Army vets go ‘bottoms up’ at Ambiga’s place


Or how not to win votes for the BN.

This is in poor taste coming fresh after Perkasa’s mock funeral rites outside Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s residence in Penang.

Such fascist antics should be roundly condemned.

Not only that they are politically costly. Even Umno felt compelled to disassociate itself from Perkasa’s antics in Penang despite former Umno president Mahathir being the Perkasa patron.

What I find amazing is that these guys don’t realise the revulsion anyone will have upon witnessing such stunts – especially when they use patriotism, race and religion as a cover.

They just don’t realise that they themselves have become the ‘butt’ of jokes! What a public relations disaster for the BN.

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Pala Richie

Show you their butts, scary? It is pretty scary, but definitely very ugly.

Police look on and say it is OK to sell burger there! scary right? It is very scary.

Nazri is forming BAR II, that is absolutely scary.


Nazri for Law Academy on how to twist & turn the laws of Boleh Land! Otherwise, how to cari makan their ways with Ambiga, Karpal Singh & many righteous competent lawyers watching over their shifting shoulders.
To them N…, laws are made for their filthy purposes.


Those army veteran does not represent the whole veteran, as you see it only a few veteran doing shameful act. Those peoples are really no brain at all by supporting the Dumno. They did because perhap they need Bodek so that they can get something benefit from dumno peoples. Most of the army veteran KUTUK such stupid act, no sense at all.


Wow, Anil, this is ..utterly CRUDE! Is this the result of Malaysia’s poor education system that has not taught its people (save for some have managed to get private sector/overseas qualifications) to be refined and matured? Very sad! If these veterans y think that Bersih has tarnished the image of the country when the whole world thinks otherwise, they better be prepared for thier stupidity. Should the time come for recognition and internationsal peacekeeping help, UN will just pass us by and opt for Indonesia, Thailand instead. This will be more of an embarassment for Malaysia/UMNO. And they have to… Read more »


PR should compile all these stupidity acts so tell the rakyat “Do u want such ppl to lead the country etc or be part of our country”. The majority rakyat who are not well informed & who are being fed with propanganda will see this side of the ruling govt’s dirty tactics. And this is only the small ‘ugly acts’.
At the same we must do something to show Ambiga that we are solidly behind her – someone pls come up with something.
Ambiga stay safe & strong.


Actually these protest depend on municipal ordinance or house owners can bring injunctions against them. Would be interesting to look it up..

But they actually already broken the law by infringing on personal rights and harassment like the first group clearly did by entering the private property and abusive language. Veteran Army do not have any right to send ‘warning’. They have a right to communicate an action they will undertake but not ‘warning’ as in exercise of public authority..Its harrassment.


Malaysia should enact a Verbal Terrorism Act.
This Act inclusive of bad taste of bottoms up shaking of indecency.
Otherwise, there will be more of such terrorism against well meaning denizens & politicians like Ambiga.
Better still, the Act should empower decent, timid citizens to bring on the headmaster cane against such bottom up indecency in front of one’s public entrance!
Public caning is more like it!


Why not do a Maori war dance minus the caps, jeans & shoes! Too free? Why not volunteer as rainforest rangers to protect our tigers, elephants & other endangered species. Go threaten the poachers who are armed with M16, and not issue a verbal warning to a peaceful lawyer. Oh yes! Less nasi kandar & teh tarik manis will do them go with less tummy & heavy (rears), an unsightly postures unbecoming of our armed forces personnel! And no need to filth-exercise in front of other’s divine gate for the lack of exercise. BTW, this is … smelly Berang Naiki… Read more »


Even Ambiga cant help but laugh…

I really had a good laugh at their stupidity but the sad thing was this bunch of idiots they didnt know how stupid they were, making a fool of themselves , so sad, really !!!


They are bringing shame to the Tentera DiRaja / Royal Army name .
Such people also instantly forgot that they are not just Melayu but also as Muslims. Instantly they are shaming not just one but three groups.
It is fine and perfectly okay if they does not want to see fair and clean elections or are a bunch of pro umno.

Wonder if such people will also do a Nude Protest in front of Madam Ambiga’s gate.

Andrew I

Well, it’s not quite a moonie. Now that would be a sight to behold.


Sheer hypocrite and stupidity. So a Muslim cannot drink 100 Plus. My god ????? Racist is racist.


Muslims cannot drink 100 plus but can show their punggung, apa la sudah jadi …?


Cannot drink 100 Plus, cannot speak English!
How to participate in the UN peace-keeping forces?
United Nation should learn to speak Bahasa in overseas military engagements and to accommodate these ex-army goons! And no 100 Plus except Tongkat Ali with susu + gula-gula!

Where’s my “Good Morning” mini China towel?
Time to exercise my tummy after street food binge at New Lane.

Buttock Brainy

M’siakini’s comment and Zoro explain this;

1) M’siakini :- this is where their brain located.
2) Zoro :- overstrech and stucked their head into …

Ahmad Sobri

Once again, it had been proven again and again, that UMNO/BN are all brawns and no brains! Just what a shame really, what a shame! Don’t these people have children? How would they face their children when they reach home? When their stupid antics had made them the laughing stock of the nation? Folks, in order to instil the sense of responsibility, we must vote out this hopeless UMNO/BN come PRU 13! Over and over again, they continue to spin at almost every single opportunity, they continue to politicize every single issue. It had come to a point where the… Read more »