Abdullah, the biggest casualty of the ‘tsunami’


It’s People Power.

Exactly seven months after the 8 March political tsunami swept the land, Abdullah has announced that he will not be defending his Umno presidency. Consider it a delayed reaction to the stunning setback suffered by the Umno-led ruling coalition in the general election and the further erosion in support evident in the 26 August Permatang Pauh by-election.

Abdullah is the biggest casualty of the ‘tsunami’.

“It’s very disappointing,” said a Penang-based activist. “He was pushed out and he went away like a mouse.”

But before anyone celebrates, mull over this: it leaves the door open for Najib to take over, though he first has to navigate past Razaleigh in the party elections before Abdullah will hand over power. If he does, are we in for another round of repressive rule ala Mahathir?

Many Malaysians will be disappointed that Abdullah, who promised so much when he won the 2004 general election with a big bang, now appears to be going out with a squeak.

With nothing to lose now, Abdullah plans to push through some of his reforms – making the judiciary and the ACA more independent and reforming the police (what about abolishing the ISA?) – and shore up a little of his legacy. But if he couldn’t do it at the height of his popularity, how will he do it now as a lame-duck premier – without Zaid Ibrahim – and with Najib breathing down his neck?

Reforms that could have be carried out in the last five years now to be completed in five months (until March)? Unlikely.

Several questions now arise:

  • How will Razaleigh fare against Najib?
  • Will the BN component parties suffer a further erosion of support if Najib takes over?
  • Will Mahathir and company be back? (Oh no! God help us…)
  • How will Khairy fare against Mukhriz?
  • What will be the fate of Muhyiddin? Will Abdullah still want him in his cabinet?
  • Does any of this really matter – will Pakatan succeed in its motion of no-confidence? (Next show begins on 13 October!)

But Abdullah could have the last laugh. He can now just sit back and watch the fun as Najib tries to manage the Malaysian economy at a time when global markets are tumbling all over.

More damaging information could be “leaked” about Najib.

The RPK trials could take a dramatic turn, who knows. What happens if RPK is released from ISA detention and then gives Najib a hard time?

It’s not over till the fat lady sings… (no, I am not referring to anyone in particular! It’s just a saying-la).

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How do we want to remember Abdullah Badawi as the PM of Malaysia in history?



Abdullah may be seen an ineffective and tame “sang kancil”, he allowed opposition a breathing space is a great contribution to this nation.

We are welcoming another … who threatened (people) with his kris during a 1987’s mass gathering in Kampong Baru….

simon li

“I left for UMNO’s sake.” Actually it’s quite sad to see him still talking to himself like this. SIL must be squirming.


i know many will hate to agree… but i reckon TDM was right to call for his step-down after the good 2004 run… his weaknesses (& sheer loack of strengths & intellect) will not be contained for long.

at least he has one true talent – prolonging a drama =]

common, PR… make this UMNO March elections a no-event, an opposition party elections!!!



Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil and other progressive friends Farish Noor’s article (posted by jc 8:12 pm) says it best! As for all the mainstream media propaganda about AAB being a nice guy, Mr Clean etc, consider the following: Do nice guys arrest peaceful demonstrators under despicable laws such as the ISA? Does a Mr Clean allow close relatives to indulge in all sorts of dubious financial transactions at tax payer expense? Does a Mr Clean allow relatives by marriage to amass political power and exercise it irresponsibly? George W. Bush is going down in history as the worst US President ever. AAB… Read more »


Hmph !

A lot of things left to make right. Just becos he stepped down, doesn’t mean we will see the end of out problems, it might just be the beginning of a new one.

I see a lot of things that can still go wrong. The two most glaring at this point in time :

1) Mukhriz wins in the UMNO AGM – still same problem – the Tua Kutuk still behind the scenes

2) Tun Zaki becomes CJ – this UMNO … moving up means the *** … for the judiciary !


Mr Prime Minister – AAB Before you relinquish your power and authority you should do the following: 1) Appoint Tenku Razaleigh as DPM 2) (Get rid of) Syed Albar and Muhiddin 3) Drop Najib 4) Release ALL ISA detainees 5) Investigate Toyol 6) Expose the C4 case 7) Expose the (alleged) submarine commissions 8) Investigate (certain top leaders in BN component parties)… You had been protecting a lot of people and almost all of them have disown and disregard you. If you can carry out 50% of above suggestions, you will surely leave behind your legacy as history is written… Read more »


Pak Lah is going to step down for good? He is still an MP until the next GE 13. I doubt he will be joining the Back Bencher Club or to retire in Perth? Anybody there care to explain my doubts?


Anil, what happens should AAB ends up with the minimum 58 nominations and gang up with Mahyuddin to take on the Najib-Zaid Hamidi team?

“What can I do… UMNO members still want me to lead, I cannot refuse, right?” would be his comments.

