Aliran speaks on the emergency

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A worrying development. Is the emergency motivated by politics or the pandemic?

This is the latest statement by Aliran on the declaration of a nationwide state of emergency:

Emergency smacks of Muhyiddin wanting desperately to cling on to power

In the space of 24 hours, Malaysians found themselves facing a second movement control order and a declaration of a nationwide emergency.

Aliran understands the need for a new movement control order to address the fast-increasing numbers affected.

But unlike the first time controls were imposed, no financial and other means of support have been proposed by the regime for the many industries that are still struggling to recover and for the many more Malaysians who have lost their jobs and are now suffering. How are people meant to survive?

The declaration of a state of emergency, previously attempted and thwarted, has taken many by surprise. The PM’s assertion that the spread of the pandemic is an emergency is questionable. It is a public health issue, but is it an emergency as defined in our laws? Some legal experts do not think so.

Aliran reiterates the question that members of the legal fraternity have raised: Where is the emergency?

Aliran would like to stress that the declaration of a state of emergency nationwide does not provide solutions for the desperate state of our economy and the hardship and struggles many Malaysians face.

Further, there is also grave concern about the fate of parliamentary democracy and the serious negative implications of the lack of checks and balances under emergency rule, ie the conferring of immense unchecked power on the PM.

Suspending Parliament, state assembly sittings and elections while everything else remains normal under this state of emergency smacks of Muhyiddin wanting desperately to hang on to power when it has become clear he has lost his wafer-thin majority in Parliament.

Aliran opposes the abuse of parliamentary democracy in this way. We call for the swift revocation of this emergency declaration, the reinstatement of parliamentary sittings and rule, and the return of power back to our representatives.

Aliran executive committee
13 January 2021

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Muhyiddin’s political gamble

Saving the nation or political move?

Mai Guan Tou

Today 1 March 2021 primary 1 reopens.
But parliment still cannot open?

Still not safe?

If no parliment sitting, the MPs should have their allowances and salary forfeited?


Why Our Malaysia’s “SIR” appointed can be hot temper and hit others and landed in court as the latest incidence is in malatang shop. Others said some have links with below ground world. “SIR” here is to cari minium kopi kau kau and eat one ton mee,


The Malay dilemma affects the future of all Malaysians.

How is this for a mega dilemma? After six decades of being told that the DAP and the Chinese are the enemies of the Malays and have made their lives miserable, taken their jobs, and stolen their land, can the Malays honestly claim that the predominantly Malay (97%) Perikatan Nasional (PN) administration, has managed to raise their standard of living over this past year?

Who does the Malay blame? There is no DAP in the government now.


KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 14 — Malaysia has regressed in terms of human rights since the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government, led by prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, took over in March 2020, global watchdog Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in its annual report.


Under the newly gazetted Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 2021, the government is granted full immunity from any court charges or lawsuits for acts, neglect or default, done in good faith.


Learn from China to control the outbreak of Covid-19


Malaysian workers in Singapore start getting Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine jabs

Why are we waiting so long in Malaysia?
No money for vaccine? Or waiting for halal certification? Indonesia has already been using China’s Sinovac.


how to build hospitals? we all those skills are sapu by foreigners. We need indonesians and bangladeshis to do the job. Hospitals here take 7 years to build but in Wuhan and many places in Tiong hua take 7 days.


If emergency drags on till August then many will go unemployed.

No more cuti cuti Malaysia.

No more kopi o gossiping while seated at coffee shops.

Everything moves towards on line so more e-scams ahead.


Mr. Anil,

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Covid – What is malaysian approach? See any? Will there be a decrease? Docs work … and only take note. Now take note? How many will be Adios? How many months more? Will there be herd immunity of less than 70% are not vaccinated and is not one shot for life. Sheraton Plan good planning. Covid Plan – sangat Bo*oh.


For MCO, Penang to give one-off aid to hawkers, trishaw riders, canteen operators and spas


What happen to Health Tai khor? Covid rising when is falling down like London Bridge? Covid will continue to bull run. Gomen sudah pokkai. They should do more mass testing to weed out those More tests more cheaper and less strain to docs and nurses. Those positive can cuti cuti like in TR or SB. Those negative normals can continue their Normal, shopping, selling buying and working wearing like Zorros and like cars keeping a safe distance.


Wait long long til Q3 to get yourself vaccinated. Until then wear your mask practise social distancing and not be attracted by free frozen chicken promotion.


Wait Q3? Better tiga suku. Smart Alex always want to compare us with Viet Cong, Laos, Cambodia. Their Plan is better than Sheraton. See how their plan for Covid and they manage their Covid and economy better.