Typhoon hits Taiwan as BN MPs due to leave


This must be a memorable trip for the BN MPs in Taiwan.

They departed for Taiwan on 8 September and as they reached Taiwan, a 6.1 earthquake struck off the coast on 9 September.

Suara Keadilan reports Tian Chua as saying that the back-benchers are heading for Hong Kong today.  But many flights from Taiwan are cancelled today as Typhoon Sinlaku dumped rain and strong winds swept  across the island.

The BBC Chairman was quoted in The Star yesterday as saying the trip was scheduled to end this weekend and not 17 September as earlier thought. He said 11 MPs had returned to Malaysia on 9 September – which means they really didn’t spend much time in Taiwan. So why go in the first place?

Today, he told Sin Chew he would be flying to China for business after the trip.

The paper reported that out of a total of 52 people taking part in the trip, 10 had come back earlier while the other two would be back today. “Some of them have to attend events in their constituencies and must therefore be back earlier.” In other words, there are 40 MPs currently still in Taiwan.

So was the trip cut short – and why wasn’t it acknowledged earlier that 11 MPs had returned on 9 September? On 12 September, the NST reported the following:

Earlier in the day, Tiong said two members had flown back but club executive secretary Huan Cheng Guan claimed everyone was still there.

Tiong, contacted in the morning, said two had returned home due to family bereavements. But he declined to name them.

Huan, contacted after lunch, said all were in Taiwan.

“More of our members are joining us.”

He said the MPs would return home on Sept 17.

It is learnt that another six or seven joined them yesterday. The group is in Kaohsiung and is expected to travel to Taichung.

Huan denied a report in yesterday’s Nanyang Siang Pau that three MPs were returning as their constituencies were hit by floods.

“Nobody is going back. All of them are here.”

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This educational agricultural trip was a mess right from the beginning. The BN MPs were clueless as to where the hell they were going even up to the eve of the trip. Even they do not know their itinerary. Even the Taiwanese papers laughed at them. Imagine Malaysian ruling party MPs under “house arrest” in Taiwan! They ARE the laughing stock of the modern world.

Former BN voter

Well, I guess God is angry with them

road smoke

These MPs are a problem wherever they go.

Kah Seng

Five days ago, weathermen were expecting the typhoon to head to Japan. But it took an unexpected swerve to Taiwan. See this satellite image here. The eye of the typhoon is now nearly over the northern tip of Taiwan, while most of the island is covered under low pressure.


News coverage

selvaraja somiah

We are the laughing stock of the world!


I think the taiwanese must be glad to (see the last) of these people that brought them bad luck. earth quake and typhoon. … they brought us all the bad luck.


See even God is angry at them. So I guess now they can tell the different between a cucumber and a banana?


Its so ridiculous… going for study tour on agriculture during the month of ramadhan… are Malaysians so dumb to believe this?

telur dua

This must be an omen for those ….. LOL.