Gerakbudaya, Penang: An alternative bookshop has opened in Penang


Gerakbudaya has opened a new outlet in Penang and in this cosy little bookshop, you can find alternative books on politics, the economy, history, socio-economics, and culture, which you probably would not find in more mainstream bookshops.

Opening of Penang Gerakbudaya bookshop

A small but vibrant collection, sure to pique your interest.

Opening of Penang Gerakbudaya bookshop

The bookshop is nestled along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling/Pitt Street, near the intersection with Chulia Street, not far from the roadside stalls selling flowers.

Opening of Penang Gerakbudaya bookshop

Bookshops like this are rare, so do patronise and support it and help promote a real reading culture in Penang.

For an example of one of the books that Gerakbudaya is selling, this is one of the newest books just out, a book on the economy by Shankaran Nambiar.

Many other books like that, as well as political biographies.

Opening of Penang Gerakbudaya bookshop


78, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, George Town, Penang.

Tel: (04) 261 0282


E-mail: [email protected]

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Don Anamalai


I recommend that you read this latest best seller book “Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century” by French economist Thomas Piketty on income inequality and capitalism.

Piketty examined decades of historical data from 20 countries to compare income inequality over time and concluded that the U.S. economy has seen the wealth of the 1% grow to dizzying new heights. Wealth isn’t trickling down as some argue, Piketty said. Moreover, he warns that rising inequality will undermine democracy and generate discontent.


Ya, please have a coffee corner for the readers.

And have all the books banned by the lovely, efficient barang naik govt. Tq !


I trust it will have books written by authors that are not funded by the Umno schmucks on the understanding that the true versions are not being told. Three cheers for these authors of real truth !

Don Anamalai

This is one area where the bookstore could seek differentiation.


Unfortunately not many Malaysians now have reading habit. Young ones are busy playing apps on their smartphones. The language skills thus has deteriorated. Oh My English?


Do they serve Penang Kopitiam Kopi-O kau kau?

OM Saigal

It is enlightening to hear of this alternative bookshop ‘Gerakbudaya’. It should be promoted as a ‘must visit’ for readers from all walks of life, including those travelling the highways and byways to our beautiful island. ….


Can get Zunar cartoon book there?