Beleaguered Tsu Koon challenged to open debate


Imagine, Koh Tsu Koon has slammed those who have called for his removal as Gerakan head honcho and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

“I feel enough is enough. These are disgruntled people with baseless and nonsensical allegations,” Tsu Koon was reported as saying in The Star.

Fighting words, indeed, from the man who sat quietly and buat don’t know when some well-connected $$$-eyed jokers tried to hoist the PGCC onto unsuspecting Penangites. The same guy who allowed the seeds of the Buah Pala controversy to be sown during his watch.

Koh called his critics discredited “political frogs”. He also lashed out at Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce president Tan Kok Pin, saying the latter was blind or senile for not recognising the development during Koh’s 18 years at the helm in Penang.

Now, Kok Pin has responded calling for an open debate with Koh, The Star has just reported. “I do not have any personal agenda when I said earlier that Koh had not done anything during his 18 years as Penang chief minister.

Ooh la la… let the show begin…

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Let’s observe LGE’s skills in handling Motorola or Intel. These MNCs always “threaten” to leave Penang if no proper incentives like tax rebates given.
Seedless durian used to cave in to their demands so that to protect the interests of many employees there.

My advice to LGE is to stand tough with Intel or Motorola. If they want to go elsewhere (eg Vietnam or inner China), let them be. Other MNCs can absorb the employees (remember LGE said Penang is still short of 1000 engineers ???????)

Dalbinder Singh Gill

Every leader and government got it’s good and bad. Before elections so many promises, after elections it’s different. We, as the rakyat, should focus on empowering the people. It’s people power era.


If KTK is seeking refuge in Simpang Renggam (as reported) for a Johor parlimentary seat, he is doing Pakatan a great favor to get more swing votes from Johoreans!

CSL will be nervous to see that happen in his home state fortress.


You mean Johoreans don’t like “Boh Lan Hoot” Durians?
Penangites had ‘tasted’ it for umpteen years, and finally had the resoluteness to reject it before the durian festive season of June to August 2008!
FYI, “Boh Lan Hoot” Durians are now hard to find in CAT Penang!

Plain Truth

This shameless (political) eunuch was reported in today’s papers as having refused to deny that he was not eyeing a parlimentary seat in Johore to contest in the next GE.

What a coward. He has not only refused to provide an accountability on all the scandals in Penang under his administration but has also disappeared from the state in the last 3 years.


Besides the economic issues, which is given, something that was really missing during the time of the (KTK) … was constructive engagement with UMNO. Always gave in and never fought for the rights of people be it Malays or Non-Malays. Malay Class F-contractors only got contracts sub-conned thru’ UMNOP Class F. One needed to bring in a Political big-wig to secure F-Class contracts. Now its TRANSPARENT, that makes the Difference! What happened behind the scenes, is not my concern, but when PAS Youth comes up with a Press Release like this. “PAS Youth ‘aye’ for Penang’s loudspeaker fatwa” don’t you… Read more »


KTK … the “belakan lopan” masuk minister…have you the guts to take on the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce
President’s challenge to a debate? I doubt, like your political masters in UMNO who were seedless, you are just a … (political) mandarin eunuch.


those who work and earn livings in MNCs like Motorola, Intel etc better don’t be too critical about Koh. He’s indeed soft but he has in some ways negotiated in his time with these MNCs to ensure your family ricebowls are ok.


Ya Gerakan & BN should keep him as head honcho and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. How else will the ‘Malaysian muda lupa’ be reminded on the good governance that they had!

Penang Voter

One is ‘Book Wise’. The other ‘Street Wise’.

It will surely be an exciting debate !!!!!

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone, The political eunuch has NO CREDIBILITY. If he still feels that he still has some semblance of credibility left, then I challenge him to come back and contest in Tg Bungah State costituency and/or return to Batu Kawan Parliamentary constituency in the next GE! I am certain he, as a boh hood durian, wouldn’t dare take up this challenge! Of course he can spin who am I to throw this challenge, but I believe I’m not the only Penangite who would challenge him so! Wasn’t he the one who openly declared that he wouldn’t be a backdoor minister… Read more »


Koh Tsu Koon to agree to a debate ?????

I am not holding my breath. This political eunuch has found himself a new role …………..that of a (sycophant) waiting for his photo-opps with his master PM Najib.

That the Gerakan members still see fit to have such a person as their leader speaks volume of the depth that the party has sunk to.


Joyceyn’s article last sunday in the star was very interesting…

Tan Kok Ping said the durian sellers named the seedless durian after Koh Tsu Koon.

The time for Koh Tsu Koon is up …

The time for Chua Soi Lek is also up…

Andrew I

Haha. Where’s Gherkin? Yeah, I heard about the christening of a particular durian. I pity the durian.

But the demeanor. Didn’t you notice? Like watching a new X man being created.

Ahmad Sobri

Durian itu, kini jual seringit sebiji pun tak laku la!


The pathetic geek debate? Yah, right That will be the day…