Anti-kleptocracy rally: Mahathir outlines Pakatan’s action plan if it wins power


Mahathir pledges that Pakatan would do five things after winning power at the general election:

  • Catch M01 and his cohorts.
  • Set up a royal commission of inquiry to probe the siphoning of public funds via 1MDB and Felda.
  • Set up an independent body to recover public assets and money stolen or siphoned off through corruption.
  • Make the MACC an independent body that reports directly to Parliament.
  • Abolish direct negotiations for government contracts.

Pakatan pledges to eradicate corruption for the good of the country, adds Mahathir, and make it among the country among the 10 cleanest nations in the world. The billions lost through 1MDB, for instance, could have built 460,000 low-cost homes, provided free education or built 50 hospitals.

Estimated crowd by one eyewitness earlier in the night: up to 8,000. Blog visitor PolitiScheiss, who was there after 8pm, puts the figure at 20,000-30,000. Rally organisers say 25,000. Another friend at the rally says it was unlikely to be 25,000, maybe 10,000-15,000. Perhaps slightly below expectations.

The “boring” football match between Liverpool and Manchester United may have affected the turnout at the rally. Or in this age of social media, many could have been content to follow the event on social media, having already decided whom to vote for.

But blog visitor Khun Pana wonders:

Are those five “pledges” sufficient to secure votes? As it is, it all seems to be limited to anti MO1 and nothing for the commoners.

And if the Pakatan group wins power to form the federal government, will they push forward with the IPCMC (police reforms), local city/town elections, reforms to education, and a secular Malaysia or even with a simple thing like bringing down public transport fares.

Or will it continue to run (the government) just like the BN did? It needs to convince the new voters and change their mindset.

PolitiScheiss concurs:

… the speakers were too heavy on condemnations of corruption, kleptocracy, the 1MDB issue.. and shouts of “Reformasi!” instead of saying more about how a Pakatan government, if elected, will deal with issues such as the rising cost of living, unaffordable housing prices, public transit, declining education standards, affordable public healthcare, the problem of flash floods, environmental degradation and so forth.

Yes, if Pakatan wants to capture public imagination, it should go beyond wiping out corruption and tell us how it can improve the people’s overall wellbeing and quality of life.

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Eric Kuek

Pro-Umno press targets Dr M’s granddaughter

Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian carried social media pictures of Ms Meera Alyana Mukhriz on Sunday, claiming in their articles that she lived a celebrity lifestyle, wearing designer clothes and travelling on a yacht.

Berita Harian’s front page article was titled “The luxurious life of Dr Mahathir’s granddaughter”, and was accompanied by pictures of Meera and her younger sister, Melia Serena, on a boat with a friend.

SL Tay

YB Liew Chin Tong on the root causes of Malaysia Economic Woes (English subtitle)

Eric Kuek

Najib should be reminded that ringgit stood at RM3.58 to the US dollar when he became prime minister on April 9, 2009. As of today, the ringgit had slid to RM4.24 to the dollar, down 18.%!


MAT SABU “Himpunan Sayangi Malaysia Hapus Kleptokrasi”


Fewer Chinese this time at the rally.
Many prefer to follow event via FB Live, so as not be harassed by police and FRU.
So UMNO cannot say Chinese ungrateful anti government.
Today we see the Malay community has many choices not just UMNO.
Multi-cornered fights may not necessarily benefit BN, so Najib continue to delay GE.


Low Chinese participation at the rally gives MCA a glimmer of hope? Many did not go because Liverpool vs Man Utd live on that night.


MCA is useless!


William Pesek says the Mahathir-Anwar Ibrahim coalition could lead Malaysia out of economic stagnation What otherworldly force was enough to reunite the 92-year-old firebrand who ruled Malaysia for 22 years and his nemesis? A shared disgust for current Prime Minister Najib Razak, whose corruption scandals have Malaysia in the global headlines for all the wrong reasons. Since 2009, Najib hasn’t just tarnished the national brand at every turn – he has pursued an agenda ensuring a lost decade for a resource-rich economy that should be booming. Cronyism isn’t new to Malaysia; there was plenty during Mahathir’s 1981-2003 tenure. Najib hasn’t… Read more »


Now umno can only scare the Malays that the Malay Agenda will be threatened under Pakatan Harapan.


They will continue to harp on Malay Agenda for the next 60 Year’s, while the others progress independently and evolve to be more capable and competitive to meet challenges of the world.

Eric Kuek

Boeing, going, gone…
MAS to lose its CEO.

Time to hire a PRC CEO like Proton?


MAS CEO announced resignation to public before telling the Transport Minister.


No respect for Liow.


Good leadership leads with principles, fairness, inclusivity & of course fearlessness (of religious bigots): Johor Ruler wants ties with Jakim cut Read more at BATU PAHAT: Johor Ruler Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar (pic) ordered the state Islamic Religious Department (JAIJ) to stop dealing with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim). He also directed JAIJ to carry out checks on Muslim preachers in the state and revoke their credentials if something seemed out of place. The Sultan also decreed that JAIJ should no longer waste their time dealing with Jakim and that the federal department should stop offering… Read more »


The extreme fundamentalist led by Khomeni brought down Shah of Iran. History lesson here.


The Sultan of Selangor has ordered the Selangor Islamic Council (Mais) to revoke the preaching credentials of Zamihan Mat Zin in the state.

The Selangor Council of the Royal Court secretary Hanafisah Jais said Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah had consulted the council before issuing the instruction to Mais.

