Current events: Your views (August 2022)


It looks like the general election will be held sooner rather than later, given that Umno has inexplicably been allowed to delay its elections beyond the existing three-plus-one-and-a-half-years extension earlier granted.

But this could be a poisoned chalice as the factional infighting within the party drag the party down if not lead to full-blown implosion. Let’s see how this plays out.

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oh mega, you love to talk about banking. After paying 6 Billion for the navy ships, as your favourite banking, where 6 Billions go? 6 Billions is a BIG BIG sum. How to make 6 Billions disappear? Only MCA-BN can do it??


Oh mega – protect malayan nature? The baling flood report looks like primary school report. Your BN is trying to pull wools over rakyat’s eyes?


oh mega, your tai lo Dr wee PHD in Transport needs help to eat the words. How to give MCA another chance when cant reduce cost?


Oh mega and all pha,
All the hush hush. Another 29B debt by an unknow GLC? 29 can have Penang New Transport for island and Seberang

You orso prefer to hush hush as if everything is fine? 29B has to be paid. Or you give free lunch or dinner?


Oh mega and all pha

Telling us to vote your MCA and BN again? Paid 6B 11 years ago in 2011 and we still has only 1 ship model on display. No wonder Chinese Sampans can come and go in East Malaysian waters. Sulus going to Sabah is like going to Petaling Street China town

Kee Chung

I only visit this blog for interesting reader’s comments.

But now I wonder why no user comments lately? Possibly the topics raised are no longer relevant? Or Anil keep repeating the same stuff boring the readers? A food for thought for the blogmaster.

Anyway, has Rilakuma left the building


Concerned about ISA / SOSMA repercussions, readers truly fed up of social injustice censorship better shift energy to make more money instead to feed the stomachs to survive corrupted hardships.