Another PKR rep bites the dust


Another PKR elected rep has ‘seen the light’ and quit the party, citing disillusionment with the party leadership.

Tan Wei Shu, the Kedah state assembly member for Bakar Arang, had been replaced in the Kedah state government exco line-up by the PKR’s Tan Show Kang on 10 March.

This reminds me of how the MCA’s Yip Sun Onn had wanted to quit from his seat  in the Perlis State Assembly just days after Indera Kayangan assembly member and Kangar MCA chairman Dr Por Cho Chor replaced him in the Perlis state government exco line-up on 19 March.  Sun Onn was later persuaded to change his mind.

Wei Shu is following in the illustrious footsteps of Mohammad Radzhi Salleh the PKR rep for Lunas, who quit the party ahead of the Permatang Pasir by-election last August. This time, Wei Shu is quitting the party ahead of the Hulu Selangor by-election. Who’s next? Take your number and line up before you walk the plank and jump ship and plunge into political oblivion.

These politicians appear to have no qualms about letting down those rakyat who voted for them based on their party affiliation. It’s not as if most voters actually knew who these candidates were when they voted for them in the first place.

See the importance of selecting candidates who will live up to the expectations and aspirations of the rakyat?

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Voter from Bakar Arang here > Heard him speak at a ceramah pre GE 12 , frankly if he is not from PR , I would have not voted him > Even donated RM 50 and send a case of mineral water to his voting booth in Petani Jaya . No regret over that but cant wait to (vote him out) NOW !


Ong Eu Soon Did you know? Zahrin, I am not familiar with. Tan Tee Beng, but Ong, did you really voted PR in the last election or is it just your spinning. Tee Beng is the son of Tan Gim Hwa the ex Gerakan chief of Penang. How the hell did DSAI got him into PKR and it’s true that I did not know. Did his father(Gim Hwa) ended well in Gerakan Penang? He was a lame duck when he left. With a next generation in Tee Beng, duh! and with garbage in his back, he quitted PKR out of… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

When did I ever defend Tan Tee Beng or Zahrain? I am more curious than you!

Dr. Pang HC

The most notable thing PKR has done in recent times was to drop this frog from the Kedah EXCO lineup.

If only PKR had the guts to do similar logical things in other circumstances.


Looks like most of the frogs are from PKR. Certainly, someone is not doing his homework. This kind of negligence is robbing the public blind. Frogs like these do not instill much public confidence in the PKR leadership in picking the right people for the job. The PKR leadership has to do better & be less distracted.


Are you coming over to Hulu Selangor over this weekend. Call me, and I can drive your around Hulu Selangor.
Secondly, have you read the report today in the Sun?
Guan Eng: Decision to hold new open tender vindicated


Tan Wei Shu had some personal issues so he decided to resign. We respect his decision. He is always welcome back.

As i mentioned earlier, Pakatan Rakyat is a political party to serve all Malaysians, to foster goodwill among Malaysians, economic prosperity, social welfare and good law and order.

Pakatan Rakyat is a coalition of parties that offers good clean Governance and we are open to public criticism. We welcome constructive criticism to improve our social and economic policies to serve all Malaysians.


PKR in the last election did not have much choices as it was new. Very often it had to pick the first person who came through the door. Now it has to bite the bullet and let those who not are strong hearted go. It is painful. It is necessary to undergo this chemotherapy to (get rid of) the cancer cells…

Cheng Poh Heng

Anwar had admitted that PKR had some weak and/or dubious candidates in GE12. Sure losers were named in certain constituencies, but they won because the voters wanted change and voted for any alternative to BN/UMNO. The rallying cry was “Asalkan Bukan UMNO (ABU)”.

It is just a cleansing of the renegades and denigrents in PKR. Good riddance to bad rubbish and do not waste our precious time and energy on such …

KF Chan

Maybe the headlines should be “Another PKR Rep Got Rich”. These guys are pathetic. Don’t like this person – I cabut. Don’t apologies to me – I cabut. Don’t give me position – I cabut. Don’t give me contract – I cabut. And how long has they worked? 2 years only. Some of us work year in year out with some company where bosses are difficult, customer difficult, salary low.. and we still tahan for so many years. Then you have these bunch of people supposedly are SERVING the people.. little, little thing not going their way… Cabut. Utterly useless… Read more »


I have no respect for the so-called ‘2 party system’ – a duopoly not being very much better than a monopoly in my view. It’s even worse in Malaysia because you have such an incestuous political scene that the usual suspects will just be hedging bets by claiming whatever party affiliation happens to be offered to them. You are going to have to accept, if you’re willing to vote for anybody-no-matter-how-bad-they-are just to get rid of BN, that you’re going to be electing the occasional despicable good-for-nothing. I think Malaysian voters need to raise their game. Most Malaysian politicians are… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Malaysians talk about 2 party system, but deny other from critizing the party they support. If you critize BN, you must be Pakatan supporter. If you critize Pakatan, they will accuse you as supporter of BN. This stereotype mindset make a mockery of the 2 party system. That is why you will always end up voting for those who will betray you later on. Vote for the lesser evil is the argument of the day, forget about 2 party system.


