Enthusiastic response for Anwar in BN-stronghold Johor


This was Anwar’s ceramah on 20 July 2008 in Sri Gading, Johor. Anwar is in his element and the crowd soaks it in.

He claims that when he was brought from the police station to the hospital, the roads were closed to others.

He tells the crowd not to read Utusan Malaysia as he says their reports allegedly insult the intelligence of the Malays; instead he recommends that they read the Chinese newspapers. “I know you can’t understand the language, but there are lots of pictures in them!” he jokes.

He warns the Malays not to be taken in and swayed by the ruling politicians’ talk of “Malay rights” .

“Which Malays are they talking about – the Malay Umno leaders who have amassed wealth?” he asks.

In contrast, the ones bearing the brunt of the oil price hike are mostly the poor Malays, he says.

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Hidup ceria tanpa UMNO!

kg baru

anwar ibrahim….pm …your guys just keep dreamin


bravo anwar u are really special…

People Power

Dear readers,

Pls alert others to skip reading the comment from Yarning as it worth nothing!


The Yarning, you tried sleeping on cement floor for the night, then you tell me whether you get any backache? Even with a healthy back, you can’t walk straight the next day. Maybe there is a blessing in disguise. The more s*** UMNO throws at the opposition, the more their own hands smell. Until the ENTIRE Malaysian population is left with NOT A SINGLE DOUBT that UMNO is full of s***…Note currently there are still many Mahathir adorers and even KJ fans. And many fence-sitters. Yea, just dig up more s*** for the UMNOputeras to pick up. But I’m curious… Read more »


TQ for the video. I really enjoy watching and listening to DSAI speeches in every of his rallies. The voices backgroud really tickle my heart..with all the funny responses.

Long live Pakatan Rakyat..Reformasi !


Can you beat that? Penang accused of embezzling rakyat’s money through the one time non collection of the illegal hawking and parking compounds.

Sounds like the ridiculous conclusion that MCA Liow somehow managed to reach that Anwar was introducing hudud laws because he was seeking redress from a Syariah court.

Our secondary schools are a bit full at the moment, aren’t they?


the word of mouth in the kopitiam . mamak stalls and from petrol pump attendants is … (someone was) paid 2 million to frame anwar…


Kay, People like The Yawning sound like the people that Antares wrote about: well- heeled and intelligent but when it comes to crunch, you can forget about it. It’s known simply as being weak.


Hey The Yarning!

You think when people have backpain cannot stand ka? A good friend of mine have slipped disc (just like Anwar) but still can play hockey! You think people with backpain should sit in wheelchair heh? Think again!


I’ve been pondering why so many apparently well-heeled and intelligent people I know are so scathing towards Anwar Ibrahim and persist in pooh-poohing the possibility of his ascending to the post of PM in a matter of weeks. They even endorse that idiot Saiful’s police report against Anwar, seeing it as a hopeful sign that Anwar’s ambitions may yet be thwarted if he’s kept embroiled in an ugly and long-drawn out court battle with Musa Hassan and Gani Patail. The onl expplanation that comes to mind is that these people suffer from “hero envy.” They themselves live such comfy, cloistered… Read more »


Hopefully PAS will not be tempted by UMNO

IF they are so serious about justice for all.

stupid scholar

the yarning on;

Anwar has more substances than you, I can bet!
If you have nothing better to say, say nothing, you will not exposed
to be a c***! Rest my case.


kenny gan, let me elaborate a bit more on the things you brought up. 1.Not giving Anwar a copy of the police report – go to this link.it says all about it —- http://tunkuaisha.blogspot.com/2008/07/deputy-igp-why-anwar-not-given-copy-of.html 2. Leaders joining in to pressure Anwar to give a fresh blood sample for DNA testing when none is required – the new DNA is essential because it shows that this case got nothing to do with the case 10 years ago.also Pak Lah wanna show that he’s not involved with the case before and therefore new evidence is needed for new case.old evidence is not… Read more »


PAS never played dirty politics and will never do it in the future.
UM-NO plays filthy politics and their track record shows so.
UM-NO knows the ‘weak spots” of PAS and they are trying to capitalise on it.But,PAS is stronger in position than UMNO now,so,why must PAS feel intimidated by UMNO anymore?

PAS must sock-in the knock-out punch on UM-NO’s ugly face now!Give it a TKO punch that will sent it reeling into the ‘grave’.

Ah Singh

How can anwar play saifool’s … when the saifool is 6 feet tall and anwar is 5 feet all and 62 years old with a bad back. Anwar is so small size lah … secondly anwar has been living overseas for sometime and howcome nobody complain he played with their … Only when he came and started to take over the goverment they charge him for main … also why they never give anwar a copy of the charge sheet. anil macha I have been a police officer for 46 years lah, the first thing you must give the defendants… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

The attendance at Anwar’s ceramah will only get bigger and bigger.
He needs to intensify his pace as they will try to silence him sooner or later.

Why does PKR not mobilise its other top leaders to spread the message about ruling regime corruption in the Malay heartland?
Anwar can only do so much by himself!

Ayu Azalea Sikembangcina

Yes, Matt. Unlike the Sleeping Beast when he opens his mouth it is only to insult our intelligence!


If PR get the support from Johor …. it would be end of the day for Umno. Johor have been a UMNO hard core state. However in last election DAP and PAS did won in DUN….. I am sure Malaysian cina and indian origin have reject Umno. If there is slight swing of Malay …. it will be disaster for Umno indeed

Kenny Gan

Talking about insulting people’s intelligence, the government is insulting the intelligence of the public by the way they handle Anwar’s sodomy case.

Not giving Anwar a copy of the police report. Leaders joining in to pressure Anwar to give a fresh blood sample for DNA testing when none is required. Then we have the PM saying the 1998 sample is too old which takes the cake. Too old for what? Planting evidence?

Even those who were not convinced there is a conspiracy is well convinced now.


Now this is how a PM speaks, with full of confidence.


Way to go, my man. He’s got more nuts than the rest of them put together.

The msm has been super quiet about the MCA doctor joining the PK. Does this herald the beginning of the much anticipated crossovers?

The Yarning

The backpain has subsided eh? He is in his best elements whenever he’s in front of a feverish crowd hungry to be fed and their appetite whetted. Best species of politicians we’ve ever seen.