Anti-Anwar protesters create ruckus outside PKR HQ (Videos)


A group of anti-Anwar protesters created a commotion outside the PKR headquarters in Tropicana this evening. See videos below.

A PKR source claimed they later hurled eggs, sticks and traffic cones in the direction of the office and a few of these projectiles were reported to have hit several PKR supporters. The Damansara Police Station is just a couple of doors away from the PKR office, according to Malaysiakini.

Who exactly are these protesters? They are reportedly from a few ‘NGOs’. I have my own theory on this, but all I can say from this video is quite a few of them look burly and hefty and they seem to be very familiar with the lyrics of patriotic songs.

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Cubaan Samseng UMNO Untuk Mengganggu Ucapan Lefttenan Jeneral (B) Ghafir Di Sg Udang, Melaka 07/03/2013:


Funny. Can we decide whether we allow demonstration or not? Whether we want police to stop it or not? Whether we need prove or not to allege? How come we always decide its wrong if you do it but right if I do it. You guys are funny.


Did those goons “assemble peaceably and without arms”? Which part of Article 10 of the Federal Constitution did you not understand?

the mythbuster

One look at the video and it is enough to know that those lowlifes can be bought anytime by UMNO to create incidences that might lead to internal strife. The very desperate UMNO politicians are really trying hard to pin the blame of their inefficient handling of the Lahat Datu incident on Anwar Ibrahim. They may think these uncouth and rowdy demonstrations will bring them more votes. Only fools and idiotic … like them might get carried away by their sheer bravado. Right thinking and knowledgeable Malaysians know a knave when they see or hear one. I hope the UMNO… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

Maybe the pay increase just announced despite no budget allocation is an incentive for them to support the “right” government.


Chua Soi Lek should tell Umno to stop such CHAOS!

Anyway, this is a good description of TV3 8pm Buletin:


will certainly reduce their tip next time they deliver my pizza.


Again very curious Teluk Intan, Melaka, Penang, now this. THIS one is just plain STUPID – there is no proof and they resort to violence. If you ask me, there is a conspiracy to create incident, someones higher up (in UMNO?) making these things happen purposely..

Andrew I

Aiya, one man only lah. No need to demo. Debate can ar?

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

Desperate Action in Desperate Time by Desperate People!! BEST DEMOCRACY in the world in ACTION!! Would peace-loving Malaysians condone such unruly and samseng behaviour!

How is it that the Damansara Police Station being just a couple of doors away from the incident was so slow in responding! With video recordings of this unruly crowd, is the Police going to say “not enough evidence” again to the police reports made by those injured by these UMNO Baru sycophants?


…. and they can’t spell ….. “Anuar”?? Must be UMNO fellas lah!


I will keep this comment simple and without offending anyone this time.
They are the perfect group to be send over to Lahat datu and Palestine.