A ‘spy camera’ that beeps?


I see a ‘spy camera’ has been found in Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim’s office.

Oh my, there’s never a dull moment in Malaysia.

This is a so-called ‘spy camera’ – actually a video camera placed among the curtains – that beeps when the battery level is low. (That’s how the camera was found.)

I don’t know much about ‘spy cameras’, but I dare say such cameras are usually unobtrusive and quiet. This camera was neither: it was large and noisy.

A spy camera that beeps sounds like an oxymoron!

Anyway, I hope they get to the bottom of this and find out who was responsible.

I guess this is all par for the course in Bolehland.

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This level of incompetence on the part of, presumably anti-Pakatan and/or pro-BN, undercover agents would have made even Maxwell Smart blush! In any law-abiding country, this sort of activity would be classified as criminal. Can we be hopeful that the police will investigate?


You can’t compare a dedicated camcorder vs netbook. Netbook still need to power up the cpu,ram,etc. A sony mp4 recorder only used 1.9W power(3.6V) in operation. So don’t underestimate any new image recording devices. when pack with a portable UPS. The only catch is, battery lost charge faster under hot temperature.

Perhaps the best way to clear all such bugs are using EMP rifle to blast the office in order to fried all electronics within the range.

true malaysians

MB khalid should inspect all the toilets (male and female)…they may film you while u r doing your ‘business ‘there………


Is this the type of camera that videotape the sexcapade of CSL?


Adding to the incompetence comment. The guy who allegedly try to commit suicide in Komtar. Again, it is incompetence on display. Want to commit suicide and cannot even kill himself successfully. Sigh! What are we good for?

semuanya OK kot

I am certain our would-be saviours would have acquired the latest spy equipment on their many overseas “study tours”. These are as small as grains of sand, and for audio, can even be scattered on a carpet.


What did I say about incompetence in Malaysia. It is every where. Want to spy and cannot do a proper job. Really, how can investors have confidence in us. Want to build some arches, these started to tilt before completed. Want to put a fancy roof for a stadium and it fell.

This is becoming a Malaysian Trademark. Malaysia, truly incompetent.


nothing good to do it seems esp in Ramadhan


The actual camera is small. That box is a UPS – seems as though there was no power available where they wanted to place the camera so they went with a Mains power UPS (not plugged in presumably) and ran it off an AC adaptor! 🙂

They could have just used a 12V or even a 9V battery to make it more concealable. Then again, maybe it was there for a long time – that UPS would presumably last a few days at least.


http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/139788 What’s the other cable in that image, a microphone? I’m not sure a UPS of that size would last a few days, unless the appliance is extremely low power. I sometimes use a Dell Mini 9 (about 4W with the screen blank) as a remote camera. During power cuts, I use it to go online at about 6-10W with a DiGi EDGE adaptor, running off a 50Ah car battery and small inverter. Even fully charged, a car battery will only support that load for not much more than 2 days. That UPS must have a much smaller battery, so… Read more »


O Yes, Anil, it is so excited in this Bodoh Land… Desperate people always do desperate things… Sodomy Pt One not enough, so now with the continuation of Sodomy Pt Two… Dr Pornthip is coming (and could) expose the evil deeds of MACC, so suddenly a ‘suicide’ note was discovered… That officer found it 2 months after Beng Hock’s death… Just wonder is Beng Hock having a super mystery sling bag that the officer need 2 months’ time to go through the bag to search for that piece of HARD evidence… Yes, he thinks Khalid, the Menteri Besar of Selangor… Read more »


MB acted too hastily. He should have planted his own spy cam to catch that spy. Now not many people will believe him.


Who ever was hoping to achieve, was to photograph Khalid doing a DR Chua…sorry la, wrong office, try MCA Building or, UMNO PM’s office… with some luck, may get him performing an AC-DC!

(The culprit is a) low down creep…


They thought they could repeat the ‘I catch you with the Chinese national’ Perak trap.
For them, what better cheap blue film than catching a PR in action – a killing 2 birds with one stone! Cheap entertainment of the sick, sordid mind!


nkkhoo…. it’s not a drama by pakatan..it whole new idiotic soap opeara by opposition goons in selangor!remember pakatan is the state goverment..i guest you know who’s oppostion is right?


Must be those who work under him (ex-government ppl).


Selangor MB office should have 24X7 CCTV, find out the culprit is not a problem.

I just hope this is not a drama played out by Pakatan government.




Just go ask (PKR rival) ok??? He is the BEST person to confront about this issue.


Simple logic, the person who fixed the spy-cam must have “leaked 80% of the SPY-FUND” into his pocket, and got a cheapo from Petaling St….
Aiyoh, even in 1Mi5 got “bocor”


I believe the suspected party will respond and say they would not be that stupid to plant such a clumsy amateurish camera to capture YAB. They would have used those almost ‘invisible’ Taiwanese spy cams which they have plenty.


Me thinks a huge sum was given to this spy, but being a greed git he pocketed some as commissions for consultation services and ended up with litte money for thespy caera.

hahahahaha, bet ya in the ghosat month, toyol must be involve.



….spy camera in the honourable Mentri Besar’s Selangor’s office????…what did they exactly wanted/expected to catch on ‘record'(camera)mode?????!!!!!expecting/hoping YB Khalid to do a similar Saiful GOSTAN??????!!!!!Despicable/disgusting losers’ antics….(like all ‘jumping’ kataks’, camera installer MUST be a “paid” mecenary!)…..i assure you my vote to bring them(lowest scums of our otherwise beautiful Mother Earth) down, once and for all to complete OBLIVION….bury them ‘alive’ comes GE 13th…..


The psychographic makeup of a person bend on catching others in their private (sex) acts usually, most probably and habitually is a die-hard sex offender of multitude kind!

His mental makeup at every waking seconds is SEX, horrid SEX, and nothing but SEX of the most offending kind inclusive of his favourite Sodo-me!

It’s a matter of time he will be caught and revealed.

God is Watching revulsively.


They can’t catch Anwar in the act (or is there any act at all), so they focus on MB Khalid instead.
Poor Khalid, he has to behave stiff well in office 24/7!


Desperate, WHO ELSE CAN IT BE !!!