Call for Hasan Ali’s sacking came from deep within Pas


The call for Hasan Ali’s sacking came from deep within Pas, say sources within the party.

Mat Sabu speaking to thousands at Kampung Baru tonight: 'Whether or not Anwar goes to jail, we will take Putrajaya.' - Photograph: N Surendran

Contrary to what Zulkifli Noordin is reported as saying (that PKR’s Azmin Ali had a big say in getting Hasan Ali dismissed within 24 hours) and what Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Hashim alludes to (“A major victory for DAP”), grassroots Pas members themselves had registered their displeasure over Hasan to their party leadership.

When contacted, Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief Abdul Rahman Kasim said, “Only a couple of days ago, I sent an sms to Mat Sabu and Mujahid (Yusuf Rawa) requesting that a show-cause letter be issued to Hasan Ali” and if he didn’t reply within 21 days for sterner action to be taken.

“He (Hasan) was creating a lot of rifts in the Selangor government.”

“I believe there were a couple of others too within the party who made similar calls (for action to be taken against Hasan).”

Pas central committee member Mujahid said the party had two ways of taking action. One way was through a show-cause letter. “But there is another provision which allows the party to dismiss a member immediately if it is felt that the member’s actions jeopardise the interests of the party.”

He added that the party had gone through all the procedures but the last straw came after the Selangor exco member ‘apologised’ recently but then repeated his actions. (On 27 December 2011, Hasan was reported to have ‘apologised’ at a meeting with the party’s top leaders, including Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz, in Kota Bharu. “It is not easy for a person to admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. So, his action has moved me,” Nik Aziz had said.)

When asked how strong Hasan’s following within the party is, Mujahid replied, “Pas members take a serious view of members who go against the instructions of the president.” Hasan’s sacking would have some impact, but it would not be serious as “the party has experience in dismissing other leaders such as Asri” but without any serious repercussions.

The former Pas president Mohd Asri quit the party in 1983 after his membership was suspended by the party’s disciplinary committee, which coincidentally was headed by Mujahid’s father, Yusof Rawa.

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Am so so proud of PAS !!! PAS has set a good example for DAP and Keadilan, that is, sack all those trouble makers in Pakatan before they cause more damage to the party.

Long life PAS !!!


Hasan Ali can now join Umno or Perkasa which is more suitable for him.


Hassan carries an insult to PAS which is now liked by all races for it’s priciples.

Dragon King

This (guy may be) hoping to get senatorship like Nalla and Ezam … We don’t need people like these that does not give the Malaysians hope to have a better future.


At long last, PAS should have got rid of him long ago!
Who’s next PAS? …Nasharuddin, the Trojan horse of ‘Unity talk planner’ fame? PAS should pack them off to Afghan so that they are free to defend Islam the taliban way.

Ahmad Sobri

Zulkifli Nordin? Zahrain Hashim? Do they have any credibility with Malaysian voters? Will they be contesting? And perhaps, they will join Gerakan like Lim Boo Chang? You see, these frogs of the PKR connection? Such disgrace in Malaysian politics, just who will want to trust them? They … spin and spew … half truths. Their explanations that PKR and DAP had a hand in the sacking of Hasan Ali is to make the Malays dislike DAP and make DAP be seen as anti Melayu. These are the only tactics that UMNO wannabes can used to please their UMNO masters, just… Read more »

Sergio Rooney

Zulkifli Noordin (Katak of Kulim) is the ready RTM/TV3 spokeperson whenever needed to attack Pakatan leadership.
He knew he wound not be able to win public votes and not even dare to contest so he’s working out for a job as political commentator for RTM/TV3 …

Gerakan K

Anwar is untouchable. Hasan Ali is the sacrificial lamb for Pakatan actions in Selangor (e.g. beer ban).

Sorry, even after sacking, Pakatan cannot undone the beer ban fact.


Is that what your life is all about, beer? Suggest you spend more time with your family.


The sacking come at the right time before he causes more damages. One up for PAS and PR