Anwar finally sumpahs – in Parliament


The BN has been challenging Anwar to take an oath – and he finally obliged, this morning. Only thing, it was not the sort of oath they had in mind. He was sworn in as Member of Parliament and is now Parliamentary Opposition Leader.

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Zappa, Sure Malaysia is a great place to stay…that is why all the Chinese ministers ….sent their sons and daughter to overseas even before they reach 18 years. Sure the Chinese love Malaysia, that is why all the developers build houses here for those who can’t migrate to stay behind while they invest in properties in overseas. Sure when you are short of people marching in the streets tomorrow, just call a Chinese towkay I am sure he will join you. I am just one person and cannot comment on behalf of the Chinese community. But who says I am… Read more »


On a solid path to a 2-party system for Malaysians. Whether 16th September is an ‘auspiscious’ ocassion or not for PR, is insignificant. PR should start building a strong base in all states in the country. PR needs to grow strong to become an alternative to BN. The voters want a choice. PR or BN, Democrats or Republican,the people are those who put them there to serve. To get chosen is not the right of any one person. It is the people who would decide. I wish DSAI all the best as the Opposition leader in parliament. May his contribuiton… Read more »


There’s a lot of truth in what dirac has written and the sad part is that the Chinese, though intelligent enough, refuse to take it a step further to correct the situation. This is perhaps why greatness has eluded us as a race. The reasons why our forefathers had to leave the motherland in search of a better life have never been acknowledged. Corruption was allowed to reach epidemic proportions which ultimately led to the rise of communism. In the past, we invented so many things. But following up was never one of our strong suits and improvements were left… Read more »


dirac, according to you the Chinese find Malaysia attractive only because it’s cheap to stay, cheap to hire a maid and cheap to buy petrol for fancy cars???

Well dirac, you may not have any love or attachment for Malaysia. That’s fine but stop talking for the rest of the chinese.


Dear Anil, There is a petition in Malaysia Today seeking to collect signatures from its members. The target is to collect 50,000 signatures at least, but so far only a handful have signed. The administrator is asking why. Maybe I can cast some light on it. BN’s all time great achievement was to have successfully instilled fear and apathy amongst the people. The Chinese, for example, are very practical people on such matters. As a result of being treated as pendatang, they have managed to distance themselves from the government. The government is relevant only if it can provide business… Read more »


Permatang Pauh … DONE
Parliament … DONE
Putrajaya … here we come

renaissance.MY’s last blog : Mission : 3P

wind of change

Tahniah to DSAI,

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey!

The wind of change is coming….. Let’s celebrate


gosh, this is a dramatic event. it is more exciting that watching the LOTR trilogy. Can’t wait to see the shifting of power. if that really happen, i hope the going-to-be-outgoing-PM will have some gentleman manners like Koh Tsu Koon calling the incoming-new-PM for a smooth and power transition without protest from the Umm-NO. the going-to-be-outgoing-PM should be able to manage his … from protesting on the street.


Finally our friend has found the guts to swear. I wonder why no one brought out an imam or two to question the validity of Anwar’s oath. 😉

malaysian niah..

this is historic ….. malaysians should remember this day and thanks the PP people

Dax Low

A thank you message



Brought tears to my eyes.

Anwar and Raja Petra, the true Malay wiras, wielding their ‘keris’ against tyranny, oppression and corruption.

We will soon rise as one of the greatest nations in the region. God has blessed us with an abundance of both natural and human resources. We live in a land of God fearing people. There will soon be no place for the evil and corrupt minority amongst us, God willing.


They got him to swear at last, in parliament.


The whole nation was waiting for the live telecast as reported by MSM but we were cheated. Sour grape UMNO/BN. Disgusting Information minister…. Claim to be democratics but they are actually ….


Hi Anil, Wonderful to see DSAI back in parliament. I am a Singaporean and have been following the political scene and PP elections. I just commented on Zorro’s blog to say what a wonderful job all of you BR bloggers did in bringing the news to your fellow Malaysians and to us here in Singapore. I have many relatives living in Malaysia and since both countries are situated so closely, what happens to one nation does affect the other. It is indeed an eye opener for Singaporeans too. May God continue to guide you and shower all Malaysians with his… Read more »

Yong NC

Hi this is not abt the above but am keen to know abt YB Gopal ? Has he and sons been freed ?
concerned citizen