Anwar Ibrahim steps out to freedom in a new Malaysia


Anwar Ibrahim has stepped out to freedom to find a new Malaysia which many could scarcely imagine over a week ago.

The thing is, ordinary Malaysians made this moment possible. So this is our time of celebration as well. We must vow never again to be subject to tyranny and grand theft that almost robbed us of our future.

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Please pray for Dr Tun Mahathir’s good health…


Najib also pray even at Holy Land but likely cannot escape prosecution.

Praying cannot reverse any karma effect.


Many folks led by MO1 will check in into Hotel Sungai Buluh as permanent residents. The first wave from the 1MDB case, next wave from Felda case, then Tabung Haji, MARA, NFC…

Looks like Hotel Sungai Buluh needs urgent expansion more than Penang International airport! More cell room but facilities should Le kept at Spartan condition.


Najib lawyer buruk S was (allegedly) paid a total sum of $9.5 million previously using taxpayers money for do his dirty works ,needs to investigated for any possible abuses as well.

BB resident

Anwar as interviewed by Sumisha Naidu:

“In a way it’s like karma, you have to pay for what you did,” Anwar said of Najib now. “I personally have no malice, I’ve forgiven. But then public funds and other criminal activities involving others must be dealt with.”

“I had my reservations and cynicism about the so-called reconciliation efforts,” Anwar said. “But (Mahathir) came to see me and he showed such compassion and concern which I thought was absent in the past.”


Will there be any reinvestigation of Saiful, the accuser of Anwar?
Hope this back defender will lose his business as Karma acts decisively before our law of justice prevails.


Saiful, Sirul and Shafee are 3Ss that will hog the headlines soon.


For Sirul, he should be entitled to a fair retrial without any death sentence overhanging so that Australian court will allow extradition of Sirul back to Malaysia.
Maximum security for Sirul a must as his testimony is vital key to this murder case of Altantuya (& an unborn child?).
Who gave you the order, Sirul?

Heng GS

C4 could not be used without authorization from high order, so we still awaits piece parts jigsaws to form a complete clearer picture for true justice.


We think C4 required authorization, but the witness from police HQ claimed she had no record of how much she handed out (to Sirul’s boss?) or how much was returned. No one in court questioned this. The court had nothing to say about this institution of asassins. That is how far we have sunk as a nation.

BB resident

Malaysia offers a reminder that there is no substitute for this most essential of democratic functions: the chance, even if it often resides on a theoretical plane, that political outcomes are not permanent. There is that natural push and pull of democratic competition, with all the messiness that entails. But that messiness and uncertainty can be a good thing. A 92-year-old former premier, one who was known for a budding authoritarian sensibility, can switch sides and lead the opposition, joining forces with the very man he imprisoned. Mistakes need not be intertwined with the state‚Äôs own identity. They can be… Read more »

Johan Khun Pana

Might be good for the new govt to consider repealing the sodomy law and the sedition act.
Another thing is freedom of internet and websites access.
The govt cannot be bogged down with religious demands, the world is changing and so are the societies.
BN was brought down because of many reasons.
Now that Anwar walks free, hope he doesn’t bring back Bahasa Baku and talks in strange Melayu flowery language which nobody understand.


The gomen, and much of society itself, is not ready to face (re-evaluate) the conservatism that underlies the restrictions you mentioned. It is like climate change: our solution is not to think about it.


Dawn of a New Malaysia Century?
Feel it, think about it, dream it every night.
For tomorrow will be another new day of great hope (harapan).

Secret Garden – Dawn Of A New Century