Another public relations coup for Najib


Whoever is arranging Najib’s schedule these days has been busy. This time the PM has managed to get a chance to thump the mallet at the New York Stock Exchange and ring the closing bell on Monday.

Najib thumping the mallet at Wall Street
Najib striking the mallet at NYSE - Photo courtesy of Bernama

Najib suggested that Malaysia could be the gateway for US investors to Asean. But even hard-nosed investors, who ordinarily wouldn’t give a hoot to human rights and democracy, are being put off by the Anwar trial, Perkasa’s chauvinistic rhetoric and yes, even the government’s phobia of cartoons.

So yet again, another public relations coup could come to naught – an exercise in futility.

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Nabil Kadir

Najib wants you to pay 1% more service tax when you eat at KFC from next year.

That’s prihation to me.


Perkasa’s vocal spokesmen Ibrahim and Mahathir seem hell bent – through such vociferous bickering – to stop Prime Minister Najib Razak from implementing his New Economic Model which is supposed to liberalise the economy from the clutches of the economically stifling, much corrupted and skewed New Economic Policy that heavily plays on ‘Malay rights”. The problem is a segment of the Malays fear what is needed to revive private investment, especially domestic private investment, could cause Najib to lose the general election. This assumes that the Malay electorate would be hostile to policy measures to ameliorate the NEP’s re-structuring objectives.… Read more »


I think Perkasa as a political party can win the state of Penang. They can then elect Ibrahim Ali as the (leader) of Pulau Pinang. Life will be great as there will be no duit haram. All residents can lepak and bask in the sunshine of Tanjung Bunga while enjoying cendul.



How can umno ensure that revenue from sin tax (liquor, toto/magnum gambling, horse racing, lottery, casino) is not being used for the welfare of malays?


All civil servants should return at least 20% of their monthly salaries because it comes from non-halal activities such as Sports Toto, Magnum, DAMaCai, the Genting casino, the licences for dogs, the abattoirs, the stalls selling pork, the pubs, and the entertainment joints and restaurants selling alcoholic drinks. Make it a law that all government agencies, banks and businesses are to maintain two separate sets of accounting books, one for halal sources and another for non-halal sources. All businesses and government agencies must classify incomes in terms of halal or non-halal. Only monies from halal sources can be used to… Read more »


UMNOB leaders can tell the ordinary Muslim Malays not to accept wang haram but they themselves are tempted to steal billions of such money. The RM 100 given to them by UMNOB to be returned to the Penang State Government is from haram source, stolen from the rakyat. The pak ciks and mak ciks should also reject the RM 100 from UMNOB. They must use money from their own savings to please Allah. UMNOB leaders should return all their stolen haram money to the rakyat first before preaching Islam to other Malay muslims. The pak ciks and mak ciks should… Read more »


It is ok. Malaysia is contributing to the US economy – with this free donation(?).


Anil.. this is off topic… for your penang tram campaign

Trolleys in NYC area…


Anil: “Some years ago one of the expected contestants for the post uttered a racially derogatory term against a member of its policy-making body. As far as is known, he did not retract or apologise for the slur.

He is expected to accept nominations for the No 2 post. What signal would PKR be sending if its multi-racial membership elects to its No 2 position a candidate who has been a flagrant infringer of racial punctilio?”

Anil, who is that contestant?


It seems like they can send our PM easily to Wall Street but takes me more than a year to get birth registration and passport for my daughter from Malaysian Embassy in Washington DC. Finnally, I got it from them.

Welcome to Malaysia Boleh only for the rich and connected Malaysians.


BAD OMEN …the closing bell to his career!!!

