Balasubramaniam retracts statutory declaration


Hmm… what is going on here?

The PI, Balasubramaniam, wants to retract his statutory declaration yesterday and has come up with a new one. The address of the commissioner of oaths who witnessed the new declaration is reportedly the same as that of a legal firm owned by the brother of the Federal Territory Minister.

He said it was made under “duress” and now he has got a new lawyer. He wants to retract the bit about Najib allegedly introducing Baginda to Altantuya. And the bit about Najib allegedly having a sexual relationship with her. And the bit about… oh, whatever!

Another day, another drama. Sounds mighty fishy to me. Especially after it was reported that he was asked to report at the police station after the press conference yesterday and has been out of contact since…

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If Najib is behind it, why is it that RPK wasn’t also (forcefully? blackmailed?) to retract parts of HIS Stat Declaration which also touched on Najib and Rosmah etc? Some inconsisencies in the Najib behind Bala SD withdrawal theory.

I remember is Shahrir who said thatthe govt flip flop la incapable la, but then so pandai to arrange conspiracies? Lol. That means those who are accusing the BN or govt of the conspiracy are indeirectly “praising” BN for being so blody smart. LOL!


I, Mr Sabah, wish to retract everything that i had previously writtend and commented on Anil Netto’s Blogsite… I, Sabah with sound mind and body, hereby do declare that…. 1. At no time have i ever logged into this blogsite 2. At no times have i ever written any comments at this blogsite 3. At no times have i ever written profanities on this blogsite 4. At no times have i ever written sensitive issues in this site 5. At no times have i ever written racial comments on this site 6. At no times have i ever said anything… Read more »


Those in power will do all possible to protect themselves at the expense of the nation!! God bless this country!!


Wow. Ini la Malaysia Boleh!! Who to believe now? The polis CANT be trusted any longer. The PM CANT be trusted. B4 the GE he said theres no Election! The following day he dissolved Parliament. B4 the price of fuel increase he said no increase in price. Behold not long after that the price of fuel INCREASED SKY HIGH! There was no increase on Electricity Tarriffs in Semananjung BUT immediately the tarriffs increased. He said there is no problem of security in the country. Perhaps soon there will be emergency rule in the country. PM assured that DSAI will be… Read more »


Forgot another matter:-
4. Bala guy change lawyer within 24 hours :- Beneficiary Bala/DPM?


Let’s see the coronary of events and see who’s the beneficiary:- 1. Bala guy made SD:- voluntarily or bought by DSAI? Beneficiary DSAI/Bala? 2. Sidhu guy drops Bala off at police station after press conference:- deliberate/professional/frighten? Deliberate :- make a grey area if needed to be debated later – to the highest bidder – Beneficiary – Personal? Professional :- with his years of experience, he shouldn’t have done so by leaving his client alone with the police. Or is he just earning a living blindly doing his profession without care? – Beneficiary – Personal? Frightened :- Could Sidhu guy have… Read more »


Can somebody tell me why there was no candle light vigil held for this man at the police station?


Cool down for and think about it for a moment. How do you deal with two rivals, both having a real potential of unseating you, without you actually having to do anything?

I think Houdini would be quite impressed.

robert ng

hi, can someone pls help me to access malaysia today website.
its been out for the last 3 days. tks


His first lawyer Mr Siddhu mentioned in the press that Bala got a call after the press statement yesterday by the POLICE.

He dropped Bala at the police station. Bala was not seen again from 4.45pm yesterday.

Until this morning, with a sudden turnaround.

Can someone tell me how is it that the PDRM can interrogate someone, without his lawyer being present???

After all, the PDRM do not have a history of being gentle…

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

There you have it…. Truth will eventually prevail !! Update 3pm: Malaysiakini Super Sleuth Li Tsin alerts me of another damning bit of info: “Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration was affirmed before commissioner of oaths Zainal Abidin Muhayat, bearing an address that is traced to Zul Rafique & Partners – a pro-establishment law firm owned by Zulkifly Rafique who is Federal Territories minister Zulhasnan Rafique’s brother. “ *SNAP!!* Dunno about you, but that piques my suspicions for sure. Here’s the longer quote from Americk, who along with YB Sivarasa, is scheduled to give a PC later this afternoon : “”Meanwhile, Balasubramaniam’s lawyer,… Read more »


I am surprised why did he come out with the SD together at Anwar’s press conference. Isn’t it obvious to us Anwar and PKR are trying to kill off Najib’s political career? And making Anwar looks innocent and as holy as Dalai Lama.

If he receives threats after the inital SD, …. Bala is nothing more than politicising the issue, probably being spurred with money …

Concerned Citizen

RPK site was up this morning and even the comment function was enabled. Then later it went offline. Now, can’t even log onto. There must be someone behind all these coincidence.

Bala retracted statement, MT down,

…more will come.

Saint Betul

I got a feeling this time Anwar is hiding from us something. Forget about the mainstream nedia let us with open mind questions ourselves Why does he need to seek shelther at the Turkey Embassy? Why is that US responded so fast ? Anwar have not even been detained, questioned by the police yet (up till now) That Bala initial Stat Declaration is full of fairy tales. Common lah, the sex story , anal sex, please wake up, we cant be so gullible right? All these action show Anwar is getting impatient. Perhaps the pressure for him to show many… Read more »


Even Clark Kent can’t get into his Superman suit as quick as this. Reminds me of a similar retraction by the girl whom Guan Eng went to jail for.


With Bala’s 17yrs experience in the police, it’s unlikely that he is not aware of the consequences of making false SD. The truth is he is (probably) under duress to retract …..


Some people can be thick as a two planks. It is so obvious that even a blind man can see why this poor man has to retract his SD after he went to the POLICE station. If Anwar has to seek sanctuary in a foreign embassy for his safety where can this poor ordinary man go to seek refuge. Watch and you all might learn something.

J Choo

Balasubramaniam said the SD was made under durian, …….. sorry, under duress.

First was the spin. Then the counter spin. Now the “Go-stan” spin. And the share market ; tail-spin!! Let’s play the “musical chair”!

This is going to top the list above the Korean TV drama serials. While in the meantime, I better go to Kelantan to learn to spin their tops!!


SD made under duress? C’mon man.
Bala was smiling, nodding, shaking hands with everybody during the Anwar press conf. He didn’t seem to be under duress then.

robert ng

with rpk’s website down, now we should be very concerned
with rpk.


(They) must have something to hold on to for Bala’s past unhealthy records which will be used against him if he don retract the SD.


The buzz word in 1998 was turning over.
This process has taken place again.
Najib (probably) just got another tip from his mentor
( as you all know who )after fumbling and
making nuisance of himself last night.
So began another episode of neutralizing
…poor guy he must be thinking of
his and his family safety…must not
write off another C4 saga.


Hey! think logically!. If a ordinary man threatend you to make a lie statement against DPM would you do that?. And think of the other way too. If a very powerful man threatend you to lie about ordinary man, which one you would do?

Concerned Citizen

Is this a conspiracy to tarnish the name of Dato Seri Anwar name?

This fellow is two heads *****! How could he do it to all rightful citizen. You either fight or you go into the hole. If you aren’t committed then pls do not come out and say that you have great news!!

Really p*** me off!