A letter to PM trends hotly in cyberspace


This letter by a young woman to the PM outlining the problem of coping with the higher cost of living in urban areas is trending hotly on cyberspace:

Surat Siti Hajar Aladin Kepada Najib Razak (Perdana Menteri). Gaji Bersih RM2032 di KL?
Simpanan RM213.40. Boleh Beli Rumah Apa?

Beban atas kenaikan minyak amat dirasai pada golongan kami.

◾Gaji kasar: RM2300 (fresh graduate)
◾Gaji bersih: RM2032 (masih tidak layak menerima BR1M)
◾Kereta: RM400 (Kawasan yang sukar mendapatkan public transport seperti di kawasan Damansara, maka kami memerlukan kereta)
◾Tol: RM1.60 x 2 kali sehari : RM3.20 x 23 hari = RM73.60 (melalui LDP, masih tidak menerima 20% rebate touch n go)
◾Parking : 23 hari x RM5 = RM115
◾Minyak: RM12 x 23 hari = RM230 (dari Taman Melati ke Damansara dan untuk ke kerja sahaja)
◾Sewa: RM200 (paling murah di Kuala Lumpur untuk satu bilik)
◾PTPTN: RM150 (minimum)
◾Makan untuk sebulan = RM450 (sehari RM15)
◾Ibu ayah = RM200
◾Baki: RM2032 – RM400 – RM73.60 – RM115 – RM230 – RM200 – RM150 – RM450 – RM200

See the full letter here.

Now think of those earning less than RM1500.

Thanks to blog visitor Don Anamalai for the heads up.

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Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
21 Oct 2013 11.00am

Besides ‘money no enough’, rakyat also do not fee l safe with the escalating crime rate, as reported recently on The New York Times:


The Malaysian government has also stopped providing crime statistics to the United Nations, according to Enrico Bisogno, the official responsible for compiling crime data at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

A steep rise in reported rape cases: the number reported from 2000 to 2012 doubling to 2,964 cases!

20 Oct 2013 10.43am

Siti Hajar is speaking on behalf of many young Malays who do not benefit from Umno’s policy that only enriches the elite group.

semuanya OK kot
semuanya OK kot
19 Oct 2013 1.37pm

Those with white-collar jobs and pensioners keep complaining that they don’t get enough. For the majority, it is a lot worse. Some say our inequality (Gini coefficient) has not improved for decades while others say it is worse. Officially, the “richest” 2 states have the worst inequality. According to NEM documents that LGE quoted in Parliament this year, the bottom 40% of households get a monthly average income of RM1,500, and 60% of households (of average 4 persons) get less than RM3,000 – which is near subsistence level in the cities. I think the solution is to build a bridge… Read more »

19 Oct 2013 12.27am

What does it mean “difficult to get a bus” in a area like Damansara? Currently, i still need to walk near to 1km to a bus station. If it is further, I will resort to a new technology : folding bike. Even though most cheapo folding bicycle are not easy to fold and put inside the bag(and also heavy) , No bus will stop you from bringing it as long as it is pack. A more portable one will be smaller wheel and easier to folder but much pricier due to the rarity. But this is not without a problem.… Read more »

18 Oct 2013 4.28pm

Dear Cik Siti Consider yourself lucky to have a job while tens of thousands of other grads.for years till now still jobless – this is without taking account the huge number of unemployed school leavers. Statistics on unemployment in this country is mind boggling and the number is growing by the year. As much as we blame the unemployed themselves, mostly with subsidy mentality and always dependent on the BN govt. for help and not doing enough to help themselves out of their plight, we would like to know what the govt. policy is in tackling this unemployment problem. Unlike… Read more »

18 Oct 2013 8.21am

DEAR ANIL The only way open to these PKR politicians is to take up legal action by way of PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION. yOU may recall that in 1988 LIM KIT SIANG brought a public interest litigation against mahacroo and the umno. It was an eye opener; people came to know that how the government was administering; In that case sameee was also involved. becaise whater the politicians make noise in PARLIAMENT IS not heard out it; therefore the PKR chaps must go to test each every cause of injustice; 1. auditor general’s report; death in police custody; 2. unpaid agreed… Read more »

19 Oct 2013 1.21pm

YB LKS got too dangerous for the regime in 1988. He was pointed out petroleum (allegedly) skimmed off at offshore wells directly to tankers, excessive cost of the naval base, millions of illegal immigrants (yes, he was the first) and above all, the pirate-isation of the North-South highway. The response to the major dissidents was to describe them as “thorns in the flesh” and lock them up without trial. At least he did not end up a wreck in his health like V David.