Don’t worry too much about things beyond our control. It’s up to us to make sure BN gets voted out in the next election, cos they just won’t change. In the larger scheme of things, these frogs will be lucky to become footnotes of history. Observe and heed the lessons learnt. I am sure the PKR and DAP leadership have learnt some painful lessons the last few years after the euphoria of the 2008 GE. Despite the brouhaha about Hassan Ali and gang in Selangor, it is instructive to note no PAS rep has jumped ship. It’s early days yet… Read more »



Ong Eu Soon

What about Zaid Ibrahim the principled politician as candidate for Hulu Selangor by election? Can he really be trusted? An ex-Umno-man who made himself rich under the policies of BN?


Ah Soon,

Realistically speaking, you have your points, but the fact is, if Zaid cannot be trusted, who else, can we?
Yes, he was from UMNO Baru, he quitted UMNO Baru when he was the law Minister. He quitted when he was in power, he quitted because of the abuse of ISA by UMNO Baru, therefore the above reason itself would put to rest your concern.

Had he quitted PKR and joined UMNO Baru like those frogs then, it is different, as he will be quitting nothing for something, whereas it is the opposite here.

Cheers Ah Soon!


The question should be,.. can UMNO really be trusted ??. Ask MIC & Samy Vellu who were snubbed in the face and now their mouth are stuck up. Zaid is already a rich man when he left UMNO due to his law firm, so don`t spew lies here Ong. Tell me beside his law firm, what business interest does he have that make him rich. So don`t spew half truth and true lies here. Do it some other place. You should be questioning Mahathir & Daim why they can be so rich especially Mahathir son…

Anthony Tan

Another self interest and non committed politician that cannot withstand hardship or pressure. Before these lame ducks were voted in to their ADUN or MP position, they promised the voters their commitment to fight and condenmed the BN. The voters believed these self interest cheap politicians and voted them in. The voters believed they are representing the opposition party that is going to bring changes and with hope for a better future for their children and grand children. Once voted in, these cheap politicians will be fighting for their personal interest and well being not for the voters. Such politicians… Read more »

anwar tot tot

He’s taking the cue from the sept 16 project lah!

Ong Eu Soon

When Zahrain and Tan Tee Beng want to quit PKR, if PKR just laught at them Hee…Hee…Hee…. I guess all of them will get the message and dare not jump the ship. Instead PKR shouted with loudest voice GO…Go…Go…A good riddance ! This set a new precedent for so called independent legislator. Guess what? You can foresee all the so called independent legislators quiting PKR and DAP one by one. How stupid and complacent is Pakatan nowadays! Just look at the Hulu Selangor by election instead of setting a good precedent on showing how a clean by election can be… Read more »


Nothing is perfect bro, nothing is perfect! As it is, PKR is the weakest link here, it is so because they are new and they have not much respect for decorum and hierachy. Everyone wants to be a leader, if you do not agree to what they say, then too bad, you are viewed differently. Until and unless PKR gets rid of these menace, it will take some time, its problem will never ends. There are just too many opportunists all wanting to impose their say and views!

Cheers Ah Soon!


Another one disgruntled whose exco was taken away. This shows his true face and an opportunist. An opportunist … at a time of the Hulu Selangor by election. Its better to have a clean up and let them go go go than to regret later at the next GE. Notice what, Tan Tee Beng was thinking to coming back to PKR (perhaps) cos he may not have got the benefit he wanted. Anyway good riddance. But don`t worry, DAP & PAS are intact because most of their members are not frogs from the other sides. If BN thought that such… Read more »


… Tan Wei Shu unless you resign from your seat, no explanation or reason you put forward will justify your despicable action!


This is like poorly made horror stories with horrible faked effects, played over and over again to no effect except inducing vomit all over!.


Another PKR guy? …sigh, what an irresponsible bunch only for their self interest! So when’s the annoying s…-stirrer’s turn to leave, timing his exit? Don’t think it will be long huh.


He has no love for the party, the people and he has no loyalty to the party and the people. He has self interest and no point of him staying in the party.


During the last tsunami, a lot of non committed politicians are voted in by the voters. This is unfortunate, and we expect to continue to see a few more cases like this in the future. Tok Guru Nik Aziz has mention, PKR is now like a baby learning to walk and can easily turn over to BN with few “enticing goodies”. Look at Zulkifli Nordin and few previous hardcore PKR members…they even now enjoying holiday in US with Najib on taxpayer monies.

Ah Beng

… letting down the rakyat?

Since when (are such) politicians … bothered about the rakyat?

It’s all about (self interest)… how fast can they retire comfortably, how much can they enjoy the YB status & perhaps even get a Dato’ title to be a bangsawan when he balik kampung.


Go lah,Go lah,Better go now and Good riddance. What timing these useless bums choose to quit. when going’s get tough, this guy blame on leadership.
Next please!!


In th next GE, we must demand an UNDERTAKING from all candidates in Batu Uban and Bayan Baru that they will resign as a MP or ADUN. The terms & conditions – If the resign from the party that they were elected to office. No two ways about it. I am waiting for the day to meet Zahrain f-t-f when he comes campaigning in 2013 / 13th GE.


If only they had the staying power of Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng. Fighting the powers that be and being jailed multiple times, they still come back fighting and took Penang.