A special guest at Anwar’s open house


The Governor of Penang exchanging greetings with Anwar at the latter’s open house in Cherok To’kun on mainland Penang on Saturday. He spent about an hour there. (Photo credit: anwaribrahimblog.com)

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look here, people of ANMO, see for ur own very eyes, hope u not blind, esp HOME MINISTER, sure u got people watching this blog. how gracious people in YB Anwar hari raya open house no threat at all. when u have open house, open ur arms n welcome all people.Not like putra jaya got 2 get blue uniform 2 RESTRICT people from visiting. WHAT A SHAME ON U. kindly undur lah don’t rule with iron fist. we r not communist. understand ALBAR.

keldai baghal

Justice brings unity in a subconcious fashion. Walk the talk and see the result. No need for hidden agenda behind every move, Umno lays a politial agenda for their open house while DSAI lays his heart and opens his arm to greet all Malaysians with love to foster closeness… wondered how will Malaysia be if ever DSAI takes over the reins from the dirty and corrupt hands..?


We are all Malaysians. All of us Malaysians want a clean and responsible government. If UMNO still cannot realise this simple fact and persists with their now discredited ‘ketuanan’ theme then UMNO only have themselves to blame. Anwar got bitten by the very people whom he supported when he was DPM and UMNO deputy President and now he realises who his real friends are. His real friends are malaysians of all walks of life from all races. Anwar came clean with us Malaysians and in turn we now want him to lead us as PM.


For a start Anwar’s Open House was not funded by taxpayers, no barriers were placed to keep visitors away wearing coloured attire.
Most definitely, no visit to the police station for investigation after the event.
If these UMNO fellas want to have an Open House, do it with a warm and open heart and not, grudgingly. To (some of) them, it is merely a show of arrogance. A true muslim, will even welcome an enemy to share his foods and hospitality.


Anil… need to digress a bit, very angry and so need to get it out of my system!

The excess of RM1.419 billion for buying the 12 units of Eurocopter EC725 can pay another 2,270,400 motorists another round of RM625 petrol subsidy / rebate, WTF man!

Dalbinder Singh Gill

so how mr.anil, are you gonna publish it to help me n all ..

Hi Dalbinder, perhaps you should request the DAP to put it on their website or blogs? or alert the press. cheers Anil


The open house this year gave us the rakyat a view of what is in store for us as a nation. I was not at the PM’s open house but was at the pkr one at kl and the atmosphere is every childs dream come true..True spirit of Malaysia.
Managed to get some pictures : http://www.abinesh.com/delirium/posts/keadilan-open-house-12th-october-2008/

About hindraf’s experience there… I witnessed the PKR open house first hand from their entry till exit :

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

In the tale of two Open Houses
One host was full of grouses
The other was most gracious
Can we be free from being suspicious?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 141008
Tue. 14th Oct. 2008.


After his speech on Monday, guess what? New measures to strengthen the economy are on the way.

Isn’t it nice to have someone to keep the government on its toes?