Live – 80000 Pas supporters pack Alor Star stadium


Some 80000 people have packed Stadium Darulaman and its vicinity in a show of strength for Pas.

A large crowd filling up Stadium Darulaman earlier this evening

Although the stadium can seat only 32000, thousands more are seated on the field and the athletics tracks around it, shoulder to shoulder. Another 10000 are outside the stadium viewing the proceedings projected on large screens.

As of 8.50pm people are still entering the stadium and the attendance is expected to swell when Nik Aziz speaks.

Earlier in the day, Pas listed out its achievements in Kedah.

I take issue with the rise in revenue from logging being regarded as an ‘achievement’. Revenue from logging rose from RM35m in 2008 to RM80m in 2011. How do you measure the environmental loss? How sustainable is the state’s forestry management?

This also raises the question as to whether federal funding for the state is adequate, especially when you consider the strategic importance of Kedah as the ‘rice bowl of Malaysia’. I mean, the state feeds the rest of the country and so federal funding has to reflect that importance.

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To you guys out there.BEWARE…..SOMEONE IS PAID by some 47% group to POST HERE..DO NOT RESPOND TO THEIR POSTINGS…AT ALL….


As a Buddhist in Kedah, I am very thankful to PAS government for abolishing the pig slaughterhouse in Alor Setar. In fact PETA has given thumbs up to PAS for this effort.

Ho Ho Ho

Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„

πŸ™„ I WONDER what ❓ will happen to GILAkan Kay when HUDUD comes…..

gangs of ROBBERS will be potong tangan + chop chop chop until they all cabut n run away to GREECE!!!! hehehehehehehe πŸ™„

Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„


Can you tell me again why we have to scare hudud? Sorry ah I cannot remember why….

Ah Pek Lim

only those who swindle rakyat $ will be fearful of hudud !

As a non-Muslim, I believe hudud can bring tranquility when vices are eradicated ! You don;t want your children’s lives to be controlled by pimps and ah-long and apanama in the name of development !!!!!!


Agreed. What is there to be scared of hudud if you are not rapist or a corrupted politician?

CSL should be thankful that he is not a Muslim, else his hotel escapade would have ended his political career.


While most malay artists joined Umno to safeguard their rice bowl at Jom Heboh events, I salute Aishah for joining PAS:


Aishah is warning us against the ‘Janji Manis’ BN!

This is a hit song in 1990!


Moohideen buat janji manis BR1M 2.0.
Kalau Ah Cheap tak mampu, rakyat pasti tak puas sama Ah Cheap.
Ini kira satu muslihat DPM nak rampas kuasa?


So will some smart aleck of a certain political leaning come forthand proclaim that using alll sorts of advanced image analysis techniques, “:only 500 people were in the stadium”?


Yes that will be RAI


Who controls the rice production in Kedah? PAS should come up with a plan, to encourage rice farmers to form a consortium, like Felda, and farmers will be paid good price for their yield. Encourage the young to participate, so that we have second and third generations of padi farmers. When we have ample supply of rice, we buy less from Thailand.
In Kedah, even Chinese plant padi, but under BN, even Chinese owned rice mills were taken over by their cronies. I know it, because I come from Sanglang, Kedah.

Ah Pek Lim

The massive crowd at Alor Star from supporters all over Malaysia also have the chance to savour the famous Mee Abu here.

Mee Abu rhymes well with ABU slogan ???


Apanama’s son Mukhriz has been openly rejected by Kedah UMNO as the next Menteri Besar. This is indeed a slap in the face and a real warning for his dad, who behaves like the country’s de-facto prime minister, and for Najib who had hoped to secure Mahathir’s favor by giving Mukhriz the Kedah state government. Provided of course, UMNO can wrest it back from the Pakatan in the first place.

Ah Pek Lim

The highway leading to Alor Star was jammed with cars yesterday so the crowd size is not surprising.
I am now in Alor Star; and the chinese here has no fear of hudud because we value peace n prosperity over high level corruption of barang naik regime that caused sufferings to rakyat in the long run !


Yeah yeah yeah !!! Please bring on hudud, i love hudud so that BN politicians will be without limbs, just bring on 4 witnesses only and we have more than enough in Anil’ s blog. He he he !!!

Let’s bury dirty BN in the 13th GE !!!