“Didn’t someone said that the leadership should be left to the members? Najib said it, didn’t he? I am now just following that advice”

Malaysia is headed for some interesting times alright.


As was evident in the GE 12, the tsunami was not only meant to sweep PM AAB alone. He is a nice and good guy but not of leadership quality. That’s why so many things he promised in GE 11 was never carried out! There are also a number of good men/women in the BN still and they knew after the results of GE 12, the RAKYAT is not particularly against any individual but against the BN government as a whole! Then only the narrowing of targets into particular individuals are carried out. The incoming **** is even worst then… Read more »

Charlie Joe

TO AAB, Mr. Prime Minister… Before you leave, Do the Needful- 1) ABOLISH ISA….Which means Raja Petra be released….2) Drop all ‘framed-up’ charges against Anwar.. After all, you’re leaving, Do the above and you’ll be a Hero to us; THE RAKYAT… You have noting to lose, Mr. PM… The fence sitters who are within your compound are rejoicing your exit in silence, So why bother about them (Albar, Nazri, Najib and many more) Use your Kuasa now and do it?? DSAnwar is human and is grateful to you, He’s not going to harass you when he takes over..And Take over,… Read more »


One down. Another battle for the rakyat to make the next one … bites the dust too.

However before AAB goes, please………..
1. Kick all the racialistic and religious extremists out of BN especially within Umno party.
2. Revamp the judiciary.
3. Whacked the inefficient and corrupted police force to shape. Just look at the numerous crimes in our nieghbourhood.
4. Release all ISA detainees.
5. Reveal evidence of the poor Mongolian woman murder.
Just do it . Please dont flipflop again.


Badawi’s fall —Farish A Noor At the rate things are going in Malaysia — Malaysia’s Central Bank has reported a capital flight of 1.1 Billion US dollars in August alone — the fall of Badawi and the UMNO-led government may come sooner than later It is not often that I sermonise in my articles, and it has been a month since the OtherMalaysia.org research project was brought to a close. Yet despite everything, the tone and tenor of Malaysia’s convoluted politics and the country’s slide into decline forces us to take stock of how far Malaysia has, or hasn’t, travelled… Read more »


Abdullah Badawi is a thinker and a philosopher. His concept of Hadhari islam is probably too advanced for local grassroot diehards.

I never had a bad thing to say about Badawi or his reforms. ‘Tis is unfortunate I think a man like him got involved in the slimy and murderous profession of politics.

Anyway Badawi if you have time come to my teh tarik store in Tapah and we can ‘tok kok’, minum teh and eat dosai or roti in the afternoon.


I am glad that Abdullah Badawi has at last bowed to the inevitable.

Cannot help thinking that he should have stepped down on March 8th. At least hten he may have salvaged a tiny bit of honour.

Now, I await a new Pakatan Rakyat government with bated breath.

May Anwar & Co succeed in their quest, and start to turn this country around towards a united and prosperous future.

Li Huat Chai

I like Pak Lah as a person but not as a leader.

It is a fact, he is too weak to lead.

He promised so many “good” things but none has come
to pass.

Najib to be Malasia’s PM??? And, Rosmah, Malasia’s 1st lady???

Where is Bala now?

Why do they need to hide him?


I was actually hoping, albeit against strong odds, that Pak Lah would say “to hell with the transition plan”, and actually stay for the fight. I’m rather disappointed with this turn of events, though it was rather ‘predictable’.

UMNO, in its ‘reform movement’, if one can still call it that, is actually taking steps backward. Instead of pushing for more freedom and democracy within the party, it seems that the ultimate say is still with the top few.

Edmond R

Our leaders are hypocrites. They claim that Malaysia follows the democratic system, but their leader succession plan has always been autocratic. Passing your seat to your chosen successor without the latter having to undergo any elections at all is worse than absolute monarchy system.
Out goes Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. In comes Najib. What’s the difference? The difference is Najib could be a worse PM than Badawi. Sad sad sad.
The only hope is a total change in the government.


The economy is further worsening. This could create more political uncertainty.

CASINO CAPITALISM’S CRISIS CONTINUES http://asocialistmalaysia.blogspot.com/2008/10/economy-casino-capitalisms-crisis.html

Dalbinder Singh Gill

i agree with the statement by the activist above, we all got him out and now we are going to regret… nvm la .. good job to all malaysians.. haiz.. my future…

chan chee wah

Before that Najib should clear his reputation first la……….

Eagle has landed

The most undemocratic handing over, if it is true. I wonder how and why the leaders of the other BN component party can accept it. Or they just don’t care whoever sits as PM. It looks like a tough and a rough ride for the next PM-a lame duck in the making.
It is going to be even worst as Pak Lah was only facing the UMNO displeasure but the next guy will face the challenge of the whole BN component. Good Luck to the unlucky guy.


one leaves as another takes over… exorcism not over yet folks…


1 down and more to go !