’?


It’s a very common expression in my experience. Have you seen the accompanying image (the second one) in the Wikipedia article?

I have also often heard it used like this, though I personally wouldn’t:

While the monkey was free to work the crowd, it may be on a leash and all benefits collected went to the organ grinder. I’ll admit it’s not a very attractive comparison, but I think it’s apt.

It’s not ‘monkey’ that’s the problem is it? On what basis? Creationist denial or Bush-Can/Michelle-Cannot?


Please Pardon Mr. Netto. English isn’t his first language.


Just look at the picture. Look who is not smiling and you know the truce won’t last long.

Ostrich K

What do you mean by DAP = UMNO?


I think that refers to the Nepotistic Oligarchies and Patronage Cliques in DAP. Pakatan is a great party except for these 2 issues centred around a handful of candidates that the 3rd Force intends to challenge.


I could use “LGE = Najib” too but that would be just too personal, despite the fact that both got to their respective status not due to their own ability but because of their respective fathers.

Plus “DAP = UMNO” also points to the fact that both political parties are there to fool the rakyat.

Gerakan K

Let us listen to PR supporters’ idol ie RPK statement[1] ————————————– Malaysia needs change. Initially we thought that Pakatan Rakyat would be that agent for change. But after more than two years we are not seeing Pakatan Rakyat walk the talk. And because of events like the Selangor PAS internal skirmish between the liberals and the conservatives, the Selangor DAP mud slinging, the Perak DAP public quarrel, and now the PKR party election fiasco, it appears like the three Pakatan Rakyat parties are no different from the parties in the Barisan Nasional coalition. Can we trust Pakatan Rakyat to be… Read more »

Ostrich K

AT least better than MCA when OTK and CSL never hold hand together.


Just remove all the offending oligarch nepotists and patronage cliques, and DAP will survive and prosper. Otherwise expect a 3rd Force to challenge the trouble makers wherever they arise.


No. There will not be peace in Perak DAP…


Perak DAP problem will never be solved unless the Ngeh-Nga partnership is split.


If these … DAP leaders from Perak State, continue to put self interests above PR supporters and fellow members, they are testing our patience way too far! It is obvious, we can respond by sending these lot of egoistic dumb … to Timbaktu!