Guitarist-singer Alfred Ho turns to blogging, opposition politics


Just received the following in the mail:

Dear Anil,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a blind individual in my 50s, and a singer, guitarist by profession. Just like yourself and many other right-thinking Malaysians, I am truly fed up of the Barisan government what, with their many unjust policies. Needless to say, their corrupt practices know no bounds, and their divide-and-rule policies are most despicable to say the least. For your information, I have placed numerous comments over Malaysiatoday. By the way, I have enjoyed reading some of your articles both over Malaysiatoday and Malaysiakini respectively. Do keep up with your writings, for who knows, you might just be able to wake up more Malaysians from their slumber.

Finally, Anil, I wish to inform you that I have started a blog where I talk about retro music and about my political views. On my blog, you will find newspaper articles about my profession and letters that I have written to numerous government officials for assistance, but who have chosen to ignore my pleas for help. My blog address is as follows

Please feel free to visit my blog.. .Looking forward to your early reply.

Yours sincerely,

Alfred Ho

Of course, like you, I have heard of Alfred. He’s famous after all, ever since he appeared in talent show Bakat TV in the 1970s, and an accomplished singer.

But it looks like it has not been plain sailing for Alfred, and he has been through some rough times. Still he seems to have an indomitable spirit and now he has turned to blogging.

“If you have visited my blog, then you will know why I have taken an interest in politics,” Alfred told me. “At the same time, I have been greatly influenced by the popular Caribbean singer, Harry Belafonte, who has been championing the rights of the coloured people in America, and believe you me he is very vocal in this respect even to the extent of criticising President Bush.”

I wish you all the best in your blogging, Alfred. Go check out his blog.

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christina anne

yes with bloggers like anil and alfred, we should be able to shake up malaysians to see that our country is going to the dogs……….come one malaysians shake up and show people power and come next election, do what is right