Now northern flank opens up against Najib as thousands rally around Mukhriz


What would Najib make of this?

In the west, there are the investigations in France and Switzerland.

In the south, Singapore announced a large number of bank accounts had been seized in connection with the 1MDB probe in cooperation with the authorities of Malaysia, Switzerland and the United States. In Johor, Umno is in turmoil after Muhyiddin was sacked from Umno Baru.

Farther in the east, we heard of the FBI probe in the United States. (When they are done, will we see some people being ‘booked’ like in this video?)

And now the northern flank has been exposed with tonight’s show of significant support for Mukhriz from thousands of people.

Closer to ground zero, former Special Branch deputy director Hamid Bador has told MACC officers to stand firm and defend the integrity of their agency.

Najib is fast finding himself painted into a corner as events race fast and furiously ahead, beyond the scope of damage control by the slickest public relations outfit.

Time to call it a day at the office, I would think.

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4 Feb 2016 7.26pm

Bashah must bring development to mainland Kedah, not just Langkawi in order to benefit the people of Kedah.

gk ong
gk ong
3 Feb 2016 7.17pm

Twitter user @ajijudinn wrote a short poem in Malay on the issue:
“Pergi kedai cari teh kundur,
ternampak Mukhriz membeli tauhu,
Ku harapkan Najib undur,
tup tup dapat MB baru”.

3 Feb 2016 12.06am

Najib can sack mukhris
Mahatir will give no two hoods
The old man will soldier on with one aim
Which we all know

2 Feb 2016 11.27am

Tun Mahathir has been quietly working behind the scenes causing Najib’s world to crumble in the 1MDB scandal – the Swiss AG is saying US$4 billion misappropriated and Singapore is confiscating 1MDB accounts.

It is therefore possible that Najib is threatening to oust Mukriz in order to create a diversion from those scandalous news or to get Mahathir to backoff.

2 Feb 2016 11.09am

Could this be a chapter in RTM Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah as Kedah Spring? Aided by Swiss beyond Obama golf influence, RAHMAN prophecy to realise in Tunku hometown of Alor A star???

2 Feb 2016 10.07am

“Time to call it a day at the office”? I think I am but one of tens of thousands, maybe even millions, of long-suffering Malaysians who would wish for nothing more. Hoping that justice will be served after that will be a nice add-on, but first and foremost, an end to the years of ever-worsening fumbling and misdeeds from Najib.

Yes, there is the worrying uncertainty as to who will take over, it is now a matter of the nation’s survival from a doomed “Titanic-like” situation.