And the award goes to … Rosmah


In case you missed it during the thick of the Hulu Selangor by-election campaign, Rosmah has clinched the inaugural “International Peace and Harmony Award” in recognition of her “extensive charitable work and to celebrate the important links between Malaysia and the US”.

The award was presented at a dinner in New York hosted by the United States Sports Academy and the Business Council for International Understanding.

Rosmah and Najib joined in with American celebrities in a rendition of “We are the world”. Among those attending the gala event at St Regis Hotel on 16 April were Jamie Foxx, Robert de Niro and Paris Hilton’s parents.

Check out reports here, here, and here.

Rosmah is involved in many groups such as the Welfare Association of Ministers’ Wives (Bakti), Girl Guides Association, Children in Hope Foundation, Malaysian Nature Society (Pencinta), Society of the Orthopedically Handicapped Malaysia, Malaysia Aids Council and Thalasemia Association

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Anil Netto
SK Thew
Koh Lay Chin
Ismadi Idrus

RT And the award goes to …… Rosmah


this lady just don’t get it…whatever awards is not going to make us change our mind of whom she really is!!!


APCO giving value for money?


First Lady?! I thought the First Lady of Malaysia is the gentle and pleasant looking Permaisuri Agong. Am I correct?…


….fatty fatty…

These days the news is so laughable la! After the HS scores, BN is truly a ‘tak masuk akal’ party! Anyways…the bigger picture is what I am waiting for not the small fries!

Ah BEng

(quote)Rosmah and Najib joined in with American celebrities in a rendition of “We are the world”(quote)

The fat lady sang. So, is it over?


First Lady? We have a First Lady in Malaysia? I am sad … (was any) “due diligence” … done by the award committee to ascertain the quality or moral worth of the recipient of the award that honors character(?) A simple google check on ‘Rosmah’ … would have made any award committee (think twice before) giving her the award. The check would also show that all wives of PMs in this country takes on the role as honorary presidents, patrons of highly visible charities in Malaysia. It is just a role they play. This inaugural award’s value is suspect. No… Read more »


(was any) “due diligence” … done by the award committee to ascertain the quality or moral worth of the recipient of the award that honors character(?)

Rest assured. There were plenty of due diligence done.

Plenty. In the account(s) of those who gave out the award.

Everyone welcomes money… 🙂

Lone Ranger

APCO says “Your wish is my command”(?) – and this woman gets the award.


The fat lady is indeed very charitable. It’s not her money ma …


RM77million snt on a “Goodwill” trip to the States have gone a long way. Next, she will probably be awarded the Noble Peace Prize !!!
Eat your hearts out, you guys.


Oh, she charitable? How? …


We had learnt something about the power and liability of money politic and the magic of the tongkat and crutches to some of us who fails to struggle for their future. Really, nobody were defeated except these people who still believe in the instant mee projects, PRK/PRU angpau, the Tongkat and Crutches.


What did she do?

btw, her pet kindergarden project’s curiculum design was not even tested. It is currently being reviewed. It thus means that the training of teachers are inadequate. I would send my children to a real kindergarden instead of relying on Permata. There are also accusations of indoctrination and islamisation. Well done Rosmah


“…inaugural International Peace and Harmony Award…” Wow! Last I checked the wars in Iraq, Afghan etc., were still blazing and we have still not kissed and made up with Israel or Mongolia! I wonder whether the RM77 million paid to APCO had anything to do with this spate of awards being heaped on our PM and his wife like its going out of fashion!! Hmmmm! And BAKTI too. Remember Khir Toyo’s wife and BALKIS? Lawatn sambil belajar trip to Disneyland (with stop over at Cairo for belly dancing junket) again, maids and children included, anyone? Lol! dpp we are all… Read more »


And there were those who were so very happy a few years back when Dr Mahathir was nominated for the Nobel Prize.

Then again, Hitler was also nominated in 1939. Other past nominees include Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini…


Way to go, Rosie. And our US ambassador, JJ really knows how to squeeze it. From nothing he made it appear like there was something worthy to be said… International Peace and Harmony? Pleaselah! Well, the dollars we taxpayers pay APCO have shown some fruits, eh? And how much does it cost to put up a full page ad in NYT (was it?) I wonder. Apparently that fullpage ad said: “Malaysians are proud of you.” Are you? Who paid for it? I do not want to see another sen of our hard-earned money used in this way again. Let’s tell… Read more »


But did you see hubby’s award from the ITU?


The people who gave her the award must be the same people who claimed that there were WMDs in Iraq before it was invaded.

Gerakan K

You still not learn from yesterday defeat.

Lone Ranger

Yes we were deeated because we did not BUY and BRIBE the voters.

robin hood

nope, we learned that there were a lot of dungus … in HS.


It just got better! What defeat? Game’s not over and by the way, at least HS folks gets richer because of PKR presence unlike Gerakan – As always…Good for

Ah BEng

Any you still spewing propaganda like the good little UMNO ma-chai that you are.


Have you read “Soul of the Fire”, a novel by Terry Goodkind? Basically, you should read the book, firstly because it is very good, and secondly, the two main antagonists … One is a Head Minister of his country that is a monarchy, corrupt both morally and sexually. The other is his scheming obese wife, who on the surface seems to be a charitable women and loves to be adore by the press of their country, but in truth is also ruthless and cruel. … Very good book, the hero of course fights them and defeats them, but pays a… Read more »