17 Oct 2013 8.23pm

This is just a waste of time and effort. The PM wont give two hoots tothe citizen’s concerns or difficulties. Up to now, for him silence is his style.. Nothing to say, nothing to offer.. Pathetic

Club41 Oon
Club41 Oon
18 Oct 2013 11.41am
Reply to  Joey

I think his advisors tells him to keep quiet as he has got no answer or solution for rakyat, beyond his slogans.

Astro Awani is beginning to sing praises of GST implementation. Looks like Najib is implementing it as early as next year. Ay insider’s news on this, Mr Anil?

Andrew I
Andrew I
17 Oct 2013 7.59pm

Let’s see the troll division at anilnetto.com write another beautiful essay to counter this.

17 Oct 2013 3.01pm

the reality has finally set in and if the majority continue to accept and keep quiet on what are being dished out, then you deserve the worst that is yet to come.

Poor Malaysian
Poor Malaysian
17 Oct 2013 2.23pm

Two ways of looking at this, View 1 Every month, her car makes her RM818.60 poorer, which is 35.6% of her gross salary! Imagine if there is reliable public transport for her to use and she spend RM15/day on public transport, she would have a saving of RM368.6 per month which she can invest. View 2 She spend RM400 on her car installment and RM230 on fuel. Who is subsidizing who here? Out of RM400, she has probably overpaid RM200 because of AP, Custom Excise and oligopoly fat profit margin. On the other hand, she only get to enjoy about… Read more »

don anamalai
don anamalai
17 Oct 2013 12.50pm

Siti Hajar Aladin is becoming an internet sensation.

Try google her name, and you will get about 72,900 results !
(But cannot beat Anil Netto – About 313,000 results !!!!!!)

20 Oct 2013 10.46am
Reply to  don anamalai

Anil also benefited by posting Siti’s posting and google will direct people to Anil’s blog?

Anyway don anamalai should highlight more interesting issues to Anil.

Penat Dah
Penat Dah
17 Oct 2013 12.17pm

Many many many of us are like Siti slaving in KL, waking up early rush to take bus/train to work…hope for OT every night to make extra petty cash and some join parttime directsales weekends for little bit more leaving us no time for ourselves or the family…..year in year out !!. Roti canai/teh tarik almost daily meals so to make it to end month. Something is seriously wrong in our governance but no one cares.

17 Oct 2013 11.37am

Please don’t hantam her. Instead encourage her and those in similar situations to voice out their grievances, loud n clear, for everyone to know.
We are in the same boat, dilemma, increasing cost of living but stuck with limited salary, safety issues, … and yet seem not able to do anything decent.
Let’s add our voices by bringing out our/community/nation problems into public arena.

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
17 Oct 2013 11.00am

My Chinese friend told me that this has made the front-page headline news of today’s China Press. I think the young malays are beginning to realise that Najib’s BEEP is merely a tool to enrich the already-rich Umno Elites, who is controlling the majority stakes of the sure-win (8.8% return) of Amanah Saham Bumiputera 1 & 2. I doubt Siti Hajar could afford to invest her remaining RM213.40 on ASB. With GST coming, her purchasing power will be further reduced? Notice also that Siti Hajar did not budget a single sen on entertainment eg. on movie tickets. Perhaps she gets… Read more »

17 Oct 2013 10.51am

You percaya itu penipu. Apa lagi you mahu.

17 Oct 2013 10.42am

Well Kak Siti its simple! If you feel what you have said why you & your kind still vote him in time & again. Just read the Auditor General reports on the wastage / losses that occur, as in every other years.

18 Oct 2013 8.40am
Reply to  Kaycee

she may not be the one who voted for u know who from her ‘kind’. how do u know she’s from that ‘kind’ who voted for the umno kind. also avoid using the word ‘kind’, sounds unpleasant if not racist. wonder if ur kind is addressed a ‘kind’, wud u feel comfy?