916 possibly delayed: Pakatan


It looks like the 16 Sept target has been officially delayed. This excerpt from a Pakatan statement in Kit Siang’s blog.

Kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat yang bertemu hari ini yakin proses pembentukan kerajaan baru yang berlandasan Agenda Reformasi sedang berjalan secara lancar. Kami percaya kerajaan Barisan Nasional akan diganti dalam masa terdekat.

Pakatan Rakyat yakin mendapat bilangan ahli Parlimen yang mencukupi untuk mempunyai majoriti dalam Parlimen yang membolehkan penubuhan kerajaan baru. Bagaimanapun tarikh sebenar penubuhan kerajaan mungkin terpaksa dilewatkan dari 16 September sebagaimana rancangan awal akibat beberapa ahli Parlimen telah dipaksa ke Taiwan.

But they claim they are still on course.

The delay is not surprising – given that the BN MPs are now studying in Taiwan.

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Denone_Permatang Pauh

ha…ha..ha..all I can do is now start laughing with the so-called the Reformist plan of taking over the government…so much about jumpship, I believe it’s all dung-**** talk by Anu what, oh anu wa.


one simple move from BN and the plan got delayed Anwar’s talking about TAKING OVER THE COUNTRY, how can something so BIG and IMPORTANT like that, have a plan that can be easily swayed and delayed just by one stupid diversion by BN? if those MP’s have already agreed to join PR then why did they agree to join the trip? were they threatened by BN? if it is true that those MP’s are righteous and is brave enough to uphold justice, then that one simple threat by BN …. won’t keep them from jumping ship this coming 16th. and… Read more »

Justin Choo

I can’t put link here..rejected.

You are invited to read my post today in my blog :

Look East Version 1.02


We can wait….
It will make it even more worth the waiting seeing them twist and turn whilst trying to run away from the inevitable.

All levels of society should ensure that they are not allowed to get away from the inevitable….Judges keep the Cool…Police and Army Keep the Cool…People keep your Cool.


mP and agriculture study! Those be end idoits thought our rayat that stupit enough to believe in this !!


No matter how much or how little you people learn in Taiwan,BN government will continue not to recognize degree in agriculture offered by Taiwanese universities.It’s a waste of time to have this study tour because the intellectual capacity of our MPs … is way below par.

Why don’t you guys just learn the easy one such as Taiwanese porridge or “fried sausages”,they are popular over here in Malaysia now.


dear anil
I am so excited to learn what our MPs got to tell us about high tech agriculture in Taiwan. I am looking forward to buy local apples,potatoes, onions, pears, sunkist oranges, plums, kiwi fruits once the newly acquired technology can be transferred to our local universities. Not only we save on forex but hopefully save on imported good. What global food shortages we have can be solved by a Lawatan sambil Belanja..sorry. Belajar.


Instead of learning about agriculture in Taiwan, those BN MPs should learn about the political history of Taiwan on how a repressive, cruel and corrupt regime like the Koumintang was rejected by the people in favour of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) at the turn of the millennium. In March this year, a reformed Koumintang stormed back to retake the presidency. 500,000 taiwanese surrounded the president’s residence in Sept 2006 in a peaceful demonstration under the watchful eyes of the police to pressure for the resignation of the then President Chen. Not a single injury was inflicted upon the protesters… Read more »

terang bulan


Now Pakatan would be sending 4 leaders to Taiwan to meet the potential BN defecting MPs, and maybe the outcome of their meeting would be the “surprise” Anwar told the media. Anyway you can confirm this?


ah. so now postponed edi? i tot i heard pretty confident anwar and his boys including old timers kit siang and that PAS bloke about 16 September to be the date they come to power i also heard that anwar promised that IF 16 SEPT FAIL, then he will step down. this is not me making things up. it looks like we are having ANOTHER permatang pauh by election very soon! lol. but i doubt ANYONE will remind anwar of his promise. and i also doubt he has the b**** to honour his promise. so the point is, dont ever… Read more »


Malaysiakini reported that there may be an early poll if PR has enough MPs to form the new Fed Guomen.

Well, I think it is a good move. Let the Rakyat decides again who should be given the mandate to put Bolehland in order..

cinta Malaysia

I do not see any validity for the Pakatan leaders to go to Taiwan.I am sure Bung Moktar will from tomorrow ensure that the MPs will be on the move all over Taiwan.The Pakatan leaders may be left panting running after them!Can we just wait for them to return home.I am sure the hens will come back to roost!


cant wait any longer

cinta Malaysia

I would not put emphasis on any particular date as to the downfall of BN government.What is important is that they will fall eventually,sooner the better of course but let us not consider it as a failure on the part of Pakatan if they cannot form the new Government by 16th September given the many factors hindering the smooth transition.I am positive however that the BN government will fall by year end.It is just nice to celebrate the new year with a new dawn!


Doesn’t matter after all we waited 51 yrs what another few weeks or months at least we saw how bn got scared.

Messy Christian

Studying! With golf clubs.SNORT.