The Sultan also decreed that all mosque and surau committees must now videotape all lectures held at their grounds for content monitoring purposes.

He also decreed that public address (PA) broadcasts of all mosques and surau lectures be limited to the compound of the facilities.


Why Najib has no comment on this matter since he promotes his brand of Wasatiyyah Islam?


Pak Hadhari is also silent in this lah…

“Islam Hadhari is a progressive approach for all Malaysians whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims.” – 11 years ago!


No such thing as Moderate Islam.
It is what it is. We can see for ourselves.


People are still waiting for them to figure out how to win and they are talking after they win. Fact is what PH has is not enough given the deep dysfunctionality in our society.

Hudud in a Kleptocracy is a disaster in reality. Corruption and abuse of power with Capital Punishment for personal conduct is recipe for disaster. Period. Pretty sure it’s not Halal nor Syariah. Yet no one in PH can make the case. It shows the deep Dysfunctionality that PH has no answer and premature to talk about what they will do if they win


If only PH has the acumen of Johor Ruler leadership to deal with religious bigotry issues, the sky will be bright for PH to take on Kleptocracy.
The sticky caution in PH is the fear of loss of parochial Muslim support @ grass-roots level which has tainted genuine efforts to bring about a Truly Malaysia For All (not for one race, one religion). Kleptocracy has a devious way to prolong this crippling fear with donation money & religious bigotry tied to Bangsa & Agama.


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Extreme thinking Ustaz promotes hatred towards non Muslims calling them kafir.


DAP at state level: Far more destructive development than by previous gomen. DAP at federal level: useful but uncoordinated: no shadow gomen. PKR at state level: good, considering the determined opposition. PKR at federal level: “defacto leader” has only one issue – to take over government; no acknowledgement of extremism, violations, blunders and crimes. Superhero’s party: totally hypocritical, inconsistent with its principals’ recent history, no acknowledgement of extremism, violations, blunders and crimes. PAS: a clear winner for forest destruction, eviction of aborigines, violation of non-Muslim rights, incompetence in vital issues (including floods, rapes, STD, etc.). We are between a rock… Read more »

PolitiScheiss (a.k.a. IT.Scheiss)

At what time did that eye witness see the numbers at the rally. I was there from 8pm onwards and went around the field taking pictures as best as I could against the bright flood lights and I would say there were between 20,000 and 30,000. I’ve posted the photos on my blog for your perusal. The Sun reported around 25,000 towards the end according to the organisers, which is around what it looked like to me. That said, I still feel that the speakers were too heavy on condemnations of corruption, kleptocracy, the 1MDB issue, allegations of… Read more »


Intolerance is showing its ugly head!
Shriek more!


You go there and you do not know the theme of the rally? Just like Bersih, it talks electrol process


He thinks he is very smart, try to impress us with his unusual Scheiss name. I still prefer Zoro, simple and direct to the point.


Calling for the return of Zoro, Shriek unmasked!


Intolerance is showing its ugly head!
Shriek more?


You only have freedom of speech? Others can’t?


Shriek is the Son of Zoro?


Shrieking just to spin at every objectionable is detestable!
It has no principles, no respect…
Where’s the truth be told in order to spin?

PolitiScheiss (a.k.a. IT.Scheiss)

I was not bothered about the theme of the rally but what policies the political parties involved had which would address the existential issues which directly affect or are the primary concerns especially to rural, semi rural and lower income urban voters who have so far delivered the seats in parliament and state assemblies to UMNO/BN. As it turned out, the speakers did mentioned some of their plans to address such existential concerns, though by and large they spent more time in Najib bashing and name calling. On 20 July 2017, a Free Malaysia article on INVOKE’s own survey results… Read more »

Khun Pana

Thanks goodness he did not mention anything about buying back Proton from China!

Is that 5 “pledges” sufficient to secure votes?
As it is all seems to be limited to anti MO1 and nothing for the commoners.
And if the Pakatan group wins as federal govt.
Will they push forward the IPCMC(police reforms),local city/town elections,reforming the education , promising a secular Malaysia or even a simple thing like bringing down public transport fares.
Or continues to run just like the BN did?
Need to convince the new voters and change mindset.

PolitiScheiss (a.k.a. IT.Scheiss)

Well judging by Selangor after over nine years of Pakatan rule I can say that it will be business almost as usual if Pakatan wins the federal government. I guess it’s the same story up in Penang. Like what is the current situation with regards Kampung Siam in Penang? None of the Pakatan are talking about rescinding the restrictions on the rights of trade unions and the right of workers to join or form trade unions, to restore the status of the judiciary back to before the dismissal of Lord President Salleh Abas, restoration of the powers of the rulers… Read more »


Before rights of workers, where are rights of minority?? Only talk about rights of majority?? Further how to have rights of workers when majority of workers are from indo, Nepal, bangla, Burmese etc. Other workers have rights oredi as they are the majority.


You are shrieking at many readers here!
Do you know, zoro?


Urban voters already know the facts, not interested in being used as a show of force especially by Mahathir. Many liberal movement, urban based, are not supportive of PH. Without a outstanding Islamic credentialed leader, there is little to pull the crowd.


Those cannot attend can soon play Kleptopoly board game.

Inspired by the popular board game Monopoly, players can acquire luxury properties and assets including the Park Lane Hotel and Park Laurel condominium in New York City, Fleet Street townhouses, mansions in Beverly Hills and even a superyacht called “Equanimity”.