Anwar addresses 30000 in Alor Star


Anwar and other Pakatan leaders addressed a large rally last night in Alor Star to bring the Pakatan annual convention held earlier in the day to a rousing close.


The rally was held at the Sultan Halim Stadium in Alor Setar. Malaysiakini estimated the turnout at 10000 but a Pas source said some 30000-35000 had packed the stadium and surroundings. Harakah put the figure at over 50000.

The convention earlier in the day was attended by an estimated 3000 delegates plus observers. It focused on reforming Felda, getting rid of monopolistic practices, promoting genuine federalism (especially in relation to Sabah and Sarawak) and empowering the civil service.

I wrote a piece for Asia Times on the impact of Anwar’s acquittal and what Pakatan has to do.

What do you think? Is Pakatan ready to face the electorate? Or does it need to do more?

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16 Jan 2012 6.10am

What cannot be underestimated is the success of PAS to educated the Malay heartland on the issues of corruption and abuse of power. Its clear they laid a strong foundation that Anwar, and only Anwar, is capable of sparking their imagination of the possibility of non-UMNO govt. Anwar clearly is in fine form and have the best sense of the sentiments of the Malay heartland. Although the Malay heartland is titilated by the outcome of the trial, they will not want to keep hearing it going into the GE. If Anwar can successfully move the issues forward and STILL capture… Read more »

15 Jan 2012 10.39pm

Let this be the start of the Malaysian Spring. Going through the speeches of Anwar and PR leaders, unlike the UMNO convention, there is no name calling, slanders, threat or whatsoever. It call for good governance and transparency, abuse of power and the eradication of poverty, corruption $, cronyism, racism etc etc. This is what we want for a good government. Yes lets get rid of 53 years of Najib UMNO BN and their weaklings from MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP etc. Let us make that change.

Andrew I
Andrew I
15 Jan 2012 7.16pm

RPK thinks the GE won’t be held until March 2012 and I’m beginning to agree with him. If it’s every which way but lose, you might as well postpone the inevitable right to the end and in the meantime hope that a miracle will happen before then.

There’s still that Sword of Damocles hanging over Anwar which is valid until next month.

It’s called keeping your options open.

15 Jan 2012 1.12pm

time to boycott astro?

15 Jan 2012 11.01pm
Reply to  MMC

who needs astro? for 3 yrs, in my home, there is no tv channels (tv1, ntv tv3…) and no astro.

15 Jan 2012 10.38am

The mainstream media did not report this pakatan convention.

Astro Awani even spinned that the convention tak dapat sambutan.

Still no freedom in our media, Mr najib and Mr Rais?

16 Jan 2012 9.14am
Reply to  Maria

With the mainstream media’s “shining” reputation, no surprise that positive news about Pakatan hardly sees the lgith of day. But yesterday, Bernama reported “Chinese Support For BN Will Improve” according to Rais Yatim who spoke at a Chinese New Year do with about 500 Chinese residents from Jelebu. Also from Bernama yesterday, “Nong Chik: More Chinese switching to BN in Lembah Pantai” and “Nur Jazlan: Chinese support for BN still strong in Johor”. Truth? Or something no quite so? Have the Chinese by UMNO and UMNO-friendly folks? Like Armand Azhar Abu Hanifah, once “Ketua Wira Perkasa” now PJ Utara UMNO… Read more »

15 Jan 2012 10.10am

Pakatan is more ready now than a few weeks ago. The pendulum appears to have swung in its favour. Anwar was acquitted. Hasan Ali has got the kick in his backside which was long over due. Rama and Karpal have made up. But the dark undercurrents still swirl. Anwar may be dragged through the mire again with if an appeal is filed, unfounded though such an appeal may apparently be. Ex-PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Musa is still leaning very much in Hasan’s direction. And it would be strange if the dirty tricks dept of UMNO-led BN are not hard at… Read more »

15 Jan 2012 8.31am

Pakatan needs to print a more cohesive and consistent jingga brochures /DVDs outlining the clear and sustainable (learnt this jargon from Anil) policies that benefit the rakyat in short terms (appetizing juices) as well as long terms (main course menu).

Cost of DVD is very cheap these days and the multipier effect is far reaching and impactful. This will wake up those still in slumber tidur mode not thinking barang naik can help to increase debts/tax.

Also twitter/facebook approach to reach out the youngs (20-35) who value freedom and up-to-date current affairs on corruption & power abuse.