Anwar: Najib knew Altantuya, alleges former cop


The stakes have just got higher. No, they have shot through the roof!

In a sensational development, Anwar has revealed that a former cop has come up with a statutory declaration implicating Najib and others in the Altantuya case. Former police officer-turned private eye, P Balasubramaniam claimed that it was Najib who introduced Altantuya to Abdul Razak Baginda at a diamond exhibition in Singapore and that the Mongolian woman was promised US$500,000 as commission for a submarine deal in Paris. Balasubramaniam was engaged by Baginda as a private investigator.

Click here for Anwar’s statement in full.

Click here for Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration.

If for the last few days the ball was in Anwar’s court with the sodomy allegations, today Anwar has firmly lobbed it back to Najib’s backhand. (Reminds me of the Hindraf demonstrators lobbing the teargas cannisters back to the police. )

If these allegations are true, “Najib is gone,” says my journalist source who was with Anwar at the press conference. “And the government could crumble.”

Doesn’t this make you wonder why Najib and Rosmah didn’t sue Raja Petra? So where does all this leave the Altantuya court case?

“Even Alfred Hitchcock couldn’t top the twists and turns in this political saga,” an analyst told me.

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subhanallah..kebenaran akan terbukti jua


Any idoit investigator would have asked the first question: “Who had the motive to murder?” That will eventually lead to the answers!


hello razak baginda you think all malaysian are stupid?… we will see what will happen if supposedly najib fails to claim his premiership?


Why don’t the Police question Najib about his role in the Altantuya murder? WHY ? One Law for the Rich & Powerful and One for the Ordinary Citizens ? World is watching !


She said, ” I am clean so what is there to address !? I am not a politcian but have many BIG things to do for the country & the people !”


Najib’s name was not mentioned in China press !


What happen to the humble Dotitity Dot, very silent….not suing RPK and hiding behind her great hero DPM. Silence is golden or silence means GUILT?


Poor newscaster got her knickers in a twist when she had to mention the Name at the beginning. She was probably so worried that a slip of the tongue might have ended her career right there and then.

Putting the item at no.4 or 5 didn’t seem to help her nerves either.


P.s. There’s a flattering picture of the drama queen on the front page of today’s Star. Looks nothing like the person on those photos. Well, I suppose you have to make it a little believable.


You can actually train some people like you do pets. Only one or two whimpers in the msm on this so far. Let’s see what NTV has to say at eight.


Oh dear, is this really the end? Just when I was starting to enjoy the show. Nah, can’t be. Judging from experience, this whole thing will blow over in a couple of days, no?

raj raman666

Do u have a dog?
If you have one,can smell c4 loan me one.

rajraman.Everything exploding in this country.My dream become nightmare.


Now what has Najib got to say? Sue this guy?
Rosmah said it was a waste of time. Joke isn’t it?
To clear one’s name no amount of money and time should be spared

J Choo

I sincerely hope Anwar can hold the rein in this very tense scenario. In my opinion, I think we definitely need him to flush out the scums of UMNO, and put the nation in a stable footing. To hell with sodomy, true or not, it’s none of my business.

John Q

his boss hold him for ransom, not to kacau his kerusi, that;s why the case prolong in the kangaroo arena.

Now i begin to trust the police force … I Meant the Ex police .

Well done, Mr Bala

Mr. Mugam

Hello guys,

Hmm..Anwar had shown his best card for now. Now Najib will have a hard time in dealing with the SD. I wonder will Najib could face the press and talk confidently as usual..or will he just keep quiet and look scared all the way long? Anwar surely had captured everyone’s attention for now. This is too much pressure for the government to hold on.

ali b .talib

well… well….whose move now?????????? whats a play??? when to see the checkmate move???????

Concerned Citizen

Those people in power is misuting the trusts of the rakyat. (Allegedly involved in) Killing people and stealing money? They are do-able? I believe the report is true, until now the so-called DPM and his lovely wife have not been summoned to appear in court. The court (is perceived to be) protecting them. There’s one time that the DPM was staying at a hotel in Port Dickson while listening to Ziana Zain (most probably live or else from the cassette) because she is a very talented singer. I luv her too. DPM and I have the same taste, but I… Read more »

Ah Seng

Wow that’s fast….1 minute the hot news is about Anwar, now it shifted to Najib.
And Anwar is talking about Najib’s case in his press conference,
shouldn’t he be clarifying about his allegations?


Is that true Anwar will be arrested soon ?


The sleeping beauty hopes The way he plans it works Nudge the Brutus to strike In his own camp he bids The effects land on the waiting line Out he goes the next person rides Bring up the old issue The sleeping beauty knows it works Then denying it all the times Who wants to know? The affected players defend Take out horse knights to fight The maneuvering in and outside fences He sleeps coolly enjoying his game When the fiery orator goes on the road shows He knows he has got his bearing right He needs him to do… Read more »

John Doe

What Goes Round Comes Around


Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas !!
Lets send the Altantuya’s murder to hell


Long live Zimbabwe Timur !