Bala left for fish-head curry in Brickfields: Americk


He had friendly phone chat with ASP who wanted to congratulate him for first SD, says lawyer

(Press statements by Americk and Sivarasah)

At a press conference now going on at 5.30pm, P Balasubramaniam’s lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu has cast doubt on the private eye’s second statutory declaration.

After spending hours with Bala taking notes of his testimony previously and being familiar with his character, Americk said, “I am very sceptical that he has signed the second statutory declaration of his own free will and I am convinced he has been intimidated to do so by either threats or promises, as I can think of no other reason.”

He said Bala had signed the first declaration in front of a commissioner of oaths – someone whom Bala recognised as having grown up in the same Slim River neighbourhood as himself – on his own free will.

“I am therefore extremely surprised that Mr. Bala, in the space of 24 hours, has engaged the services of another lawyer and affirmed another statutory declaration swearing the first one was untrue and that he was forced to sign it,” said Americk.

The last Americk saw Bala was in Americk’s office after the press conference. Bala said the police were trying to contact him over the phone. Americk then told Bala to talk to them since they were trying to reach him.

Bala then spoke to the ASP and left at around 4.45pm. Americk assumed he was going to meet the ASP at about 6.30pm as they had been talking about having fishhead curry at Brickfields, said the lawyer.

Bala didn’t seem to be apprehensive about the ASP; he seemed to know him quite well. From the conversation on the phone, Americk said it sounded jovial and happy, and the ASP seemed happy that Bala had made the SD.

It sounded like the ASP wanted to see Bala to congratulate him for what he had done. “That was the impression I got,” said Americk.

Americk said he had spent a few hours each on two or three earlier occasions talking to Bala and taking down notes. “He gave me the impression that he wanted to do the right thing.” His impression was that Bala was trustworthy.

To a question from reporters, Americk confirmed that he doesn’t belong to any political party. “I am totally apolitical and I am only concerned about what is right.”

PKR vice-president Sivarasah Rasiah said the question wasn’t relevant as Americk was there in his capacity as Bala’s lawyer.

“I am very troubled that last night, one way or another, and true to Mr. Bala’s concerns, another crime was committed,” said Sivarasah. The crime was something which caused Bala this morning to retract the statements he made on 1 July 2008 and revealed publicly yesterday, he added.

“In particular we have taken notice that line by line the specific statements that were revised in Bala’s new statement have selectively removed those which specifically implicate the Deputy Prime Minister by name,” said Sivarasah. That crime could be intimidation or inducement, he pointed out. “It is important for us to reject that message of intimidation.”

Americk’s lawyer who was also present said that Americk was carrying out his duties as Bala’s lawyer and reiterated that the first statutory declaration was voluntarily signed before the commissioner of oaths.

Just before the press conference ended, Sivarasah said people could judge for themselves from Bala’s expression and demeanour when he was telling the truth – yesterday or today.

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Gopal Raj Kumar

The whole Bala Statutory Declaration saga will eventually explode in the faces of its creator who is not Bala….

The man for all intents and purposes (appears to be) a patsy. He (appears to have) been used by a group of people to further own sinister political ambiitons. Quite clearly they detected a willingness on his part to play. He thogh did not think it would go as far and has begun to spin his own web of lies to cover his tracks. It makes it more difficult for the sentient minds behind the game to conceal their tracks.





There was this movie about the emperor who sends assasins to kill off a high level ex royal physician who knows too much. The emperess in turn send her own men to protect him. It was a war by proxy. Sound and look familiar? If Annuar can fear for his life so much as to seek shelter in the embassy; Bala must have felt such fear that he left with his family without trace; either he has been given a witness protection program or he is in hiding in case the C4 get to him as well. He has incurred… Read more »

Truth My A*** PM!

PM blaims the bloggers for the current situation. PM says to stop spreading rumours. PM says the truth will be out. BUT: what is PM’s meaning of truth? Are we the RAKYAT suppose to accept everything you the PM or DPM, say to be the truth, as the REAL TRUTH. Well if everything in this country was more TRANSPARENT to the RAKYAT, then maybe we should accept what they claim as the truth, to be the truth. If you the PM and your SIL and DPM + all you UMNOPUTRA followers and BNPUTRA… + the … IGP and AGP +… Read more »

J. D. Lovrenciear

We can C4 foreigners and take all the time to bring justice to count. Sherlock Holmes would be turning in his grave looking at the progress (or retrogress) here. We can remove immigration records into thin air that even David Copperfield will go green with envy. Now we have Bala missing and our super efficient police have turned to Interpol. Indeed we are damn good. Tell me which country in the world carried the whole mattress into court as exhibit for an illicit sex crime? Malaysia did! Tell me which country is busy chasing for more than a dozen witnesses… Read more »

Kenny Gan

The second lawyer Arulampalam who appeared with Bala at the second PC should be investigated by the Bar Council. What kind of lawyer will advise his client to commit perjury?

malaysiakini reports that Bala and his family are missing now. Hope nothing happens to him


Whether SD1 is true or not, a fictional conversation (between A and B) leading to it may be something as below. A: “Just sign it. Don’t worry. RP did it. Nothing happens to him. What’s the worry? It’ll make you an instant hero overnight.” B: “But Dato, I’ve no royal blood in me. The big guys will be less hesistant to slam me.” A: “You are just worrying unnecessary. Didn’t you the 20000 people crowd that turned up at my rally? A new government will be formed soon and I will be the number 1 in charge. The current IGP… Read more »

