Cops to quiz Penang Pakatan reps


More pressure on Pakatan reps. Police are expected to question several Penang Pakatan reps at noon today over a political gathering apparently held without a police permit.

Those expected to be questioned at the 28th floor of Komtar include Lim Guan Eng, V Raveentharan, Jason Ong and Sim Tze Tzin.

Raveen (Batu Uban), Jason (Kebun Bunga) and Sim (Pantai Jerejak) are Penang State Assembly members from PKR.

The political gathering was held in early February at the Pesta expo site in Sungai Nibong on the island.

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Anil If AG just fails to sentence those who desecrated the Holy Communion, which Catholics hold so sacred (even when one’s not really clean or simply has commited grave sins like racism, abuse of power, adultery, greed) refrain from receiving this sacrament, then this be begged to be asked “can the aggrieved party have any hope on this rule of law at all.” If the answer is obvious, then what some quarters have been saying often that we are heading towards a failed state, if not already are, cannot be ignored!! To address it urgently, shouldn’t we as responsible citizens… Read more »


It ***IS*** already a failed state !

What’s the use of yet another election for this failed state, pray tell???

I mean, voting for BN is a vote for the devil.

Vote for DAP is a vote for a dictator and his son.

Vote for PKR is a vote for potential frogs.

I mean, who the **** are we supposed to vote for?


Do you know why the Chinese don’t want to become cops?

Look at what they are doing la …

The vast majority of Chinese still got dignity. We rather toil in menial works than working as cops doing all the dirty work for that fascist regime.

Gerakan K

Low pay is the reason.


What abt the guys who desecrated the Holy Communion? Why no action taken against them?


So what should we do. Kick out BN, UMNO and Najib once and for all


Yes…yes…mr.gerakan….go after kairy and umno leaders for illegal assembly….they have to obey the rule of law…. by election, by election, by election…

Gerakan K

Uphold the rule of law !!!

Charge these people for illegal assembly in court !!!

If proven guilty, fine and jail them where appropriate !!!

by-election by-election by-election


Gerakan K,

By election, by election, by election? That is what you want? This is what you will get bro!

Defeat, defeats and more defeats for the UMNO/BN especially Gerakan!

The rotten and corrupt to the core UMNO/BN/Gerakan, should dissolve the Perak State Assembly, if by election is what you want! PKR and PRM is so weak now, the UMNO/BN Government should call for a GE instead of harassing these PRM assemblymen, in the name of justice, right?

Jom Sertai PAS, Gerakan K!

Gerakan K

Whoah ! So much confident in you after Kg Buah Pala, MP Zahrain revelation, MP Tan complaint, MP Ooi mistake, MP Lim illegal asembly and PR Penang policies against the small trader, muslim, white elephant project, etc. If there is by-election in Penang, I will donate 200 000 flyers just to highlight Kg Buah Pala demolition.

p/s: Why your MP Lim (often) use mandarin when giving press conference ??? No respect for BM or can’t speak BI ???


When using Mandarin to the Chinese press does not means that you do not respect BM. Why are you so dumb silent when so many MCA and Gerakan leaders also use Mandarin during press conference. Your wannabe has got way out of you and you have betray your very ancestry that you are….


Gerakan K, You will donate 200,000 flyers come the next GE, good work. I will donate 1 ten tonner load of mineral water (1,000 cases) to all the operations kiosks to all PR workers, in the five Parliamentary constituencies of Nibong Tebal, Parit Buntar, Bandar Baru, Bagan Serai and Bukit Gantang, from the day of nomination to election day, as I had done! I may also print some posters on the cowhead protests, keris wielding, Perkasa protests, Mongolian ladies pictures ( if allowed) Fighter jets without engines, submarine that cannot dives, pig heads near mosques, burnt churches, too many to… Read more »


Yes uphold the rule but BN under UMNO could not do that. Are you blind or what?. Did you not see the many illegal demonstration by UMNO. What have the police done??? Come on man, wannabe M be a little bit more sincere and we may give you some respect otherwise you will be just like your big brother Najib the PM a big pretender …

Gerakan K

Hello cheerleader,

do you want to grant immunity to PR MPs ??? Secondly, get a copy of the constitution and read it page to page before repeating your mistake every time you try to attack me. Can you read independently without being feed by your master ??? I can give you the answer but since you have such a bad attitude, I will let you continue with your mistake forever. Let more people laugh at you behind.

hint: You can also travel a bit far to east to get the answer


Gerakan K,

You want to talk about the Constitution? If you respect the Constitution, then you are against your PM! If he respects the Constitution, Nizar is still the MB of Perak, according to the Constitution, Nizar still is the MB of Perak, agree?

Cheers bro!


Gerakan K,
You keep talking of by election but your big brother PM Najib and smaller brother Zambri are too CHICKEN isn`t it !!!


Suggest you do not use your … to talk.


Why are the stupid cops hassling Pakatan for little things? The 2Malaysia behavior – us and them, is killing 1Malaysia. This behavior is not consistent with the message.