Anwar pulls in the crowds


Anwar continues to draw the crowds as he criss-crosses the country. This was the scene at Sabak Bernam last night.

large crowd at sabak bernam
Photograph: Mediarakyat
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The more slander and fitnah thrown at DSAI, the more rakyat are fed-up with BN.


I respect your ideas and im proud to see you become the first PM in Malaysia who can satisfy human needs.. proof it to us !

Din Yunus

The advantage of attending those rallies by pakatan is to get the news that are blacked-out (metallic or non-metalic way) by the BN-controlled media.

The kampung folks are eager to learn about how NFC (allegedly) swindled the money to buy condo and pay huge salaries to Sharizat’s family.


This NFC scam should not be viewed like other simple abuse cases and soon become bored and taken lightly. I would think that this is the heaviest straw that is breaking the UMNO’s back. This is not one stone hit 2 or 3 birds. This is single bait that hooked too many greedy UMNO’s biggest sharks not at their mouths but deep down in to their stomach. If RCI is really convened thoroughly, the whole world would definitely be shocked with too many big names disclosed that are hooked with it. It looks like the UMNO would resist at all… Read more »


I agree that this people are now awaken. The Malaysian Spring will become a reality now.


Himpun flers are worried about apostasy when the real challenge is the reeking corruption that is eating at the vitals of the muslim community in Malaysia. Look at the number of young Mara students who have not paid back their loans not to talk of PSD scholars who have breacher their commitments.There is a greater challenge because of the moral breakdown and the high divorce rates are alarming. Unless the muslims in Malaysia develop courage to look at their own shortcommings and deal with these issues blame will be a smokescreen that will only perpetuate the status quo.No amount of… Read more »


Good job. A picture like this tells a thousand more tales. Anwar got to keep going. NOW we know why Najib is doing all those walking around and speeches and the incident at ruckus at Jalan Kebun, Klang..THIS is part of Selangor – he loses Selangor, he is done and possibly UMNO/BN with it.

Ahmad Sobri

UMNO may want to stop Anwar at all costs, but, the more they schemed and plot, the more the Rakyat rushes to DSAI’s side. Just look at the pictures of the above crowd. 99% Bangsa Melayu and 99% are youths. As, it is if these youths lean to Pakatan Rakyat come PRU 13, UMNO/sycophants will be history. When will UMNO ever learn? SEX had failed to finish off DSAI’s political career, but, there are reports that more SEX tapes will be available in the future. Just when will UMNO stop? SEX, SEX and more SEX! Really, UMNO today had become… Read more »


Ahmad Sobri speaks what most Malays have in hearts n mminds especially those born after the 80’s.

Judging by barang naik money luring & SEX politics; they are truly deprive of fresh ideas to transform the nation to compete against South Korea, Spore and even the rising Indonesia !

Nation-wide activities of Anwar have not been reported in mainstream media so the youth are tuning to bloggers like Anil for latest updates.

Mohd Hafiz Yusof (@_hafiz)

nice comment sir. Did someone or some party wanted to gather thousands at Himpun? Irrelevant!


Damn! Only place still stronghold of BN are the rural Indians! Hope someone who has on-the-ground information will say I am wrong.
many of them are very simple people, and controlled by the MIC thugs in their areas.
Much work needed by every individual PR supporter to correct the lies and cons of the BN Government to their friends & family who have no access to the truth.


rural indians typical look for a hero like bollywood stars like “superstar rajanikanth”.
tamil media under barang naik control already creating rifts btwn Karpal & Rama.
So it’s critical for Anil to act Pillay-like to create awareness among rural Indians beyond MICkey mouses.


(Some of) the Indians of Boleh Land are so different from the Indians of India, the land of democratic champions in the likes of Gandhi.
Maybe the Indians of India don’t tolerate Semi-Valued politicians not worth 10 cents.
Will there be a Gandhi among Indians here?


(Some) indians of Bolehland are easily satisfied with short-term sweetener, that’s why MIC continued to be their choice of party while the community cannot have any medium or long term prospect at all.


sabak bernam a BN stronghold? if so, this portends trouble for BN? and the reason why Najib wants to defer the election?


Ah Jib Kor (gong bin-leh!) can defer the elections all he wants. Till the 5th Anniversary of 308 Tsunami, for all I care.

No time can be the right time for the Evil Empire if we’re talking abt free and fairly-run (??) elections.

Phua Kai Lit

No need to indulge in rent-a-crowd activities too !


rent-a-crowd activities clearly evident during penang barang naik cny function at tanjung marina last tues.
bus load of barang naik folks came to attend.
apart from the giant dragon ballon, you will never know it’s festive occasion and thought it’s another $ buying event !


agreed. BN regim (allegedly) ferried bus loads of civil servants to Najib’s events to enable big crowd.


The civil servants has no choice but to be a YES man. Let it be for a while….remember the upcoming election…..VOTE the BN out.
…we cannot be a SLAVE of our own right. Let MP’s/YB’s of BN become our SLAVE as they are our slaves by FACTS………..

Andrew I

Haha. Off the beat newspaper and crowd rental is so passe. Anwar knows how to raise the bar. He’s the one to look out for. After that, the wannabes will try to imitate.

Mohd Hafiz Yusof (@_hafiz)

I read somewhere Prof Aziz Bari may run at Sabak Bernam under PKR


The people have now awaken. With inroad into the Malay heartland and the Chinese solidly behind him, let us all make that Malaysian Spring come true. Come out all fellow Malaysian and let us all make that CHANGE in the next GE. Spread the message


Isu sentimen perkauman melampau yang dibawa oleh Umno telah menggagalkan penyatuan rakyat juga sebagai senjata untuk mengalihkan isu apabila satu isu besar muncul dalam negara.

Isu Lynas diangkat kerana isu ini menunjukkan ketidak pedulian Umno terhadap suara rakyat sanggup memperjudikan nyawa rakyat demi projek menguntungkan pihak tertentu. Isu ini juga berkait rapat dengan pembaziran, rasuah yang menghilangkan hasil petroleum negara sehingga negara terpaksa mencari industri tenaga baru bagi menggantikan petroleum.

Isu harga barang yang melampau dan jelas regim gagal mengawal


We don’t have much time left. Let’s work together fofr a new gov’t.
We had enough of poverties & sufferring it time to ACT.

If i would have saved my incame tax contribution, i would have done much to help my fellow village folks who’re desperately seeking for theor childrens education aids…
What did BN did? I made a big mistake by voting them in the past.

We made them rich and to be awarded Datukship and to comdemn us. They only need our hands they (BN) DON’T need us!!