Commotion at MIC headquarters


Not a very edifying spectacle. The Registrar of Societies had ordered the party to hold a re-election, and there are calls for the MIC president to quit.

But I am not sure what principles the people in the scenes here are trying to uphold.

By and large, the party, like other race-based parties in the country, is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

And the actions of the party supporters will only hasten the party’s downward spiral.

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A group of MIC leaders have lodged a police report on 24 December against party secretary-general A Prakash Rao over a police report he made, accusing MIC members of being behind the commotion at the party headquarters last week:

gk ong

Strangely the usual environmentalists in this blog do not make noise when the MIC president does not protect the greenery of his constituency Cameron Highlands, allowing the hills to be stripped bare for erosion to cause massive landslide and flooding.

Pak Tim

Quite right, irrelevant.

gk ong

This is nothing compared to the mob scene at Komtar yesterday where wild men were hunting for babi hutan.


The Sedition Act says that action can be taken against anyone who incites against any community. But so far, it seems that when a certain dominant community insults and says things that do anger other communities, little happens. They are allowed to demonstrate and to threaten violence. Yet the moment another community even expresses opposing views or makes remarks that are taken as insults, the Sedition Act is used immediately.

Anil Netto

Sorry the comments are missing here. Some technical glitch occurred and I had to restore the files to the backup and so lost all the comments since this morning.


We thought MIC deploys Bollywood tactics to warn bloggers not to criticise political parties hence got to wipe out comments 🙂
MIC commotion similar to many Bollywood storyline, except we are still waiting for the true hero like Superstar Rajanikanth to sort out the mess.


Superstar Rajinikanth to enter politics soon, but can it inspire MIC to fight for the poor and victimised Indians as depicted in Sivaji The Boss?


I am more sorry to see the state of disarray among the Indians in Malaysia.