Anwar’s credibility on the line as 16 Sept draws near


But is he alone? Many Malaysians – incredibly, even those who not-so-long-ago were not the least bit interested in politics – are practically willing him on.

Check out this SBS video documentary, looking ahead from the Permatang Pauh by-election.

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Kenny Gan

Newsflash: RPK has been detained under ISA.


It is RPK who reckons Anwar’s credibility is on the line if he does not deliver on 16th Sept. It seems that it is RPK who is hoping against hope that it WILL happen and is just pushing the pressure button a little to get Anwar to do something. Let it be known to DSAI – the nation will be behind you all the way – no matter what happens or does not happen on Sept 16th! Godspeed DSAI and Inshallah, you will be Prime Minister soon – nevermind if its not on Sept 16th. And RPK, come on man!… Read more »

Ken Chan

Dear Anil, there is something in my mind since the controversial talk on the importance of 916. Shall we, namely the people from the 5 Pakatan Rakyat states, put up our national flag on 916 to show this is the true Malaysian Day? FYI, I live in Selangor and I see the significance of such action. We care about Sabah and Sarawak and we care about 916. My house put up the national flag during 831 Independence Day but seriously my family did not feel the true meaning of such celebration. Let’s do it!

Anak Pulau Pinang

Anil, With the BN as usual trhowing all kinds of barriers to prevent DSAI from achieving his aims, I believe taht I speak for the Rakyat when I say we will be patient. We will NOT consider the “postponement” of this development as a fialure. After all, I do not remember DSAI saying that he would complete the crossover by 16th Sept 2008, it can be 2009, 2010. Who cares – so long as it WILL HAPPEN SOON. Lets leave the ‘s****ing bricks’ to the dirty losers in BN. If the component parties in the BN have their heads firmly… Read more »


Why “credibility on the line”? It’s partly a political ploy .. like industrial psychology being applied. I therefore wouldn’t take 9/16 literally. Afterall common sense tells us, BN too has a say in responding to that date and will take necessary action to counter it. So what’s the big deal on 9/16 then? 9/16 perhaps is symbolic day. If BN falls on 9/16 and PR becomes the government on 9/16, well and good. 9/16 will be a memorable date in malaysian history. A good date. A date of Change. A date of Malaysia. A date of fall of the venal… Read more »


when i first saw it yesterday… i tot that was one of the best footages put together.

Barisan Rakyat bloggers featured too!!



Fairdinkum ,
in politics there’s no definate deadline as long as you have your target set and locked on, whatmore if you have a moving target like umno/bn.