Dance remix: Are you ready for PSY/BN?


Yuri Wong’s Factory Music Studio is back with a dance remix version of Najib’s Gangnam appearance at Han Chiang.

This was the original clip:

Meanwhile, check out another video angle of Najib’s actual speech at Han Chiang which contains the ‘Han Yang’ blunder.

And here’s an earlier gangnam spoof:

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alan newman, new zealand
alan newman, new zealand
16 Feb 2013 7.46pm

Now they detain a highly respected Australian Senator coming to observe a fair election. I kept pointing out a hundred times the BN-UMNO Gov’t, in power for 55 yrs, is rotten to the core, rotten & stinking inside out. Mahathir & Taib Manmud’s wealth is each rated at approx RMxxx Najib RMxxx Daim’s? Taib’s Uncle Yakub before that? And all the other cronies’ wealth? All the losses and mismanagement in 55 yrs? If you crunch the numbers, every single Malaysian has lost a fortune. (For the understanding of Sarawak’s interior natives: 1 billion is 1000 million). … Now Jesse Jaskson… Read more »

15 Feb 2013 7.57am

Worst still, if they play this and then Listen! Listen Listen thing…

15 Feb 2013 7.54am

They are lucky they don’t keep playing this everytime and everywhere Najib/BN shows up..