Now every BN MP can fly – plus free travel tips


Seems to me that the BN MPs have caught a severe case of the jitters as 16 September approaches.

So it’s just as well they are planning a long vacation, err, I mean lawatan sambil belajar. 🙂

As blogger Susan Loone says, now we get to experience what the country is like without a bunch of BN MPs.

Their sudden interest in agriculture is a laugh. Najib says it’s gonna be a constructive trip. Right.

This excerpt from a Sun report:

According to a news report yesterday which quoted club chairman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, the 12-day trip had nothing to do with the possibility of BN MPs crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat by Sept 16.

The trip, said the report, will take the MPs to various parts of China to study the agriculture centres there. The club’s agriculture committee chairman Datuk Ismail Kassim was also quoted as saying that more than 50 MPs had signed up for the trip while 85% of MPs from Sabah and Sarawak had committed themselves.

He said MPs had to bear their own expenses and participation was on a voluntary basis.

Pity they missed the Olympics. And wonder why they feel more MPs from Sabah and Sarawak need exposure to agriculture compared to peninsula MPs….

This afternoon, the country was again awash with rumours. I myself got two phone calls asking me if it was true that BN component parties were holding meetings at 3.00pm to consider pulling out of the BN.

Meanwhile, Samy Vellu (Gosh! I thought we already bade farewell to him) has come under the spotlight for the land that was meant for a Tamil school, Gerakan for an alleged land grab, and of course Ahmad Ismail and Penang Umno defying the PM. It must be reassuring for them to know that now everyone can fly – not just MPs!

Some handy travel tips:

  • Choose a reliable travel agent and remember, there are usually attractive discounts for block bookings.
  • Book in advance for the best discounts; if you make your reservations too close to your intended departure date, the fare will be less attractive and there is no guarantee seats will be available; so plan ahead and don’t leave things till the last moment.
  • Remember to hand in your passport ahead of time for safe-keeping.
  • Make sure you don’t run into visa problems, in case you need to extend your stay while you are abroad due to unforeseen circumstances. In case of emergency, contact the nearest embassy for assistance.
  • Make sure you have enough cash with you to last the trip plus a little extra; but read all airport signboards carefully so that you don’t exceed the permissible amount that you are allowed to carry in currency notes. Seek assistance if you don’t understand the language displayed on airport signboards.
  • Make yourself aware of local cultural sensitivities e.g. Mongolia.
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The Hammer

All these BN should go to Hell! It is the actual name of a town in USA.!


Consider this equation :

75 MPs x 12 days x RM 1000 = RM 900,000

So, who is paying for this trip ? Aren’t we the Rakyat who are paying for them to have a holiday, just so that the PM can keep the throne warm for a while longer ?

renaissance.MY’s last blog post … BN Near Check Mate


They cannot afford elsewhere except for MONGOLIA! The inner part, of course. Plenty of land, not for re-planting, but for planting their butts! Good, rich, fertile soil. Can plant anything, even $$$$$$$$$-lah! …


Go to the respective airports and boo them off!


Of cos, we know the real real reason for this exodus of BN MPs… the magic date 916, as in 916 Gold. Sure, they go about on denial mode, but let s just ask them…. 1) why suddenly so many 80 over MPs need to go learn about agriculture? is our country going back to agro-based economy? is the agri minister included? and why not? why the other 1/3 opposition MPs not included, sure they also need to learn bout agri since it looked so important? 2) during this holy month of ramadan, better they go for some religious retreat… Read more »


Hi Anil,

Please get someone to inform Badawi or Najib about the MPs wives. Obviously they have forgotten about them for their ‘buying trip’. Let Rosmah be the ‘tour leader’.


PS. Do have a peep in your room for hidden cameras to hit you with the biggest bang.
Be VERY AWARE dear BN MPS on Hiding mission.


I would request all the MPs to present their study trip report at Parliment to all rakyat! Apparently our … leader is useless. Usually, company will try to avoid letting all key persons to fly together. What if the plane crash? Malaysia will have another MEGA by-election? “Study trip on agri??”, please lah..badawi. I have seen you gave speech in Japan few years ago, talking on agri. We must learn form Japan, blah, blah….But till now, what had you done? I can’t see anything. Worst thing is these … can say “10-year DNA is too old to be used”. you… Read more »


Yup … Just GO and dont come back ever … We want OUR MALAYSIA back … NOW GO FLY …


MPs going for boot camp? BN MPs seem going for it Wasting public funding On study to better equip to ask In Parliament……….? Agriculture methods Ask our local experts They are so many around In Universities and companies Ask them to conduct courses 3 or 4 days seminar It saves cost and time BN always like to waste public funds All those years ago they don’t learn do they? Giving excuses……….. BN/UMNO afraid to lose its grip of power The days are coming Don’t postpone the inevitable It will surely come The misuse of power and authority The racial bashing… Read more »


…and whose money are they using for this field trip?


