A dramatic day – but uncertainty still hangs in the air

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So it looks as if we have to wait for the September sitting before we can have a vote of confidence. The PM appears to have bought some time.

Many have since countered: if the PM is so confident he has enough support in Parliament, then he should prove it in Parliament pronto – like within a week. Read the Aliran statement.

If we have to wait till September …. well, so many jokes and memes are circulating about kataks and the tempting offers they are likely to receive.

Seriously, the country cannot afford this kind of political uncertainty, when we should be deliberating how to extract the nation from the mess it is in. We need an emergency sitting of Parliament now.

Amid all the surrounding pessimism, I am sometimes asked if there is hope for Malaysia. Yes! Not so much from the present lot of leaders but our hope lies in segments of our youth: brave, articulate, inclusive, multi-ethnic in their orientation, many with creative talents – even though they face many everyday challenges (read Francis Loh’s article). They are the future, and like Scrooge’s Ghost of Christmas Future, they give us a glimpse of the more inclusive and just Malaysia Future we yearn for.

Our leaders have a lot to learn from them.

Perhaps the final word should go to one of our writers, who urges us to take ownership of our country and our destiny.

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We should follow the USA by enabling postal voting during this covid season. Also good to generate income for Grab/Ninja van riders by mobilising them to collect bloc by bloc. (Recently heard of a new grab function from a friend called Grab Express for same day parcel and courier delivery).


The below article appeared on 23 Sep 2020. Nothing has changed with the
opposition. The opposition was given a mandate to govern the nation
before. They screwed it, Big Time. Now the sore losers want to bring down the current government. And then, What ?. Once take over, do not know
what to do. Blame everything on the previous government – economy, 
covid -19 etc. This was what they were good at previously.


Milk Tea

True. Niao Kong did blame everything on Jibby (1MDB crisis), they will bring down the nation at their expense. One look at the KLCI ever since PH took over you will know. Inflation getting worse after GST removal, PH is a useless bunch. Try to appease the Malays too much but none of them care, totally forgotten who is the one that put them in power. You know what they give us? Higher taxes and more sea-side condos to purchase!


dont just kbkb. babe orso very good in kbkb.If GST not removed, inflation will be higher by adding the GST p brain. why you are not in KB, Kelantan and East coast. Go and talk with them or your tok tok is just another teh susu, teh tarik session with everything under the table. Who pay for the teh duit?


The real reason US is provoking China

Could lobbyists in Washington be working deliberately to provoke a new arms race for the sake of profits? Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the flood of missiles, aircraft and warships with which Washington is eagerly arming its Pacific allies.


Ask Tunlan. He condemn one and praise the other like angel. In the past when its people had to cari makan overseas in Nanyang, China too weak. Now China diplomat can go around Chinatown when can seditiously threaten the peace in Chinatown


George Galloway’s show The Mother of All Talk Shows Episode 111 discuss the anti-China propaganda machine in the West.

Is there really a genocide towards Uyghurs in Xinjiang? The West has been propagating horrendous claims towards China and especially about Xinjiang recently. But are any of those claims true?


“Consequences” await Umno vice-president Ismail Sabri Yaakob after he went against a party supreme council decision and stood with Prime Minister Muhyiddin.


Zahid to sack Ismail from Umno?


Until September sitting, lots of wholesale or retail frog trading in PKB (Pancing Katak Belot) – fishing for betrayed frogs.


Until September sitting, lots of wholesale or retail frog trading in PKB (Pacing Katak Belot) – fishing for betrayed frogs.

Milk Tea

I think the best solution is for the Agong to call for the dissolution of parliament and let’s have an open election. We are already at almost 20k cases, what more can we lose? I mean the kilangs are still operating, some idiots are still going out everyday. (I don’t see how one day would hurt).
My vote would be:
Federal: DAP
Local: MCA/Gerakan

Voting for DAP is like you agree with building more fake islands and unaffordable condos in future!


Local i prefer letting professional independents running the well being of the state.
For example, Gleneagles, Lam Wah Ee etc specialists can handle healthcare of the state.
Public feedback for progressive Penang can be handled by YB Anil assisted by Shriek Tunglang and Wyatt the new trinity (in absence of Raj666).


You mean people like Dr Lee MP of Gopeng and fomer Deputy Health Minister is not up to mark?


p brain. you want the constitutional head to be a politician to dissolve parliament? …
20k cases. You want to kbkb and oppose MPs who have the right to elect the PM which they are waiting for and show who is katak?
You want to vote DAP idiots -going out and no social distancing into Parliament?
Orso you want to vote MCA/Gilakan part of the government unable to control with more than 20k cases and thousands belakang mati?

Milk Tea

PH can’t be trusted, many of them are waiting for phone calls to be frogs or doing the same move that Mahiaddin did (enticing frogs). The best solution is to dissolve the parliament and let rakyat decide!


Go and tell your Machai MCA & Gilakan. No more support and no more numbers. Then you go and stand as a MP. Next, we call Tuan, Yang Berhormat MP Teh Susu. Dont trust PH, then trust who? P brain