H Amri

Did Mr Bala indicate in any way to PKR leaders or to Americk that he needed their “protection”? Remember, he’s a PI, a former Special Branch guy who was employed by Razak Baginda to do the work of “protecting”. The police officer who called him and whom he was to meet was familiar to him, most probably a former colleague. If we overrule foul play on the part of the authorities, then his flip-flop could only be an elaborate ploy to cast doubt of Anwar Ibrahim’s credibility. But just look at the pictures from the two press conferences. Are’nt they… Read more »


Look at it again boys and gals: By leaving Bala alone, Anwar and his group wanted to show one thing: that there is a (possibly) clear consistence of manipulation in the criminal justice system by Najib, Musa Hasan and Patail who are interestingly the least professional people we have ever heard. Anwar wanted to show that they (The police-Najib-Musa-Ghani) (allegedly) always fabricate evidence, manipulate the system and cow people. What makes it even more inspiring is that Bala just made his 1st SD in front of the world media while laughing and saying…“Oh, if you spend one night in those… Read more »


The Curry must have been too hot, burned Bala till he changed his mind. Fella’s, isnt it obvious. Look at Bala in the first PC, jovial and happy, kind of a proud that he did it. Everybody has inner pride and conscience. On the other hand look at the second PC, he looks like someone who is at a funeral, in this case his own. I think we can safely conclude that the 1st SD was the right one. And then revert to Najibs PC at 7 pm, supremely confident that the truth will prevail, possibly because he already knew… Read more »

Public Observer

My dear Francis

Could your ‘observations’ possibly be an enactment of a drama script ‘well prepared’ by a ‘Master’ before the Public Announcement?

Kaniah-niah Boh

Left for curry fish , my foot. More like left to be with the sharks, thereafter he quickly changed his SD knowing fully well what sharks can do.

Some Observation

By: Francis on July 4, 2008 at 10:32 am Few observations though: Since we are talking about two SD, let’s examine certain points. 1. Yesterday, he was all happy and chatted with every journalist, local and foreign. Today, he refused to talk or take a single question from anyone. 2. Yesterday, his meeting was announced 24 hrs before it was scheduled. Today’s meeting was in obscure hotel where few journalists were called in. 3. Yesterday, he was a happy man, vety jovial and chattery. Today, BN newspaper the Star wrote that he “was visibly perturbed” 4. Yesterday, he has informed… Read more »


Previously it was one police report after another. Now it is one statutory declaration after another.

Rakyat sudah letih-lah. Can form government , quickly form-lah. Main-main semua ini tak baik untuk rakyat dan negara.

Remark by someone I spoke to recently on whether Anwar is really mr.clean :

“Between the devil and the deep blue sea – we had tried the devil for 50 years, it is time to give the deep blue sea a try.”

Who knows we may find more oil in the deep blue sea 8-).

If can form government, form-lah. Jangan cakap sahaja.

Kaniah-niah Boh

Fish curry my food. More likely curry with the shark, thereafter he changed his mind real quick.


Midnight blue Walking on the roads Listen to the insects Flying along with me Trying hard to remember Why the politicians never get it right? Lies after lies they brew to the people Why can’t they tell the truth for once? The silent wind blowing Rising cool effect feeling chill Yet on the silent roads Dogs and cats roam In the newspapers headlines ‘Heads On and PI retracts’ The truth becomes real As the sound lingering louder I turn around jump onto the side road Cursing expletives shouting until I am coarse Yet I am alive…………..walking on the street Midnight… Read more »

Concerned Citizen

Is the same as with Anwar case. We all know that he was framed by that little Saiful but he did not retracted his charges. Now the Bala who first said that Najib was involved in the case, now retracted his SD, due to what (some believe to be) pressure from him. Anwar has no power, that’s why anyone or any cat and dog can allege him of wrong doing. BTW, there’s really some mistake from the lawyer Amick and PKR part for not accompanying Bala while at the Police Station. You know la.. anything can happens there, scary thing;… Read more »

Mr Smith

I posted a comment here last night but it did not appear. Did you spike it. If so, why?
If no reply is forthcoming, let this be my last post in your blog.

Sorry, I was erring on the side of caution. Hope this won’t be your last comment. – Anil.

J. D. Lovrenciear

The entire nation of people are all rilled up. There are for and against arguments to the day-to-day sendiwara unfolding. Bottomline: We must establish a common premise to argue. And that common premise would be: WHAT SHOULD OUR APPOINTED AND ELECTED LEADERS BE DOING? Going by the pile up of s*** all around us, it is an easy guess that we are suks to the world. While the world is busy geraing its resources and strengths to face uncertain times ahead, we are witnessing a script that even Bollywood or Hollywood Directors would find most ridiculously intriguing. We have put… Read more »


Obviously this Americk Singh is not the Hindraf kind……basically no b****……

Ken Destino

let a neutral body investigate both the first SD and the second SD. Bala is not insane to come up with the first SD. there must be some truth in it as he was the man all along with razak baginda. he should know the script well. americk and sivaras do not need to educate themselves as they are lawyers who were just stating what transpired out of the SD and what happened next. you don’t have to be a lawyer to understand the grand drama involving the murder of this poor mongolian lad. justice has to prevail. the police… Read more »

artic turban

indian if you are that stupid than keep your ignorance to yourself, there is a chinese saying, if you open your mouth and utter rubbish, than don’t be surprised of being called stupid, there is a (possible) case of intimidation here and here you are blasting off at sivarasa, who is the babi-buta now fool-cj, if you don’t get this you never will!


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OOPs I FORGOT to add, i make the comments above based on 50 years of BN govt dictatorial system,,, and experiences over that time