200 protest against Penang govt


A crowd of about two to three hundred marched from Jalan Kapitan Keling to the Komtar area protesting against the Penang state government.

Police made half a dozen arrests, including reportedly Mohamed Ghani Abdul Jiman.

The group is believed to have then headed for the Penang Bridge.
According to a media source, the group blocked two of the three lanes of traffic at the bridge and distributed flags during peak-hour traffic from 4.15pm to 4.45pm.

At around 5.00pm, RapidPenang tweeted of a “disturbance on Penang Bridge heading to Butterworth. Our BEST service might be disrupted and the departure schedule delayed or changed.” And later: “Dear BEST service users, we regret to inform that the BEST service A (5.30pm), B(5.20pm) and C(5.30pm) bus trip has been cancelled due to the disturbance.”

AMP Radio Netowrks reported heavy traffic from the island heading to the mainland.

It is all clear on the bridge now (5.53pm).

Earlier, at around lunch-time, an eye-witness spotted small groups of people with headbands walking near the Tanjung Umno building along Jalan Kapitan Keling.

A couple of nights ago, posters were put up by unknown people in the vicinity of Komtar, accusing the state government of being “zalim“.

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Penulis blog ini saja2 buat pandai2 tuduh umno… lawak2 dengan bodohnya sengaja membodohkan pembaca entry ini. Siapa Mohamed Ghani Abd Jiman?? biar aku bg tahu pada semua pembaca. Beliau merupakan vice-chief -Komtar Merchants Association (KMA) & Pengerusi Pertubuhan Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia.Beliau adalah salah seorang peniaga melayu di KOMTAR yang kedai barang kulitnya diroboh & dikosongan tempat perniagaan setelah berniaga hampir 10 tahun. Kekejaman Kerajaan DAP seperti gangster!! menghalau peniaga2 islam tapi peniaga Cina diberi tempat utk berniaga. harap penulis blog ini melaporkan berita ini & sebab dia berbuat demikian. kalu bole pi la interview dia…. nie asyik tuduh UMNO. aku… Read more »

Penang Kia in portland

(They) really make shame to Penang.
What can he do beside protest ?
We Penang ppl want a peace not a protest to the Penang government.
LGE, I fully support u and appreciated for making Penang economic grown.

David Chiang Da Wei

Because of his sickening antics of marching on with “zalim” protest, (certain) stalls are starting to lose regular customers in Penang.
This is not helped by ever increasing e-mails in wide circulation calling for boycott….


I have said many times, the stupid antics of Mohd Ghani will make us all boycott (certain food) stalls in order to teach them a lesson that we want peace in Penang!


Strangely that ‘certain food’ is still being promoted in George Town heritage Day!


For info those who live outside Penang, (one of the main protesters) used to have a stall selling leather belts/accessories in front of Penang Government office at Komtar podium. The podium is now undergoing renovation (main contractor ironically called Najib). Before that, (he) refused to move aside for renovation and hence many incidents targeting LGE like black birthday cake, coffin delivery then recent march. Many believe he and his members (allegedly) feel threatened by open tender system of the state…


Give BERSIH rally at least 2 hours!!! Since Penang umno+perkOsa rally had 2 hours.

the police let loose the umno+perkOsa demonstration for 2 hours in Penang on Friday before taking any action.

Street demonstration may not necessary be violent, just look at HK 1 Jul rally.

It depends on objective & the quality of the participants, the umno+perkOsa rally may be different story.

Bersih peacefully rally could be concluded in 1 hour if police do not harass disturb the crowd & instead assist to control the traffic.


Hello Kumaran

I understand how you feel as the Indians in Malaysia trust BN, but BN forgets the Indians when it comes to important issues. Stateless Indians, unemployed Indians, Indian school dropouts, landless people, Indian contractors unable to secure jobs, etc, these are very common, and action from the BN government (including MIC) is nothing to be seen.


I am ashamed of the Indian community for easily taken in by the simple bait of BN sweetener via its MIC agent whenever the GE is near. The Indians can continue to swallow the pill of self pity for not able to stand up for Ubah. They shoudl ask themselves whether their welfare has improved under 50+ years of BN.


Orang Penang mahu keamanan.
Pakatan adalah kerajaan yang dipilih oleh rakyat.
Janganlah buat kacau kalau tak dapat kontrak pasal tak lulus transparesi.


Saya setuju 100%.

Mohamed Ghani Abdul Jiman patut diberkas dan dikurung di kamunting!

Penang Voter

200 only. How pathetic ???? Guess budget limited now….

No more crony contract, so demo lah…


wow you must be blind ? 200 people you say…YOUR UPSR MATEMATEK MUST BE F for sure.That is more 2000 people.

Pretty Obvious

These rent seekers are really having a hard time adjusting to the “open tender” regime now that the Penang gravy train has grind to a halt.

How sad !!! Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

Gerakan K

That is a “zalim” surprise !!! LGE please says something to defend yourself and your team.


Gerakan K
Your are really sick…


Yes, I seconded