Commotion outside PKR HQ


A group of about 20 protesters arrived at the PKR headquarters on Wednesday, 5 September and a commotion and an angry exchange of words ensued with some 40 PKR supporters.

The protesters were reportedly from ‘Barisan Bersatu Nambikkai’, ‘Waris Malaya’, Perkasa and other ‘NGOs’.

From Alor Star to Penang to KL, the protesters are keeping up the pressure. But it is highly unlikely that their antics are winning them new friends and influencing people to their cause. If anything, they could be having the opposite effect.

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This kind of antics has become more prevalent as UMNO/BN feel that they are losing the grip of power as day goes by.

These thugs act this way because the PDRM will not do anything to them. This is the sad thing about our country, the PDRM kowtow to BN but act aggressively against anyone not associated with BN.

How are we going to progress with this kind of police force. It is time for change.

the mythbuster

What a bunch of … imbeciles … have nothing better to do but to cause mayhem and chaos at Pakatan Rakyat rallies and gatherings. If these rent seekers and … thugs had any sense they would show their frustration at the ballot box…. Tthese nambikai and janji ditepati promoters do not understand the fact that millions, sometimes billions are siphoned off mega budget projects … If they are patriotic and care for the country and its rakyat, why didn’t they stage demonstrations when the Cowgate scandal surfaced? Why didn’t they show their ire at UMNO/BN leaders for giving away RM250million… Read more »


A disgrace, so now they have gone as far as to ‘rent-a-thug’ to create havoc for those wanting CHANGE and apposing this corrupt regime?

Our neighbours and the whole world is watching Malaysia’s election year as GE-13 approaches.


This group known as ‘barisan bersatu nambikai’ are a bunch of … especially the pony tailed guy.He is a loose cannon …
These are … are a disgrace …
On a personal note that nambikai the are talking about is the same as “ETTAPAN”‘s nambikai….


“…highly unlikely that their antics are winning them new friends and influencing people to their cause. If anything, they could be having the opposite effect” My first thoughts were that these antics are pretty much SOP for UMNO/BN folks. From APCET II (which was sanctioned by UMNO itself according to an account from one of the leaders of the mob who is now in Pakatan) to Khairy led Gerak Gempur during the Ijok by-elections to gangs of Rempit-types terrorising Pakatan evens and other events viewed as anti-Establishment and others. BUT on further consideration, I am beginning to wonder whether there… Read more »


We have seen it here, We have it there, We have seen almost everywhere and everyday

Thuggery, hooliganism and violence by Perkasa and NGO coonected to AMMO and Barang Naik Ah Cheap

We have talk and argue enough. Lets talk less and go out and convince our fellow Malaysian that we cannot have thugs, mobster & corrupteurs running out beloved country.

Lets us get them out. This is the last chance. Lets us come out in full force to overcome the dirty electoral rolls and phantom voters.

Ahmad Sobri

Well done PKR and its supporters. I cannot agree more with their spokes person that these are “pelacur politik” tanpa agenda. Clearly, the protesters looked a rented one, as we have seen throughout the country. From Alor Setar, Penang, KL but really who cares about what these people are doing? Again well done PKR, surely, we must not allow hooligans to disrupt our democratic process of changing the corrupt to the core government. Once again, syabas PKR. Let us work harder come PRU 13 and together we dump UMNO/sycophants for a better Malaysia! As a reminder, A Vote for sycophants… Read more »

najib manaukau

Their actions is only a true reflection of what (they are) good at,
Samseng and uncivilised they really are ! …

syiok syiok

1$ Regime seems oblivious to the fact that its related commotion gangs across the country have made the rakyat realise that “saya pilih keamanan” is a scam !!!!
when apanama talks a lot lately you can be sure GE13 is around the corner.

Better enjoy the music of CCR than the local disruptive commotion !


The BN side was led by Indians and the PR side was mostly Indians. In the rural areas, the Perkasa Malays are doing it. In Penang, the BN mamaks groups. It just very telling where the chips are. The good news is that PR has a very very good chunk of the Indian votes maybe even half which is not great but very very bad for UMNO/BN and Najib in particular. PR has the youth votes too.. What remain is the traditional votebanks of UMNO/BN. If PAS can just hold on to it, then in roads in Johor, Negeri Sembilan,… Read more »


And Hisap wants to rope in the Mat Rempits as his backup force. What was he smoking??


Hisham is Home Minister, can’t expect him to say he has lost confidence in PDRM too! Buck up mata-mata, the writings on the wall!

Phua Kai Lit

A sign of desperation by the ruling regime, not strength.