PM concerned over attempts to change transition plan


Something is up.

While most of us were focused on the ISA arrests, we could have missed this.

We are seeing differences between Abdullah and Najib or Muhyiddin or both over the transition plan – which was supposed to be a done deal, under which the PM would hand over the reins to Najib in 2010. But now we see Najib saying that it should be left to Umno delegates to decide. And Muhyiddin saying that 2010 is too far away.

And Abdullah is expressing concern. The Bernama report below says Abdullah has reiterated that the decision on the transfer of power had already been agreed upon by him and Najib, and endorsed by the other party leaders and the cabinet.

Meanwhile, Anwar is due wants to meet Abdullah tonight as soon as possible ostensibly to discuss the ISA arrests.

Check out this Bernama report:

It is not proper for the transfer of power plan between the prime minister and his deputy be raised again, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The prime minister said this was because all efforts must now be focused on fulfulling the people’s want — development.

He said raising the power transition plan would only give rise to all kinds of speculation and campaigning.

“There are those who want the tranfer of power to take place as scheduled while others want it to be hastened,” he told reporters after a meeting with Khazanah Nasional’s senior officials at the Finance Ministry, here Friday.

Abdullah was asked to comment on his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s reported statement that he left it to Umno members to decide on the date for the transfer of power.

According to the plan, Abdullah will hand over the posts of prime minister, Barisan Nasional chairman and Umno president to Najib in June 2010.

Abdullah reiterated that the decision on the transfer of power had already been agreed upon by him and Najib, and endorsed by the other party leaders and the cabinet.

The prime minister said the plan’s rationale was to maintain political stability in the country so that efforts could be focused on development.

He said the political instability of late had caused the people to be fed up with the political stories and speculations going on not-stop, while Umno members had become restless and uneasy with the political uncertainties in the country.

“We need to think of the people’s feelings and not just about ourselves and our politics,” he said.

Abdullah said for the sake of political stability and the good of the party, efforts must be focused on meeting the people’s want — development.

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dear anil
Julius Caesar a la Malaysia Bolih.


If Muhyddin and najib are going to team up, Kuli will be left in the cold (again)… i think he should just quit umno while he still has some (miniscule) supporters, and join pakatan.. Kuli is a decent man, and despite his age, i think he can contribute as an “elder” in the new government, even if he doesn’t get the DPM post..


NAJIB is a … politician who will do anything that favour himself…


Pak Lah,…please do something right by handing the premiership to DSAI. Only then we will forgive you.Do it now to prevent mahathir from detroying our beloved country.


Actually Badawi is a very nice fellow. I met him many times and he is a real gentleman. But this is politics and in politics the knives are always out. Badawi should now pave the way for his real successor who in fact is Anwar Ibrahim. Then Badawi would have his revenge on those in UMNO who want him out and leave it to Anwar to sort out the country’s problems and get the politicians who have been robbing our malaysian wealth.


Final countdown to September 16…

What do you do?

Siew  Eng

Hi, Anil. I was about to post a comment when I noted that despite being viewed 1986 times, there’s no comment. Isn’t that highly unusual? To the Special Branch and cybertroopers monitoring Net activity, let me tell you that there were new faces at the vigil in Bukit Aman last night bearing witness to the rude, unreasonable behaviour of the police. Make no mistake, there’s going to be greater pressure for police reform. I despair to think that the 100-plus personnel who were there last night were being paid by us to curtail our right to assemble peacefully. It’s not… Read more »

New Malaysian

Err… Mr Prime Minister – of big ears but of selective hearing, if you need to think of people’s feelings and not just about yourself and your politics, please hear this: We, the RAKYAT feel that you should not use the ISA for the rescue of UMNO/BN. The people DO NOT feel that Raja Petra Kamaruddin is a threat to national security; that in fact he is a national hero. We however feel that the BN government IS a threat to national security. We feel that your government is instrumental in stoking religious and racial sensitivities and tensions. We feel… Read more »




Any other outcome than the plan agreed upon with DPM Najib is an early end for him, he need to divert the attention.


Dear Anil,

Factional politics is seriously going on in UMNO as we speak. The PM is cornered and Anwar is offering him a way out with dignity by insisting on the meet,

If I read this correctly, Anwar is going to tell the PM that there is no saving himself and that since he is ‘destined’ to fall, whether from within or without, he should go out with dignity but giving the opposition a chance rather than bow out and let those …… within his party take control!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

“You, too? Brutus!” said in shock by Julius Caesar
Discussing the thin cord easily cut by a scissor
Over the accord that not everyone can ill afford
To wait so long for something that’s still wrong

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 130908
Sat. 13th Sept. 2008.


Honestly, Pak lah should have handed the PMship after the heavy beating in the GE.
He still cannot understand that the voters are really not appy with his leadership. He really does not know his job as pointed by so many well known analyst.

telur dua

AAB doesn’t own the Presidency of UMNO, nobody does. It is not for him to hand over something he doesn’t own. And they call this a democratic party? Democracy in UMNO died long ago.

All party posts must be open for contest. Let the party members decide.

A true Malaysian

Lacking in transparency in a system is the key problem Umno is facing now. This lack in transparency and non-competitive rules in an organization hierarchy has resulting in the arrangement of the so-called ‘power transition’ in Umno top leadership and its Wanita wing. At the end of the day, Umno grassroots are not getting a leader that they want. Just because Umno President is also traditionally our Prime Minister, other Malaysian at large suffers as well under such lacking in transparency and competitiveness in Umno. In hindsight, Lee Kuan Yew is right in fighting for a “Malaysia for Malaysians”. In… Read more »


Pak Lah is not a firm leader. Neither is he smart enough to play the political games. In politics one must be shrewd. Najib has to say this, why? He fears Mahyuddin will team up with others to topple Pak Lah and his chance of becoming the PM becomes a foregone conclusion. Now Pak Lah is facing Najib and also Mahyuddin. If he is smart and plays his card well he should be able to put these two men aside. But, he has to be a shrewd politician to do this. We doubt that he has this acumen. There is… Read more »

mmajid …..please support the petition to the king.please read details and support urgently


I am sure that Abdullah was aware of the ISA arrest made yesterday and oked it. I can’t imagine the PM being kept in the dark over such matters. I think the ill advised decision was made in haste and as a measure to overcome the a perceived possible “backlash” particularly from Penang UMNO over AI’s suspension which may affect his own political survival. If so, it is very unfortunate that the interest of a few takes precedence over the nation as a whole. There is no racial tension in the country. There is only political tension. One should not… Read more »

Thinking Light


I suspect N’s hand is behind all of this with M’s help. N’s body language changed recently. He looks more cheerful and more confident. Before this, always gloomy.

Pak Lah is totally out of control of everything (UMNO, BN and Govt)..Mahathir had experiences in ousting PM such as Tunku. That was how Najib’s father went into power..It is not like Pak Lah to be ruthless though I could be wrong.

If Pak Lah is ousted…, will the rakyat stand by him?


For Najib to say that the party leadership should be left to the UMNO delegates…. He is as consistent as he can gets. Remember the when he switched camp from Team B to Team A during the Mahathir Ku Li face off? Why did Najib pleged no competition earlier and to stick with Pak Lah throughout the next 2years with PM post as the prized reward? Is it because the prized post seems unattainable if he continues to stick with Pak Lah?

I think he is abandoning Pak Lah.