Large crowd in Klang for ceramah on Perak crisis


0044: Revised estimate of crowd size is 3,500-4,000, according to organisers, who say there were 2,500 inside the hall and the rest outside – difficult to estimate accurately as lots of people going in and out during the ceramah. A couple of you, however, are saying the turnout was just 1,000.

2220: The crowd has now swelled to 6,000, according to organisers.

2100: Some 3,000 people have turned up at the Dewan Hamzah, MPK in Klang tonight for a Pakatan ceramah on the crisis in Perak. Among the speakers are Khalid Samad and Charles Santiago.

But the main draw, Nizar, is unable to attend.

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The Perak fiasco has undermined the people’s trust in the (royalty) who were highly respected and revered all these years.

The Royalty is calling for the people not to question their decisions but how can the people do that if they are seen to be biased towards (certain parties)?


I was there in the ceramah yesterday at the Dewan Hamzah in Klang. Yes, it very evident that the PR government’s main obstacle are the civil servants themselves. This will take sometime to resolve but as John Q had put it, the PR must get tough and start giving these civil servants the cane if work is not carried out in accordance to their directions. It may turn to votes against them but that is the risk that the PR has got to take. The civil servants have been indoctrinated with BN propoganda for decades … these civil servants are… Read more »


Having large crowd is one thing. Able to convert them into votes is another. Changes can only come from the rakyat…there are enough of glaring evidences, for the the rakyat to make up their minds and throw the evil empire for good!


Readers, I was not there at the ceramah, but I believe the support was very overwhelming to the real MB of Perak. Recently many UMNO politicians are using the current issue in Perak for the political advantage, nothing more. Example, Khir Toyo … is going around organizing these demos. The most saddening part is that Malays can accept (him) as their leader and follow him and chose him to be the previous MB…. It is obvious the people of Perak are very unhappy with the Sultan. But I don’t think the activities of the people can be classified as treason… Read more »


Ronnie liu should get to the bottom of this,how can a council run by pr govt give yb charles the runaround.Can imagine if they can do this to a yb what more the common man.GET THEM AND GET THEM FAST.


Was disappointed that my MB didn’t turn up. Khalid Samad and Dr. Dzulkifly Ahmad both gave very inspiring speeches. With leaders like these and Nizar, the PAS moon is shining ever brightly.


Sorry to disagree, I was there and my rough estimation for the number of the crowd would be only ~1000 ppl. Still the number is quite good considering it’s working day tomorrow and non-klang ppl like me had hard time reaching the venue.

John Q

The Pr government in Selangor is not moving fast enough to remove all the moles, detractors and pen pushers who are enjoying themselves sabotaging the PR at every step of the way. Yah …it’s only been a year…but if the PR dont move in ruthlessly and cut the cancer away …they will end up another Perak. WAKE UP!!!! Show some teeth….the biggest clowns are in the MPK…pick the crooks out and flush them out…


PAKATAN Leaders need to watch the phenomena of “The Tipping Point” initiated by UMNO/BN.
The game plan should be the strategy of containment.
Or otherwise it is an epidemic and so contagious.
Good Luck and keep up the good job Anil!!!

abd karim bin shariff

pr must continously making the move..lets the rakyat get the right and transparent the 6k citizen..its your duty now to brief your society


Dear Anil, just to inform you that i just returned from the ceramah at Dewan Hamzah Klang and would like to clarify tthat the crowd was not 6000 but at most only 1000. Just to share with you, Ronnie Liu told the crowd that Charles Santiago despite being an MP for Klang failed to obtain permission from Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) to use the Dewan Hamzah until this morning eventhough he had already booked the hall a few days ago. Apparently MPK was under pressure from certain party not to allow Charles to use the hall. Fortunately Selangor is governed… Read more »


How i wish i was there and gave my support