Malaysian tax-payers once again made to pay just to help him flap his ego? How much this time?


big deal! lots and lots of people bang the mallet twice a day everyday….


what kind of nonsense are u talking about – saying human rights and business don’t mix. or that investors are put off by corruption? i see big corruption in india, china, russia, indonesia – and yet see investors running in to snap up everything. i see few human rights openings in singapore, vietnam, myanmar, and killings in iraq, pakistan and afghanistan, yet if money can be made who cares about these!? who cares about anwar and perkasa, really!? it is wrong to say they are put off by anything but the colour of money. the reason they are not coming… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil 1. We should only be impressed if he is invited to address a JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS. 2. I wonder how much this excursion to the NYSE cost the Malaysian taxpayers. 3. There was also the big hoopla in the Malaysian propaganda newspapers, err … I mean the mainstream media, about the deal with Johns Hopkins University. As a Johns Hopkins alumnus, I am very skeptical about what I read. The previous Johns Hopkins venture in Singapore was “not a success” (to put it mildly). Why would Johns Hopkins want to try it again next door? (Is) the… Read more »


Unrelated to the article but Anil do you any scoop on the Proton-Lotus fiasco? I also noticed a religious program on 9TV that had some kids asking their teacher if it was alright to pray(or curse?!) for something bad to befall someone and the teacher said it was okay! She gave examples like Bush and the leader of Israel…


Proton have not been managing well (or rather exploiting) the brand name of Lotus depite paying so much for the goodwill. Now Fernandes wanted to use Team Lotus, those Proton fellows tried to squeeze money from Fernandes. Proton has always been reactive, just like forcing ING to withdraw the sponsorship to the national badminton team prior to Thomas Cup this year. With such poor mentality in their leaders (including its patron that maverick guy) no wonder the car they manufacture cannot compete and need protection even in local market. Sigh! As for the 9TV shows, it is meant for people… Read more »


Proton people are simply jealous of Naza for being more successful in car dealing, not to mention the success of its boss in hooking up with Marion Caunter.


Najib trying to sell Malaysia as an investment hub. Well good on him. Someone should however advise him and UMNO that no investment is going to come in until you give equal rights to all Malaysians regardless of race or religion.

If UMNO still wants affirmative action for Malays and all the government jobs are for one particular race only then nobody wants to invest in Malaysia, because its too risky.

Furthermore our education system is very mediocre now compared to 40 years ago so we dont have the skilled workers needed for high tech investments.

Jalil Hamid

Why not get Matrade to set up Pasar Malam in Times Square to promote Malaysian food?

Maybe the bn cronies have yet to set up their restaurants in US, unlike in London, and used public fund for personal gain.


Pempena has a money-losing restaurant venture in London.

Matrade is trying to use taxpayer’s money to lure customers to these restaurants, while MACC is still Zzzzzzzzz.

Read The Sun daily and you will be able to piece the picture.


In the capitalist world like US money talks…but, even then, no one will believe these lowest of the low deranged politicoians from the UMNO regime! Another easy money for the capitalists for a fruitless exercise…all for a … show! Malaysian taxpayers again were the sole suckers!


Ah, so ! Wall Street gonna be in for a big plunge.


Indeed, Wall Street Index fell that day following the knocking effect by Jibby.


Darn !

I should have made couple more millions if I would only listen to my own prediction !!

DARN !!!

Jefri Mamak

Be a BN crony and you will be rewarded with or without prediction.


But I am not anybody’s crony. That lies the problem !!


Najib is the biggest HYPOCRITE. In the world stage he preaches tolerance and asks to reel in the extremist. But back home he allows racist remarks by his civil servants to go unpunished. The latest of many racist chants is by the Federal Territory Biro Tata Negara (BTN) deputy director Hamim Husin who referred to the Chinese and Indian communities as ‘Si Mata Sepet and Si Botol’ when speaking at a Puter Umno function. Again another civil servant spewed out one of the most extremist and venomous speeches against the Chinese and Indian communities. Najib is the type of BN… Read more »


Look, buddy.

Obama himself is a hypocrite. That is why Obama is so friend-friend with Bijan.


How much does it cost our Ah Kong’s Money to whack the mallet at NYSE?
Maybe Najib should … whack (some sense into) the BTN guys and other racist nincompoops…!
At the very least, do it for 1 Malaysia, Najib!


Umno fellows better check if the money used is from halal source.