Well said, Ah Pek Lim. Godfearing people should not be so afraid of Hudud. Did BN say that they would support a non Muslim PM? Only in your dreams, GK, it’s a fact that there won’t be even a non Muslim DPM under BN rule!


Actually its very illogical of Kedahan and Kelantanese not to support a PR led govt. Look at the track record of PR and its clear PR is much more socialist. Given that, its clear a Federal PR govt will not only allocate more resources to these states, be less corrupted, the programs will be more effective. A PR govt will definitely reflects a rice program closer to Taiwan and Japan where the farmers are very well taken of. The problem is the problem is bigger than what BN has been telling – aging farmer which all developed countries face is… Read more »


Gerakan K,

I thought u are a Muslim, u should support hudud and have fear of God.


Dev : Gerakan K, He is a wannabe…

Gerakan K

Hudud is unsuitable for Malaysia. Afghanistan is the example.


Corruption is even worse. Liars are the mother of all worst because their lies say no hudud but they want an Islamic nation. And is not Hudud part of Islam. It has been said by past and present UMO Barang Naik PM and minister that Malaysia is an Islamic nation not a secular one but the moron fail to understand that. UMO want PAS for a unity govt which may include an Islamic nation and hudud There are also adulterer, pornstar … leaders who are afraid of hudud because they fear… Thats why I said LIAR are worst of worst.… Read more »


Gerakan K or rather UMNO K,
If u are Muslim, why are u so afraid of hudud and PAS? Hudud is for people like u, not non Muslim. πŸ˜‰

Andrew I

Gherkin is whoever you want him to be, a figment of someone’s imagination. He won’t be featuring in any bestseller though.


Ah Cheap Kor approval rating dropped
Government popularity level remains at 48% well below 50%
Even small town Alor Setar PAS 80K could even beat Nacheap Bukit Jalil 1 million which has only 50K.
PR PAS, PKR & DAP popularity are now at its highest
Wow its now or never to kick out AMMO, Barang Naik & N…


Kedah will remain a fortess of Hijau Kuning. BN has not brought progress to the state, but PAS brought tranquility.

Also, many Kedahans reject Umno because they do not want a/l Che Det to be the MB.

Gerakan K

PAS is stronger now due to DAP affiliation. PAS hudud ambition is one step closer One day DAP have to deeply regret about it.


Another moronic view and lies from Geelakan just like that pornstar CsheetL. Hudud tale is stale.

Any hudud law if implemented will be if there is a unity between AMMO Nacheap and PAS of which AMMO is trying to entice and the pornstar does not have that … to stop.

PR has already reach a consensus of no Hudud.

Penang Voter

Don’t you guys in Gelakan get sick of playing an ‘old record’ from the 90’s title ‘Hudud Hudud Hudud’?

Gerakan K

Open your eyes and dont support pakatan blindly. Pakatan is a fake promise. There are only PAS, PKR and DAP. Each has its own agenda. For now they individually are weaker than BN so they can’t show its real intent. However PAS are more direct, aggressive and extreme. Recent and endless attempts by PAS to force its Islamic agenda are VERY CLEAR. Changing the Islamic status as “way of life” and “PM must be muslim” ??? You know what to do if you hate racism and love freedom. Dangerous things must be reminded and be warned frequently. Your mom is… Read more »

Andrew I

Nice try. How about “Support PR reject Old and Passe Coalition”?

Andrew I

Didn’t your mom also ask you to try new things?

Buttock Brainy


We would not need to consider PAS, if your Umno or your Gelakan, MCA, MIC or your MACC, PDRM, Judiciary and EC did not FAIL us in totality!.

If the option is between hudud or corruption and lawlessness, I vote for Hudud.

Hudud is just a problem, THE problem is your BN’s limitless arrogance.

You should go back and talk to your Umno about this. Why? No?, right!, even think about it, scared you off.


Yeh Yeh Yeh. It keep reminding me how Alattunya was killed. It keep reminding me how 1 billion have been stolen from the Scorpene deal It keep reminding me how 250 millions cowgate have been siphoned off It keep reminding me how the police have been brutalizing the people It keep reminding me how corrupt money (allegedly) have been used to buy off the adun in the Perak grab. It keep reminding me how thugs & mobster have been used to terorise peaceful gathering. It keep reminding me how Teoh Beng Hock and another Malay officer died at MAAC office… Read more »

Andrew I

Only you will regret it.