Violence by Red Shirts – How could this happen?


This is too much. We know the Red Shirts are trying to intimidate the public and deter them from participating in Bersih 5. But they have crossed the line by assaulting a Bersih supporter.

This sort of violence is not acceptable. These thugs even dare to commit such acts of violence despite the police being nearby. Were any arrests made?

Why do the Red Shirts appear to be above the law? They might think they are great but the irony is that they are doing more harm than good to Umno’s cause in the eyes of the public.

Look at their intimidation here and their sense of impunity:

But women like Marina Mahathir and Ivy Josiah are not deterred. They have showed up at a Bersih 5 Convoy event in Kulim today:

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Every rally, protest or even gatherings by BN/UMNO/Red Shirts or even Black Shirts takes place, the participants are (allegedly) well paid, given buses, uniforms, caps and badges and even free accommodations if needed. The best part is they are well-fed with 3 meals and drinks. So the ‘bodoh’ participants won’t know the ‘dirty’ reasons for the gathering and protesting. All they want is money and food like beggars. As long as UMNO/Najib can throw ‘… money’ on these sort of stupid idiotic participants, their thugs and gangsters won’t stop their ‘threats’ against opposition parties and news agents.


The red T-shirts who take to the streets shouting slogans against the Chinese DAP but fail to notice that they have been deceived by their MO1 who is in China and it is the Chinese China that they should be wary-off.It looks like what the late Communist Chin Peng fail to achieve for Malaysia, the current Communist China had succeeded.

David Loman

Jamal & 300,000 red shirt thugs?

David Loman

rupa-rupanya Jamal Yunos adalah Hero kami


Red shirt Samsengs now even attacked journalists, while the mastermind Jamal is hiding in Dubai.


… chief thug – this Jamal fellow! The IGP better (not) allow this thug to get away with all his threats. No more rule of law and order.

As an Umno division head, Jamal has undoubtedly shamed his race and the party, as the adherence to the practice and upholding responsibility to protect our culture and respect for others, has evidently been mocked upon by the disgraceful failures of the lowly red shirts movement leader.

David Loman

Noh Omar: Jamal NGO (Merah), bukannya UMNO (Biru).


This Jamal samseng is … mad… He will do anything to defend and protect MO1 as he has presumably received (support) fromthe … the Umno corrupted politicians and interested, selfish and greedy individuals who want to protect themselves by creating troubles in the country. Bersih is merely calling for fair and just elections, and to prevent further gerrymandering by the incumbent government through the Elections Commission. Nothing wrong with that and, in fact, it serves a truly noble cause. In calling for the government to blacklist sponsors of Bersih, Utusan has confirmed itself to be a stark enemy of the… Read more »

David Loman

Ibrahim Ali vs Jamal “NGO yang sebenarnya…ialah”

David Loman

According to Utusan Malaysia, the FRU has acquired (with tax payers’ money?) new arsenal includes variable kinetic systems (VKS), tactical marking pistols (TMS) and flash launchers.

Who will they test the new weapon on?
Bersih participants or Jamal’s thugs!


Increasing the “budget” in response to terrorism is an important strategy. In USA, there are flash grenades, armoured carriers, tracked carriers, drones, etc. Globalisation means that some of this will be sold here. In fact, if you consistently refuse to buy, you may become an “enemy” and be invaded. Then there is “leakage”: “lost”/smuggled/stolen firearms and explosives. Al Maunah stole a lot from an army camp. In the Altantuyah case, C4 was not being being tracked. A year or so ago, a soldier and his family were killed as he tried to take apart a mine at home. A smoke… Read more »


Missing jet fighter engine after years of ‘investigation’ also end up not guilty for the alledged criminals. Hisham has said 1% of his armed forces are IS-linked…


These red hooligans from Umno are now showing their true colours. What have they against a clean and fair election and to ask for the PM aka MO1 to account for the money he has allegedly stolen from the rakyat? What Najib is planning to do is very clear. He wants these hooligans to cause trouble so that a racial incident can take place. Already Jamal has invoked the memories of May 13 and Parang Terbang to incite the mob. Then he can enforce the National Security Council (NSC) Act as an excuse to declare emergency(?) That way he can… Read more »


Jamal ‘left the country’ after the parang terbang remark, possibly free holiday trip as reward.
Would PDRM wait for him at the airport, just like they have done to Namewee?


red shirts are better than purple shirts which tun lang wants support the ban and no cat and foi is better than having cat and foi


Watch what you said. I will sue you!


omg. tunlang and not tun lang sue me? now acting like tokong. sue here and sue there.


You just spin … with gee in the nostrils!


Desperate times for N… (toilet bowls) calls for foul actions by certain elements out to create chaos that may lead to emergency measures.
It’s high time to unite our front against such foul elements that care for nothing except their continuity of foul principles already taking this Tanah Air Cinta Ku to ‘HorLan’.
Bersih 5 Tetap Perjuangan Bersih Untuk Malaysia.
In our hearts, we already know who can turun padang to match them, so who we will definitely vote for who can match them.
BERSIH Now or Never!


Umno Penang Bangkit Samseng vowed to do its own kapcai roadshow over their displeasure over CM Lim. Time to boycott nasi kandar once again.


Overt tyranny is a small part of fascism. It includes provocateurs, terrifying arrest/detention/interrogation, gangs to riots, crushing “riots” – and if all else fails – sniping. Extremist terrorists including so-called self-radicalised and entrapped stooges shot dead on the spot all help the cause. The current, domestic posturing over environmental destruction – all focused on “opposition” states – is part of the strategy.

Satu Hati Multiple Lobangs

Red vs Yellow shirts will not create more headlines now that Gerakan is all out to recapture Penang with young female candidates!


Baljit basically tell senior big belly comrades to give way to more vibrant and energetic ones to be fanciful to win the hearts of penang-lang, so we can expect an exciting times in GE14?


Baljit wants sexy candidates for Gerakan, this is definitely not a “locker room talk”, sign of desperation or a bid to oust those old and lethargic Gerakan folks?


People were not expecting this?? Then the idiot was not the Red-Shirts. Its really besides the point what Red-Shirt does in fact, they do a favour by revealing themselves because THIS – these people are Najib’s soul-mate. Strip Najib’s exterior covered with money and pretense, THIS is what you get. THESE ARE ARE HIS PEOPLE – and they know it and as nothing will happen to MO1, nothing real will happen to them.. The point is the opposition and critics fail to move the narrative to the truth – THIS CHAOS IS NOTHING compared to the chaos that will happen… Read more »

Steven Ong

One of the symptoms of a failed state !!!

Kabali Tanjung Bagan

Red shirt folks could have been “dedak” intoxicated to assault yellow shirt folks. Today is final day of 9 Emperor festivals when most believers donned in yellow…


9 Emperor will definitely give blessings to Bersih to rid the menace of red shirt gangsters defending the corrupted MO1.


The last day of Penang 9 Emperor (Kew Ong Yeah) festival is now a tourist draw, when the Gods are sent off to the sea through a procession. This ‘Emperor Boat’ is escorted by other multicolored floats.


Trying to threaten an elderly woman?
What cowards are these Reds?

Sherine Lim Soo Gaik

this is too much.

Sherine Lim Soo Gaik

they are destroying this country

Gregory R Warrier

Right in front of the police and no action taken


Polis is on the side of Umno and fo not want to jeopafise their career, so this is expected(?)