LOL! I love the comments on this topic. Funny, very funny. I don’t think in the history of any nation around the world that so many MPs leaving a country on a given single day. This will be the world first if it even happened. Why spend so much taxpayers money where they can just do it almost free. Just ISA the whole lot for that 2 weeks and all problem will be solved. I am sure they are still plenty of rooms at Taiping, right? Cheap lodginh, no direct contact, no phones, or even no radios or TVs too.… Read more »


BN MPs running helter skelter……….like headless chooks indeed!
Yes, this time the BN implosion is real, fast and furious.
Like a house of cards, the BN empire shall come crumbling down so fast and loud that even AAB will finally be
rudely awaken from his deep slumber.


Good God! They no longer care what anyone thinks! Cling on to power at all costs. Dollah and Najib (and of course Rosmah) must be having sleepless nights! Well that is quite obvious actually – from the photos in the press. It is of course our hope that the trip materializes. We could actually be rid of all BN MP’s (permanently even) if things work out our way! YES GIVE US BACK OUR COUNTRY YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING LOUTS! You think we need 140 MP’s who are experts at the latest technology in agriculture? What madness?! You must surely think… Read more »


Iam sure this bunch of MP will be send to learn the new tech on how to produce corruption worms’ poison so that they can come back and kill all the corruptors,and also all who are spending all our tax payers’ money

new future

How come the BN leaders and BN govt keep saying there are BN frogs yet give this overseas trip … to avoid jumping over to PR?

ACA should look into this.
As the govt had agreed – no overseas paid trips for MPs.


Wow! Does it mean that when these MPs come back, we have a whole bunch of farmers with high tech knowledge or a just the same old bunch of “vegetables” still with pea-sized brains?

I’m sure they’ll be shown the holiday villa of Mr. Flip-Flop @ Sleepy Head… The one that received an architecture award (Yeah! He has a few but only one won an award, I think). That will be a form of encouragement “to work harder” and “aim higher”.


what is digusting is that both Najib Razak and Pak Lah are pretending as the trip has nothing to do with 9-16 threat. both as Muslim Leaders must come face to face with this Anwar Ibrahim fellow and if they ignore him at their own peril. and why trouble the Muslim MPs in the month of Ramadhan? in the final analysis, if Malaysians STRIP Najib Razak and Pak Lah of their powers and offices, very few Malays/Muslims will bother to learn or follow or listen to them ….. they ARE NOT NATURAL Leaders…. what more True Muslim Leaders…. they are… Read more »

lanang a/l sejukut

Remember to hand in your passport ahead of time for safe-keeping.
Probably, they are trying to stop those BBC from leaving the country meeting Tun Anuar outside and party with him, celebrating his overwhelm victory.

Ahmad Cendana

Oh my gosh! It REALLY is true then!! When I first saw mention of this trip earlier, I was sceptical. Had thought that it was the work of some mischief-making `C-Grade’ blogger trying to attain “Rocky Bru” status but woefully without The Man’s fundamentals … … you know, the type who grossly exaggerates, wilfully misinterprets and sometimes imagines something to exist, just so it helps to tie things up. “Facts” and “accuracy” blakang kira I had thought that surely Badawi and Najib aren’t this bangang Shockingly they are! But while Anil Netto and Susan Loone can also see the humour,… Read more »


hahha..vacation for ramadhan. I think government si willing to spent a lot of money for vacation rather than to help the poorer people.

MC Leong

MATTA Fair is on today until Sunday. Hey, BBC and MPs can get some pretty good deals while enjoying some credit card reward points.


With the two airbus a month now eveybody can fly and lie.


Please, please go for local destination as announced by Tourism minister Dato Azlinah during the opening of Matta Fair at PWTC. So all BN member of parliament you should show your patriotism and be an example to Mlaysians. You all should choose local tourist places for your seminars on agriculture, which all of a sudden has become very important.

mist clearing

i a sure lotta malaysians are angered by the latest shenanigan.the C4 expert and sleepy head implied that fellow malaysians are stupid enough to accept their poor excuse of a trip.